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  • 1. Autor: Juan Carlos Medina Gutirrez

2. South Africans, world leaders gather to mourn former president Nelson Mandela 3. CFE publishes union payments 4. They will celebrate the second anniversary of Free 17 5. CityTemperaturesNuevo LaredoHigh 10, Low 2ReynosaHigh 12, Low 3MatamorosHigh 12, Low 3Ciudad VictoriaHigh 14, Low 7Ciudad ManteHigh 17, Low 12TampicoHigh 19, Low 15 6. Army-Navy game: Mids to be tested before final exam against Black Knights 7. Club Amricas Miguel Herrera appointed as Mexico coach 8. Mechudas leaving the field: women's softball 9. Maddonas Interview 10. Walker had been saved from an accident five years ago 11. Lucero returns with: You Couldnt love me this way