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  • 1. A Receptionist is aprofessional who servesthe customers or users ofa building in a particulararea known as thereception. Provides allkinds of information andassistance, which usuallyhas some knowledge ofscience secretarially .

2. A receptionist is a: calm person. courteous person. professional demeanor at all times. Must have a professional demeanor at all times Be careful and good looking. 3. CLOTHING RECEPTIONISTS They must dress in aformal way. A skirt.A jacket and a blouseto pair the skirt. Shoes of not major heelof 7cm. Dressed and sack. 4. CLOTHES OF THE RECEPTIONISTS 5. It is the engineering that combines scientificand practical methods for the developmentand looks of techniques to discover, exploit,develop, transport, process and treat the oilfrom its natural state, at the site until the finalproducts or derivatives. 6. FEATURES REQUIRED BYTHIS PROFESSIONYou must have a great responsibility andrespect for the work others do not affect should have a great passion for theprofession to make the most punctuality and honesty help to recognize agood petroleum engineer for all the money that this study shows,honesty creates a nice, cooperative andsupportive always must learn to work together 7. engineers are 8. FEATURES REQUIRED BYTHIS PROFESSION High academic standards. Researcher and analytic. leadership and communicative. Ability to work as a team. Good knowledge of a second language,preferably English. 9. CLOTHING USED BY THE PETROLEUMENGINEERt- shirtvest helmet 10. blue jean boots goggles masks 11. Firefighter is the person who is dedicatedto fighting fires, traditionally using hydraulicpumps , which were used to draw water fromwells, rivers or any other deposit close to thescene. 12. CHARACTERISTICSA firefighter must have the following features: SacrificeVoluntarily forgo something to benefit someone or something. ValueQuality, virtue or utility that make something or someone to beappreciated. Devotionwaiver or withdrawal is made in favor of something or someone. 13. CLOTHESgoogles Safety shoes Safety gloves Respiratory protective devices Fire truckProtective helmet 14. The architect is a very diverse labormarket: you can develop your career in publicor private sector, responding to the needsof an individual as a community. 15. FIREFIGHTER Firefighter is the person who isdedicated to fightingfires, traditionally using hydraulicpumps, which were used to drawwater from wells, rivers or any otherdeposit near the scene. 16. MORE DEFINITIONS a firefighter is a personwho fires off a firefighter is a personwho rescues cats from trees a firefighter is a personwho provides assistanceand training services a firefighter is a personwho helps in disasters bysupporting victims a firefighter is a person who iswilling to give their lives forothers without even knowing 17. geometric tools flat paperhelmet overallsswamp boots 18. FEATURESCurrently firefighters (or firefighters) arededicated brave Helpful and responsible in their work 19. CHARACTERISTICSthe firefighter is a person whouse bootsafirefighter is a personwho wears a helmeta firefighter is a person who usesa coat a day job to protect themfrom the flamesafirefighter is a person whoprovides a service helps thecommunityafirefighter is a personwho performs pre-hospital care 20. Clothing and accessories Casco "Firetramer"Botas "Bata" 21. Clothes and accessoriesREEFERBRACESPANTSHULLBOOTSNUN 22. GLOVESTRANSMITTERHODELANTERNROPEAXE 23. TEACHERWho is professionallyengaged in teaching, either in general, or specialized in a particular subject area, course, academicdiscipline, science or art. 24. TEACHERS CARACTERISTICSThe teachers are people with great skillsand qualities to interact with students andeach other. A good teacher is strict,patient, intelligent, friendly, clean,responsible and creative, which tries togive the best for their students. 25. TEACHERS CLOTHING The teachers wear different clothes according tooccasion. They wear white coats. During the day the sport, wear comfortable clothes, acap and sport glasses. The woman teacher always to use a big handbag. 26. A doctor is a professional who practices medicine andtry to maintain and restore human health through the study, diagnosis and treatment of illness or injury to the patient.DOCTOR 27. A doctor should be : judicious, responsible, friendly* It has to be a good doctor thatserves patients tranquil dad* dignified treatment to patients and colleagues* judicious control of uncertainty during the meetingwith the patient FEATURES 28. A doctor should wear clothes as* gown* pants "jean"* White or black shoes* masks CLOTHES 29. DOCTOR A doctor is a professional who practices medicine and trying to maintain and restore human health through the study, diagnosis and treatment of illness or injury to the patient. 30. 1) white gown2) operatingroom gown3) capCLOTHESfor surgery4) masks5)surgical gloves6)operatingroom cap 31. FEATURES1) Interest in the natural sciences:You must have an interest in knowing the human body, organfunction and how diseases can be cured.2) Commitment to service:By profession will be in contact with people all the time, thisprofessional must be able to deal with them, understand them, wantto meet them, listen and offer some relief.Fact: The doctor has a particular lifestyle, is a profession thatdemands long hour sand unstable depend on what specialty youchoose. 32. LAWYERA LAWYER IS THE PERSON WHO HELPS OTHER PEOPLE OUT OF LEGAL PROBLEMS, AND IS HELPING TO KEEP THE LAW IN OUR COUNTRY HE OR SHE MUST BE AWARE OF THE LAWS AND REGULATIONS AS WELL AS TO HELP THE COMMUNITY TO SOLVE PROBLEMS WITH DIFFERENT. 33. CARACTERISTICSA LAWYER SHOULD A PERSON WITH BE CORRECT CHARACTER AN HONEST PERSON A PERSON WITH A PERSON WITH AUTHORITY SECURITIES A FRIENDLY A RESPONSIBLE PERSON. PERSON. 34. CLOTHES MAN WOMEN STYLISH DRESS SKIRT TIE DRESS CLOTH SHOES DENIM PANTS GOOD HEELSPRESENTATION. BAG MAKEUP. 35. VETERINARIAN 36. VETERINARIAN Veterinarian is called science of preventing,diagnosing and curing diseases of domesticanimals, wild animals and livestock. Today is alsoresponsible for inspection and sanitary controlof food, prevention of zoonoses. Theprofessional who implementsthis science is calleda veterinarian, veterinarian or farrier. 37. BUSINESS PERSON IS THEPERSON WHOTHE VETERINARIAN ISRESPONSIBLEFOR THEHEALTH OFANIMALS ANDPROTECT PEOPLE FROMZOONOSES 38. FEATURES VETERINARY Veterinary services fall into four maincategories:Clinical services: treatment of sick animals andcontrol of production limiting diseases.Disease prevention services.Provision of medicines, vaccines and otherproducts (. Artificial insemination).Protection of human health (eg, inspection ofanimal products for sale). 39. CHARACTERISTICS-CARE OF ANIMALS WHEN THEY ARE SICK-AVOID ZOONOSES-ALSO HAVE A DOG DAY CAREIS NECESSARY IN THE CAREOF OUR PETS 40. Characteristicsthe animal carethe affection givengives them respectand dignity 41. CLOTHES1. whisk to avoid soiling2.thermometer3. top coas4. Graves5. shoulders6. Tensin 42. Clothes coatCopingGlovesStethoscopemasks 43. CLOTHESBATATHERMOMETERSTETHOSCOPE 44. NURSE: Nurse is the person who is responsible health care and welfare the people, a person trained to care for the sick. 45. CHARACTERISTICS: FriendlyPatient CleverSensible 46. CLOTHES: Hat Stethoscope Shirt Syringe Skirt Shoes 47. THERMOMETER 48. Person who preparates deliciousplates of food. 49. Person who works cookingIn restaurants for people whoPay of with the family for eat. 50. - Uniform of the chef -Cap white and back-Work in the kitchen