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DESCRIPTION Profitable Currency Trading What are the most important requirements for profitable currency trading? Is it most important to follow pronouncements of monetary policy? Are jobs reports important in profitable currency trading? Balance of trade is an issue. These are the fundamentals that govern profitable currency trading. Then traders must consider market psychology and sentiment. Using technical analysis of Forex pairs a trader can often profit from short term swings in pricing due to market inefficiency. With profits in mind here are a few thoughts about profitable currency trading. Who Trades Foreign Currencies and Why? Profitable currency trading means different things to different traders. Specifically, the Forex markets were set up to facilitate international trade. Companies that buy and sell products across national borders need to change US dollars into Euros, Yen into Australian dollars, and so forth. Many of these companies buy options on foreign currencies in order to guarantee that they will not pay more than they bargained for in a transaction. Such a trader is in and out of the market with one trade. On the other hand currency speculators engage in fundamental and technical analysis of major Forex currencies in order to profit from the natural volatility of the Forex market. For these traders, profitable currency trading has to do with picking the most profitable currency pair and scalping, trend trading, or using other strategies in repeated trades. Learning the Skills A skilled currency trader is part business person, part technician, and part analyst. It is important to learn what factors drive currency prices and to continually research available currency pairs in search of opportunities. Smart currency traders learn to hedge risks, use their trading capital wisely, assess their trading results, and modify their strategy accordingly. A basic aspect of profitable currency trading is technical analysis. Whether one engages in analysis of major or pairs or technical analysis of minor Forex currencies this approach gives traders an advantage in assessing market sentiment and anticipating price changes. Picking Currency Pairs to Trade A trader may have the greatest insight in the world into a given Forex pair. He or she may be the most skilled in world at technical trading. However, if he or she is not trading a Forex pair that has a reasonable degree of volatility he or she will not see profitable currency trading. Some traders pay for alert services and other simply scan the news for useful information. In either case a smart Forex trader looks for volatility because that is where profits lie. He or she also looks for market liquidity and transparency which make technical trading more accurate. Doing the Work As we said previously, currency trading is a business. Profitable currency trading comes from homework, diligence, review of results, and modification of strategies.


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