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Progressive Ideals

One cold snowy morning in late December 1891, Florence Kelley and her three children arrived on the front steps of Hull House in Chicago. When she knocked on the door, Jane Addams answered, We were welcomed as though we had been invited, Kelley later wrote. At Hull House, Kelley not only found refuge but also joined the growing movement for reform. She went on to become one of the countrys leading social reformers. The Progressive MovementIn the late 1800s reformers, who became known as progressives, began working to improve society. Worked to fix problems such as crime, disease, and povertyFocused on education, healthcare, and government reformsMuckrakersJournalists who helped to give life to the progressive movement by writing about corruption in business and politicsRaked up and exposed the muck, or filth in society. Focused on areas such as child labor, racial discrimination, and slum housingSanitation



Ida TarbellVery often people who admit the facts, who are willing to see that Mr. Rockefeller has employed force and fraud to secure his ends, justify him by declaring, Its business. That is, Its business has come to be a legitimate [acceptable] excuse for hard dealing, sly tricks, and special privelages.Reforming City and State Government

Worked for greater voter participationSought more efficient and responsive governments to local needsCity PlanningIn response to the poor conditions of the tenement buildings1901 New York State Tenement House Act passedCity planning and city engineeringZoning laws, building codes, public parks, sanitation, etc.

Social ReformsJohn Dewey key supporter of early childhood educationProgressives start kindergartenChildren learn problem solving as opposed to simply memorizing the teachers lessonJoseph McCormack Led the American Medical Association to bring local medical organizations together