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  • Program Management (PMO) Services

    Craft your operational

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    Resilience& is a UK-based network of independently owned and managed consulting firms and independent experts who are leading different consulting practices to empower the community being more resilient in front of market and worlds dynamics. It is a world class practice-oriented consulting firm rendering advisory, audit and benchmarking. Resilience& is committed towards transformation.

    Resilience& is a world class practice-oriented consulting firm working on consulting services, systems audit, and institutional and social corporate reforms.

    PMO Services | Resilience&

  • Resilience& PMO Services help organizations to orchestrate their projects and programs performance as per the stakeholders planned interest. Project Management Office (PMO) is an innovative operational unit that can transform and lead organizational performance to robust and agile results.

    Resilience& PMO Practice introduces a full-fledged framework to craft the basic pillars of PMO including people, process, tools, governance and risk in order to build the comprehensive program management either on departmental or organizational level.

    Our Services Project Management Office (PMO) Enterprise PMO (EPMO) PMO Governance PMO Audit PMO Index PMO Outsourcing PMO Automation Innovative PMO Monitoring & Evaluation Major Programs Transformation Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Tenders and Vendor Management Services Level Agreement (SLA) Operational Level Agreement (OLA)

    Project Management

    Office (PMO)

    Craft your operational excellence

    3PMO Services | Resilience&

  • How we craft

    efficient PMO ?

    Assess Craft Mature Automate Audit

    4PMO Services | Resilience&

  • Our Methodology | Craft your operational excellence

    5PMO Services | Resilience&

    Key Results Projects/Programs/Portfolios

    Scorecard Projects Dashboard Projects Governance Projects Acceptance Criteria Projects/Program Monitoring &

    Evaluation Key Performance and Success

    Indicators Project Audit Reports Processes Charters Vendors Performance Reports Services Catalogs

    How We Craft it? Involving all concerned stakeholders Applying full project management

    cycle Progressively upgrading the PMO

    from reactive/supportive to directive model

    Capitalizing on main pillars of people, process, tools, risks and governance to integrate and enrich the framework implementation

  • PMO


    6PMO Services | Resilience&


    Define key stakeholders Review existing organization

    governance models to adapt (if any) Review existing organization related

    policies, procedures and processes

    Craft the initial PMO governance to be mapped with the existing organizational assets: strategy, processes, people, tools and KPIs

    Start pilot implementation till maturity phase

    Apply fine-tuning activities to fit the existing operational model

    Monitor, evaluate and improve

    Authority Governance Reporting Process Integration Cost Saving Vendors Management

  • PMO AuditResilience& is your independent PMO audit and process assurance partner

    How do we can help your PMO Organizations?

    o Design PMO Audit Criteria based on the functional and processes scope

    o Customize PMO Audit Checklist based on your industryo Link PMO Criteria with the organizational strategyo Conduct PMO Audit across different projects and


    o Conduct PMO Audit on the outsourced processes (Vendors side)

    o Categorize PMO Audit finding; risk-based, prioritized processes, critical departments

    o Deliver recommendation and improvement planso Train your staff to apply PMO Audit themselves

    PMO Services | Resilience& 7

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    PMO IndexResilience& has developed comprehensive modular index for PMO maturity assessment inany organization adopting PMO Practice.

    People Index

    Competency Framework

    RACI Matrix



    Processes Index

    Process Documentation


    Service Catalogue Mapping


    Technology Index

    Processes Automation

    Reporting Tools

    Dashboard & BI




    Management Index

    Segregation of duties




    Continuous Improvement

    Stakeholders Index



    GRC Index

    Governance Measures

    Risk Measures

    Compliance KPIs

    Vendor Index


    Performance Evaluation

    Responsive L1

    Organized L2

    Mature L3

    Orchestrator L4Why Resilience& PMO Index?

    Industry specific Each module can be applied independently (Modular) Easy to apply and master Business-oriented and quantitatively presented reports Developed based on Project Management and Processes

    Excellence best practices

    PMO Services | Resilience&

  • Cost-effective PMO Operations Efficient reporting frequency Subject matter experts PMP Certified Professionals

    Compliant operations with PMI guidelines

    Proactive stakeholders management Powerful vendor management

    Why outsourcing your PMO operations?




    Maintain control over your running projects with minimum cost and highest efficiency

    PMO Services | Resilience&

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    Innovative PMO

    Build real creative space for innovative ideasand initiatives for new business products

    An innovative PMO supports

    the innovation process inside

    an organization, the process

    of translating an idea or

    invention into a product or

    service that creates value or

    for which customers will pay,

    and helps gaining and

    sustaining its competitive

    advantages in both private

    and public sectors.

    What we deliver?

    Marketplace independent competitive insights

    Area specific emerging trends and technologies

    Customer/consumer analysis Strategic disruption decision list Transition plan Design for specific goals List of portfolio projects List of innovation projects Business strategy drivers list

    Ideas/ Incubator Prioritization Development Commercialization Implementation

    Innovation Strategy

    People & Organization

    PMO Services | Resilience&

  • Monitoring &



    Special project needs independent monitoring and evaluation mission to stand on the overall project performance, utilized resources, key success criteria, stakeholders interest, and overall KPIs. What We Deliver

    Results framework development Performance monitoring plan

    development M&E system design Data quality assessments Data collection and monitoring Performance management system

    development Performance evaluations Impact evaluations

    11PMO Services | Resilience&

  • Major Program Transportation (MPT)

    It is a robust, flexible systems implementationmethodology that is based on the major packageimplementation methodologies used for todays majorand complex Transformation and Implementationprojects. The methodology provides our clients andimplementation teams a detailed execution roadmap thatwill ensure a well-executed and high-qualityTransformation or Implementation effort.

    Our Major Program Transformation Service Offerings: Define business cases, vision and case for change Define project charter, scope and budget Identify key stakeholders and capture stakeholder

    requirements Create change network Conduct workforce impact assessment

    Resilience& can help you to:

    Achieve a high quality implementation and ensure review checkpoints are in place.

    Create a benefit-linked design to ensure that value for money is being delivered.

    A consistent approach should be used to drive quality

    and ensure maximum re-use of available components and design patterns.

    Design an iterative roadmap that is comprehensive to remove and correct gaps in the solution.

    Transformative design and deployment that use the best practices and deliver the maximum value add to the project.

    PMO Services | Resilience&

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    Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

    Resilience& Risk management specialists identify and evaluate project risks, manage risk registers, facilitate qualitative risk assessments, conduct quantitative risk analyses and develop risk mitigation strategies and plans. We develop qualitative risk assessments in conjunction with project stakeholders; integrate those assessments into robust, quantitative cost and schedule risk analyses, and monitor and mitigate any risks accordingly.

    Risk Identification

    Risk Impact Assessment

    Risk Prioritization


    Risk Treatment

    Our Major Enterprise Risk Management Strategy Service Offerings: Risk identification. Qualitative and Quantitative Risk analysis. Strategic Risk Assessment. Risk registers and Risk response plans. Risk management coaching material

    PMO Services | Resilience&

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    Tenders, Vendor, SLA and OLA Services

    Integrated scope, tenders and services management

    Tenders &


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