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  • Professor Richard P. Wool


    Richard Wool is a Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular

    Engineering for the past 20 years at the University of Delaware.

    He is a former Director of the Center for Composite Materials.

    Prior to that, he was a Professor of Materials Science and

    Engineering at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign for

    17 years and was an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering

    at City College of New York for 2 years.

    He is the author of the books, Polymer Interfaces: Structure and

    Strength (1994) and Bio-Based Polymers and Composites

    (with X.S. Sun, 2005).

    Professor Wool is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and

    a Fellow of the American Physical Society, Division of Polymer

    Physics. He is the Co-Chairman of the Green Chemistry and

    Engineering Conference in DC 2015. He is the CEO and Founder

    of Crey Bioresins and Eco-Leather Corp.

    He is the recipient of the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award from the EPA, 2013. He

    received the Affordable Green Chemistry Award from the American Chemical Society (2011), the

    Lifetime Achievement Award (2012) from the Bio-Environmental Polymer Society and the Faculty

    Research Innovation Award from the International Textiles and Apparel Association (2014).

    He has published over 200 papers on materials from renewable resources, green chemistry and

    engineering, polymer physics, fracture and rheology, which have been cited about 4000 times (SCI).

    He holds several patents in the field of Biobased Materials.

    In 2014, he gave Plenary Addresses at the IC3 Carbon Composites Conference (Arcachon, France)

    the RBR Renewable Resources and Biorefineries (Valladolid, Spain), The Biobased Polymers

    Conference Toronto and the ACCM-9 Conference on Composite Materials in China (Suzhou). In

    2015, he will give plenary lectures in Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Washington DC and the World Expo

    in Milan.

    He lectures on Green Chemistry and Engineering CHEG 625 and Biobased Materials CHEG

    624 at the University of Delaware.

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    PROFESSOR RICHARD P. WOOL, FRSC Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and

    Center for Composite Materials

    University of Delaware,

    Newark DE 19716-3144

    Phone Work (302) 831-3312

    Fax Work (302) 831-8525


    Professional History

    Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Colburn Laboratory, University of

    Delaware, 1995-present

    Director, Center for Composite Materials, University of Delaware, (CCM focuses on Composite

    Manufacturing and Science in collaboration with Industry and the DoD) 1995-96

    ACRES Program Director, (The Affordable Composites from Renewable Resources Program

    designs and develops genetic engineering to manufacturing- Bio-Based Materials in

    cooperation with Industry, Universities and National Labs. 1996-present

    Professor, Materials Science & Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1977-


    Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, City College of New York, 1975-77

    Program Director, IBM Center of Excellence for Advanced Electronic Materials Synthesis,

    Processing and Properties, University of Illinois, 1985-90

    Director, Degradable Plastics Laboratory, (Chaired ASTM Biodegradable Plastics committee

    and developed Standards and Practices for Biodegradable Plastics in Aquatic and Terrestrial

    Environments) 1987-94. Professor Wool used this laboratory to support and develop the

    biodegradable plastics industry in Europe, China and the USA.

    Sabbatical Activity:

    Scientific Advisor, South African Government, Port Elizabeth, 2009 (Biobased Housing)

    Professor, Physics Department, Trinity College Dublin, 2002 (Carbon nanotubes)

    Professor, Condensed Matter Physics, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, 1991(Fractals, Percolation)

    Professor, Politecnico Di Milano, Natta Laboratory, Milan, Italy, 1984 (Infrared and Raman)

    University Degrees Degree Field Institution Date

    B.Sc. Chemistry (Honors Degree) Univ. College Cork Ireland 1970

    M.S. Materials Science & Eng. University of Utah 1972

    Ph.D. Materials Science & Eng. University of Utah 1974

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    Professional Activities of Professor Richard Wool

    Professional Societies:

    Green Chemistry and Engineering, (GCE-ACS). Co-Chairman, (2015); Plenary Speaker, (2012)

    Bio-Based Materials Chair 2008; Program Chair, International Meeting on Bio-based

    Materials, Washington DC June 21 2005 and 2006. Presidential Green Chemistry Award

    from the EPA (Dec 2013)

    Materials Research Society (MRS), Chairman on Symposia: 2001, Composites from Renewable

    Resources; 1997, Advances in Polymer Matrix Composites: Microscopic to Macroscopic; 1994,

    Fractal Aspects of Materials; 1987, Surfaces and Interfaces in Electronic Materials

    FRSC Royal Society of Chemistry, Fellow (2014)

    American Physical Society (APS)-Fellow, Division of Polymer Physics. Program Chairman,


    American Chemical Society-Member (ACS), Divisions of Polymer Chemistry and Division of

    Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering; Affordable Green Chemistry Award 2011.

    Special Symposium on Biobased Polymers and Composites, in honor of Professor Wool was

    held on March 29, 2011, Anaheim CA.

    American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)-Member. Plenary Address, World Congress of

    Chemical Engineering, Montreal (2009)

    American Society for Test Methods, Chairman, Biodegradable Plastics, D20.96.1, 1989-95.

    Developed the current ASTM Standards and Practices used to evaluate biodegradable plastics.

    BioEnvironmental Polymer Society (BEPS), International Advisory Board (2011). He gave the

    Plenary Address in Vienna Austria, September 2011. Lifetime Achievement Award (2011)

    Awards Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) 2014

    Faculty Research Innovation Award, International Textiles and Apparel Association (2014)

    Presidential Green Chemistry Award, EPA (2013)

    Global Green Design award (2014)

    Lifetime Achievement Award, BioEnvironmental Polymer Society, (2011)

    Affordable Green Chemistry Award, American Chemical Society (2010)

    Xerox Distinguished Lecturer Award (2009)

    Innovations in Real Materials Award, International Society for Innovation in Materials


    Distinguished Paper Award (2007), Adhesion Society

    Fellow, American Physical Society, Division of High Polymer Physics

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    Advisory Committees and Boards

    Editorial Board, Journal of Biobased Materials and BioEnergy, 2006-present

    Editorial Board, Polymers, 2009-present

    Editorial Board, Green Chemistry, 2009-present

    Review Editorial Board of Glass Science, 2014-present

    Board of Directors, Crey Bioresins Inc, 2010

    Board of Directors, ELC 2012-

    Industrial Consulting and Business Start-Ups Professor R. P. Wool consults for Nike (Portland OR), TetraPak (Italy, Sweden), DuPont

    (Delaware), Raytheon Missile Defense System (Tucson AZ), Green Chemistry Institute and

    several Law Firms. He is Founder and CEO of Crey Bioresins Inc and ELC of Newark


    Areas of Professional Expertise Materials Science and Engineering Polymer Physics

    Fracture Mechanics Polymer Interfaces

    Biodegradable Plastics Plastics Engineering

    Materials from Renewable Resources Spectroscopy

    Composites Glass transition

    Green Engineering Adhesion

    Gordon Research Conference Presentations Composites (3), Polymers-West (2), Polymer Physics (1), Adhesion (2), Fractals (1),

    Biodegradable Plastics (1), Green Chemistry (2)

    TV, Radio, Press and Web Coverage of Professor Wools Research

    TV Documentaries Professor Wools research group were featured on the following TV programs: BBCs

    Horizons, (2014-2015); Sundance Channels documentary program entitled Gadgets on June 17,

    2008; NOVA Making Things Green hosted by David Pogue PBS (2012-2014)

    Radio Shows NPR: The Pulse (2014); Austrian Public Radio, Sept 28, 2011; NPR Science Friday, June 27, 2009

    Recent Press and Web Coverage New York Times: Science Times; C&EN

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    Publications of Professor R. P. Wool

    Books written by R. P. Wool:

    Wool, R. P. (1995). Polymer Interfaces; Structure and Strength, New York: Hanser/Gardner

    Press, 494 pages. ISBN 1-56990-133-3

    Wool R. P. (2005) Bio-Based Polymers and Composites, with X. S. Sun, Elsevier Press,

    Burlington MA , 620 pages, ISBN-13:978-0-12-763952-9

    Books Edited by R. P. Wool

    Wool, R. P. (1995). Fractal Aspects of Materials, with F. Family, P. Meakin, B, Sapoval (Eds.),

    Materials Research Society, Symposium Proc., Vol 367.

    Wool, R. P. (2001). Advanced Fibers, Plastics, Laminates and Composites, with F. T.

    Wallenberger, N. E. Weston, R. Ford and K. Chawla (Eds.), Materials Research Society

    Symposium Proc., Vol 702

    Archival Papers Published by R. P. Wool

    Wool, R. P., and Statton, W. O. (1974). Dynamic Polarized Infrared Studies of Stress Relaxation

    and Creep in Polypropylene. Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Physics Edition, 12,


    Wool, R. P. (1975). Mechanisms of Frequency Shifting in the Infrared Spectrum of Stressed

    Polymers. Journal of Poly


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