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  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT OFFICE Project Management & Construction Management Consultancy Firm

    We make it happen, We turn your vision into reality

  • We make it happen, We turn your vision into reality

    Meeting our Client’s project requirement,

    PMO assists in the critical aspects of pro-

    ject management, design management,

    construction management, contract & com-

    mercial management, and claims manage-


    All PMO services are performed by profes-

    sionals in their fields, who are well versed

    in all aspects of international industry stan-

    dards project delivery. These services can

    be provided individually or collectively, and

    can be tailored to fit the client’s specific


    PMO tailors their services to meet all our

    stakeholders’ expectations. A sample of

    these services includes:

     Development of procedures, standard re-

    ports, coding structures, metrics and


     Control budget development and perform

    cost coding, follow up of actual expen-

    ditures, tracking of budget allocation,

    and contingency plan.

     Development and follow up of change or-

    der, estimates, cash flow, total cost


     Development and maintenance of master

    schedule, detailed schedule, 3 weeks

    look-ahead schedule and CPM analysis.

     Development of construction progress

    and QA/QC reports.

     Preparation and review of weekly and

    monthly reports to Clients.

    Clients Representative

    Act as Client’s representative for owner

    Project Management

    Integration Management

    Scope management

    Time Management

    Cost Management

    Quality Management

    HR Management

    Communication Management

    Risk Management

    Procurement Management

    Stakeholder Management

    Design Management

    Pre-and-Post-Construction Design Management

    Quality Management Systems

    Technical Review

    Value Engineering

    Status Review and Corrective Actions

    Construction Management

    Construction Supervision

    Health and Safety Management

    Reporting and Forecasting Systems

    Contract & Commercial Management


    Tender Documents

    Evaluation of bids

    Contract Award

    Contract Administration

    Claim Management

    Claims evaluation

    PMO Design & Implementation

    Setup policies, procedures, methodology and stan-

    dards on new PMO's

    Project Management Training : E-Learning

    PMP®/CAPM®/PMI-SP® Preparation Boot Camp

    Online : Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

    PMP®/CAPM®/PMI-SP® exam Simulation Online

    Project Management Online courses and PDU’s to

    maintain PMI certifications



  • PMO TEAM Robert de Koning Project Director

    Neil Martin

    Senior Project Manager

    Moez Gharbi

    Senior Project

    Controls Manager

    Miguel Morales

    Senior Estimation


    Michael Hlinko

    Senior Construction


    Patricia Luengas

    Senior Procurement &

    Contracts Manager

    Serge Cadieux

    Senior Systems


    Dr. Ken Davila

    Senior QA/QC Manager

    We make it happen, We turn your vision into reality


    PMO team members have an extensive professional experience on large in-

    ternational complex projects in various commodities. PMO executive team

    have an average of twenty five (25) years of experience working on major

    Mixed-use Development, mining and minerals projects, industrial projects,

    oil and gas...etc.

    We participate actively during all project phases including feasibility, FEED,

    preliminary design, detailed design, construction and commissioning phases

    whether working with well-know engineering firms, with general contractors

    or directly with the Client.

    Our past experiences included but not limited to:

     Voisey's Bay Project Nickel Mine, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada (1.5

    Billion CAD+)

     GORO Nickel Mine, New Caledonia (3.2 Billions CAD+)

     Mina De Cobre Nickel Mine, Panama (6 Billion CAD+)

     Mount Milligan Copper Gold Mine, British Columbia, Canada (1.5 Billion


     Pascua Lama Gold Mine, Argentina / Chile, (17.5 Billion USD)

     DIAVIK Diamond Mine, North West Territories, Canada (1.5 Billion CAD+)

     Emirates Aluminum Smelter Complex, Abu Dhabi, UAE (6 Billion USD+)

     SIDRA Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Doha, Qatar (2.3 billion


     Al Mafraq Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE (3 billion AED)

     Mediterranean Gate Tunis, Dubai, UAE (25 Billion USD+)


  • Project management is both a science and an art. It is a science in

    that it relies on proven and repeatable processes and techniques to

    achieve project success. It is an art because it also involves mana-

    ging and relating to people and requires PMO project management

    team to apply intuitive skills in situations that are totally unique for

    each project.

    PMO will provide you with the right methodology, the framework,

    processes, guidelines and techniques to manage the people and the

    work. A good methodology increases the odds of being successful

    and therefore provides value to your organization.

    The value proposition obtained by our Clients when they hire PMO team includes:

     Completing projects quickly and cost effective : You will finish your project within schedule and within budget

    when using our flexible methodology, good processes, procedures and templates and you will take advantage of a net

    reduction in project start-up time, a shorter learning curve for project team members and time savings from not ha-

    ving to reinvent processes and templates from scratch for your specific project.

     Better solution “fit” the first time through better planning : You will have a better project plan, which gives the

    team and the Client an opportunity to make sure they are in agreement on the major deliverables produced by the

    project team.

     Resolving problems quickly : You will have a proactive issues management process to ensure that problems are

    resolved as quickly as possible and to avoid spending time, energy and money dealing with problems

     Resolving future risk before the problems occur : You will have a sound risk management processes that will re-

    sult in potential problems being identified and managed before the problems actually occur.

     Communicating and managing Stakeholder’s expectations effectively : You will have a proactive formal and

    informal communication channels that minimizes surprises and manage conflicts, problems, and stakeholder’s expec-

    tation more efficiently.

     Building a higher quality product the first time : You will have a quality management processes that help the

    team understand the needs of the customer in terms of quality. Once those needs are defined, the team can imple-

    ment quality control and quality assurance techniques to meet the customer expectations.


    151 IBN AFFEN STREET, MANZAH 6, 2091, TUNISIA Mobile : + (216) 99 38 42 46

    We make it happen, We turn your vision into reality



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