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<ul><li><p>To get started on a customized shipment using CSXT Intermodal D2D Project Freight, contact 1-800-288-8620, or visit</p><p>Need a customized D2D shipping solution with a stable rate?Project Freight from CSX Transportation (CSXT) Intermodal is the key.</p><p>Short. Easy. Customized.CSXT Intermodals D2D service offering, Project Freight, makes it easy for shippers to lock in rates for customized or special shipping needs that can be met in under six months.</p><p>Project Freight is available across the CSXT Intermodal network, utilizing CSXU containers.</p><p>Door-to-Door. Coast-to-Coast.CSXT Intermodals D2D product provides a total intermodal solution from pick-up to delivery. Service is available from coast-to-coast thanks to our large nationwide network and trucking capability.</p><p>And dont forget about these other CSXT D2D rate solutions:</p><p>Spot program: A spot market solution based on daily market rates. Service is offered in key lanes given equipment availability and driver capacity. Customers are not locked into a contractual obligation.</p><p>Committed rate program: This is a longer term pricing solution in return for committed volumes for a 6-month time frame.</p><p>A N O T H E R W AY T O S AV E O N D O O R - T O - D O O R ( D 2 D )</p></li><li><p>CSXT Intermodal Door-to-Door Network</p><p>A N O T H E R W AY T O S AV E O N D O O R - T O - D O O R ( D 2 D )</p></li></ul>


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