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ProHealth Foundation is a registered Trust, established with an objective to promote healthy lifestyles through sports. One of the major objective of ProHEALTH foundation is to organize sports training camps and introduce children to the sport of running. We will organize running race events especially for children and youth to encourage competition and promote the sport of running. We would advocate for healthy cities and how promoting sports and physical activity is an important pillar for youth development. Our target cities are Tier III and Tier IV cities were there is huge lack of professionally organized sports events or running events.


  • 1. Objectives of ProHEALTH Foundation Promoting health through sports! Advocacy to promote healthy lifestyle and wellness Organize Events and Programs to educate and promote of healthy lifestyles and health education Provide necessary educational aides or equipment to facilitate healthy lifestyles Establish infrastructure to support a healthy lifestyle Identify and manage athletic and sporting talent
  • 2. ProHEALTH Foundation Promoting health through sports! ProHealth Foundation Organize running race events Increases physical activity Promotes Health and Well-being Athletic Talent Promotes discipline and competition Social and public health impact Addresses growing burden of disease Running is Socially Inclusive We believe in leveraging running, the simplest form of exercise, to promote healthy lifestyles in Tier III & IV communities
  • 3. ProHEALTH Foundation Promoting health through sports! Our Major target Tier III and Tier IV cities in India Our target audience Children, Youth and Middle age groups We believe in exposing and cultivate this simple habit among the young. Our Focus
  • 4. ProHEALTH Foundation Promoting health through sports! 60% of the urban population lives in Tier 3 & 4 cities of India (McKinsey Global Institute Study, April 2010) More than 50% of this population consists of children and youths. Tier 3 and 4 cities have few to none organized sporting or running eventsSource: McKinsey Global Institute, Indias Urban Awakening. Building Inclusive Cities and Sustaining Economic Growth, April, 2010 Why Tier 3 & 4 cities?
  • 5. Growing problem Promoting health through sports! Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death and disability in India. Nearly half of these deaths are likely to occur in young and middle aged individuals (30-69 years) Increasing levels of cardiovascular risk factors especially hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes, overweight or obesity, physical inactivity and tobacco use. Chronic Diseases are going up Physical activity is coming down Source: World Health Organization, SEARO, India
  • 6. ProHEALTH Foundation Promoting health through sports! Fulfilling a Need - Presence of large population especially of Children and Youth Filling a Gap - Lack of professionally organized Middle Distance running event. Space - Ample training spaces and clean air Tapping Talent - Breeding grounds for Talent and opportunity to connect with rural population and athletes Why Tier 3 & 4 cities?
  • 7. ProHEALTH Foundation Promoting health through sports! Inclusive Sport - Encourages participation across all age groups and socio- economic status. It involves masses..! Economical - Running as a sport has least overheads and is a life-long sport Simplest Sport - Running is the basis of all other sports Sense of Achievement - Children and youth get excited to set goals on distances of 5km and 10km, along with time Everybody is a Winner - Getting a medal at finish line is a real encouragement for children and youth for future participation Why running?
  • 8. ProHEALTH Foundation Promoting health through sports! Our Approach Community Transformation Approach Impact Teach - Training Camps at Schools to introduce this simple form of exercise with the right techniques along with the right spirit Competitive Events - Inter-School Running League to build momentum and excitement towards the community event Identify Talent - Support and encourage local talent Community Events - Half Marathon, 10km and 5 km events
  • 9. Tanjore Rural Marathon - 22nd December, 2013 ProHEALTH Foundation Promoting health through sports! Our First Event
  • 10. ProHEALTH Foundation Promoting health through sports! Anirudh Amit Mukul Sam The Team
  • 11. Amit Samarth Founder Promoting health through sports! MBBS Indira Gandhi Medical College Masters in Public Health Johns Hopkins University Marathon runner Triathlete Ironman 70.3 distances (Phuket, Bintan, Malaysia) 1st Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo Race Director Tanjore Rural Marathon, 22nd Dec, 2013 Founder ProHEALTH Foundation Program co-ordinator Mighty Milers Hyderabad Member of Organizing Team Airtel Hyderabad Marathon Hyderabad Runners Weekly fitness program Head for Strategy and Planning, SughaVazhvu Healthcare
  • 12. Anirudh Pandya- Founder Promoting health through sports! Director, IT and Software Development Services Marathon Runner and Triathlete Founder of ProHEALTH Foundation Founding member of Hyderabad Runners Member of Organizing Team of Airtel Hyderabad Marathon Organizing team of Mighty Milers Program in Hyderabad Lives in US and India
  • 13. Mukul Tripathi - Founder Promoting health through sports! Architect and Interior Designer Founder of ProHealth Foundation Event Manager for Tanjore Rural Marathon Black Belt in Taekwondo Running and fitness enthusiast
  • 14. Thank you! 14 Contact Dr Amit Samarth Email, +91-8754426966 Anirudh Pandya Email +91-9917172255