Products that really work & a career that really works!

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Products that really work & a career that really works!. Opportunity. Income. Life Style. Beauty. Freedom. Welcome to SeneGence! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Products that really work &amp; a career that really works!</p></li><li><p>Life StyleBeautyOpportunityLife StyleSeneGenceBeautyOpportunityIncomeFreedomIncome</p><p>Welcome to SeneGence!</p><p>Youll have the opportunity to belong to a company that offers fabulous products, caring people, and one of the most lucrative compensation plans in the Direct Selling industry.</p><p>Experience the pride of owning your own business.With a very small investment and tremendous rewards, you can begin a new career, and start making money TODAY!</p></li><li><p>MotivatorI love my life. SeneGence has affected every aspect of it, from financial, to relationships, to the personal growth I have seen in myself. I am living my dream. </p><p>Jeri Taylor-Swade Independent DistributorMotivatorMotivatorMotivator</p></li><li><p>MommyThis business has given me freedom to spend time with my kids, travel opportunities, priceless friendships and a bigger picture of what is to come as a result of my efforts.</p><p>Dawn Christian Independent DistributorMommyMommyMommy</p></li><li><p>Sales Expert</p><p>I decided to join because I absolutely love the product. I can sell it so many different ways and it just works.</p><p>Caroline Bishop Independent DistributorSales ExpertSales ExpertSales Expert</p></li><li><p>Grandmother</p><p>The secret to this business is all in the attitude who wouldnt want to have this much fun? I truly feel I am impacting women at the very heart with a fantastic career opportunity and product line.</p><p>Sheila Young Independent DistributorGrandmotherGrandmotherGrandmother</p></li><li><p>Makeup Artist</p><p>The beauty of having a SeneGence career is that you own your own business right from the start. You can build it at your own pace and become as successful as you would like to be.</p><p>Roxanne Kumasaka Independent DistributorMakeup ArtistMakeup ArtistMakeup Artist</p></li><li><p>Multitasker</p><p>My personal life and career are balanced simply because the two are blended together. I am always learning and my business is constantly growing, changing and evolving.</p><p>Zoanne Weaver Independent DistributorMultitaskerMultitaskerMultitasker</p></li><li><p>Executive</p><p>I have so much fun and camaraderie with other SeneGence Distributors and my customers. Its brought a whole new dimension to my very, very serious life as a management consultant.</p><p>Ann Miner Independent DistributorExecutiveExecutiveExecutive</p></li><li><p>The skys the limit with SeneGence!</p></li></ul>