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  • Project managementfor bachelor studentsIntroductory seminar

  • PMP (Project Management Professional) sample questions (Pinto 2010)

  • PMP sample questions (Pinto 2010)

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  • Simplified case studyThere is a family owned manufacturing company that produces spare parts for motorcycles in great volumes and built customised motorcycles, too, for order only, in a small number per year. Some of the produced spare parts are manufactured in nearly the same form for years and no significant change is estimated in the future.However, there are some goods, that are demanded only for shorter periods. In these cases the firm configures the manufacturing equipment, creates the wanted volume and disassembel the machinery after the market demand (and so the profitability) drops below a given level.The custombike building is organized in a form of job shops, because these are built one by one. The company has now the organizational design of a typical small enterprise with only one managerial unit for every function and problem. Because of the increasing production volumes (and revenues) they need to change the structure sooner or later. The plan is to separate the sparepart-making activities from the custombike building via creating two divisions with autonomous divisional heads. It is a great reorganization with many possible difficulties, that is why the owners hesitate when to start it.

    Are there a (reasonal) place for projects and project management in this company?

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