project 3: e-portfolio phase 1. what is an e-portfolio? “an e-portfolio, also known as electronic...

Download PROJECT 3: E-PORTFOLIO PHASE 1. WHAT IS AN E-PORTFOLIO? “An e-portfolio, also known as electronic portfolio, digital portfolio, or electronic resume,

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  • WHAT IS AN E-PORTFOLIO? An e-portfolio, also known as electronic portfolio, digital portfolio, or electronic resume, is a collection of documents that display your skill sets and body of work. These documents are displayed on the web on a page that the user updates frequently. The e-portfolio is more formal than a Facebook page but more creative and open than a LinkedIn page. (MIS Community Site)
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  • PROJECT GUIDELINES At a minimum, you must include the following items in your e-portfolio: Professional photo of yourself Academic information Career interests & aspirations Personal interests, service work, favorite links Current resume
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  • GOAL Employer opportunities Professional opportunities Networking Note: Your site will automatically get placed into search engines and people will be able to find you easily on the Internet.
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  • GETTING STARTED Create a personal blog on *You must log in to create your blog! Having issues? Visit the MIS community site:
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  • WHAT IS WORDPRESS? WordPress is web software you can use to create a website or blog. Dashboard: Themes Pages Widgets & Plug-Ins
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  • PAGES & POSTS Posts are entries listed in reverse chronological order on the blog home page or on the posts page if you have set one. Pages are static and are not listed by date. Pages do not use tags or categories. An About page is the classic example. Pages can be displayed in the sidebar using the Pages widget, and some themes display pages in tabs at the top of the blog.
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  • WIDGETS & PLUG-INS Plugins add extra functions beyond what your theme provides, things like calendars, testimonial boxes, slideshows, etc. Every plugin comes with the description about its functionality and instruction how to enable it. Widgets enable you to customize your blog without having to go through the coding process. All you need to do is drag a certain widget from the widget area and drop it to the sidebar target content.
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  • TIPS
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  • Keep it short and sweet Visually appealing Check the necessary plug-ins. Depending on the functionality of your new WordPress theme; you may not need all the plug-ins you once had. YouTube help videos Differentiate yourself Best version of yourself Check out
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