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<ul><li> 1. TrendIC Product portfolio USPs Vantage Service ManagerCompuware Vantage, a IT service managementsolution, enables business-driven service delivery Service Level Management by combining business-focused reporting, end-userexperience monitoring and application performancemanagement with infrastructure and service desk Business Service Managementmetrics, whether provided by Compuware solutionsor third-party tools. This unique combination allowsIT to align its services around business-criticalobjectives with a real-time, comprehensive picture ofservice delivery. USPs: Map critical business services to the supporting IT infrastructure Increase communication with the business through real-time service views Measure and generate alerts based on business process performance and demand enterprise-wide view Track each business process transaction and link business process steps to the IT services on which they run, translating IT service impacts into business and financial impact information Use process consoles and KPIs to provide business managers with the information they need Proactively alert on approaching deadlines for individual processes, such as orders or payments Measure process peak loads or service oversubscriptions to allow IT to better provision and budget for actual business characterize the problem demand levels Define realistic, quantifiable availability and performance objectives that reflect business goals Measure performance and availability as end users experience them Track service-level availability and performance, both on a real-time basis and for offline planning purposes Isolate and resolve performance problems before they impact service-level objectives Remove the need for manual, ongoing report generation, which reduces costs Improve the availability of revenue- Health of all the infrastructure for the serviceproducing applications, increasing productivity Reduce the level of effort required to produce and distribute service-level documentation Integrate from multiple data sources for comprehensive view of service quality From high level to details </li></ul> <p> 2. TrendIC Product portfolio USPsTevron's solutions deliver unmatched proactive CitraTest monitoring, transaction monitoring, real-time alerting, real-time monitoring, application availability, application performance, IT Service Management, Application Monitoring &amp; ControlBusiness Service Management (BSM), and SLM. Tevron products are technically designed to support every environment, every business process, and every application with the focus of service oriented management. Compared to the legacy management products available on the market, Tevron's solutions are more scalable, more flexible, support all environments with a single technology, more cost effective, and easier to maintain and deploy.USPs: CitraTest APM is the only monitoringsolution that can actively monitor everyapplication that is accessible from aWindows PC Perform trend analysis based on end-usermetrics in order to proactively identifyissues before users are impacted Visualize the user experience in order toprioritize IT response based on customerand business impact. Reduce the business impact of end-useroutages and performance issues Provide real-time visibility into userbehavior and experience Monitor and manage the performance of allbusiness critical applications includingclient/server (TCP/IP), web services(SOAP/XML), and web-based (http andhttps) applications CitraTest APM schematic overview Script code 3. TrendIC Product portfolio USPs Longitude Heroix Longitude is the powerful, simple, and easy to use application performance and network monitoring software that helps you manage your IT infrastructure for maximum performance and IT Operations Managementavailability. Award-winning Longitude delivers the automated, multiplatform capabilities you need to support the highest possible service levels to your organization. With no agents to install and a wealth of packaged application performance and network monitoring solutions, Longitude lets you get started in minutes. Then use the Web-based interface and real-time Event Monitor to view how your environment is performing, receive proactive alerts, reveal root causes, automate corrective actions, tailor your monitoring, set up service level agreements (SLAs), and generate performance reports. Enterprises large and small value Longitude for its effectiveness, simplicity, and affordability.USPs: Agentless Event overview Web-based interface lets you monitor fromanywhere Real-time Event Monitor serves as centralconsole to speed troubleshooting: drilldown for details and customize withoutleaving the Event Monitor Real-time Statistics Dashboard presentsperformance indicators you choose Integrated performance reports and graphsfor root cause analysis, resource planning,and documenting service levels Scales to any size enterprise: auto-discovery, topology-based event monitor,reporting portal, role-based security, andmore Detailed visibility: multi-tiered applications,business processes, SLAs, user Real time dashboardexperience (synthetic transactions), eventscorrelated across infrastructure, eventsannotated with data View infrastructure monitoring data withinthe context of your application performance Understand how infrastructure componentsaffect application performance andavailability Sla overview 4. TrendIC Product portfolio USPsSightLines software solutions help you manage SightLine service delivery in an enterprise-wide environment including Unisys ClearPath, Microsoft Windows, Stratus VOS, HP OpenVMS, and UNIX Capacity Management platforms all from a central location: the SightLine Expert Advisor/Vision console. This automated, Windows-based console monitors, alerts and reports on any system performance problems or outages, enabling more responsive IT issue resolution. Collecting the right data is critical for any business that requires high IT service levels. SightLines advanced technology collects thousands of relevant metrics from your business-critical systems, providing a single data source for efficient monitoring and capacity planning purposes.USPs: Determine the most cost efficient way toincrease your transaction capacity to agiven level. Enterprise system overview Realise the biggest performance, capacityor productivity gains from a fixed budget. Identify processing trends and adjust yoursystems before they affect user productivityand satisfaction. Assess if IT systems are delivering theperformance required by your businessplan, warning you proactively of impendingproblems before they occur. Deliver, manage, and report on IT servicelevels and productivity to users andexternal customers.What-if? modeling Measure and quantify the performance thatyou are paying for from third party serviceproviders. Report on service levels being achieved Trend Analyzer 5. TrendIC Product portfolio USPs EMC Smarts Application Discovery Manager Smarts ADMprovides continuous discovery and mapping of applications, their dependencies, and configurations with respect to their underlying infrastructure in data Service Asset &amp; Configuration center environments. With Application Discovery Manager, you get accurate, real-time visibility into Managementthe data center from an application standpoint critical for planning data center consolidations and migrations as well as managing change impact, virtualization initiatives, disaster recovery, and CMDB population.USPs: Get unique visibility into the relationshipsand interdependencies betweenapplications. Discover applications and configurations invirtual environments. Correlate infrastructure incidents toapplication impact quickly, based on real-time models of topologies anddependencies. Enhance change, configuration, andincident management, and jump-start ITILinitiatives. Discovered inventory Populate or federate any third-party orhome-grown CMDBs, and automatebusiness service management mapping. Get continuous discovery of applicationinfrastructure, components, services,hosts, usage, dependencies, andconnections. Analyze system infrastructure, installedsoftware, configuration details, anddependencies. Identify common application componentsand protocols out of the boxestablish acomplete map of your application services. Automate maintenance to improve theaccuracy of your CMDB Host dependency Discovered relationships 6. TrendIC Product portfolio USPs N(i) By providing improved visibility and control over IT infrastructure, the N(i) Data Center Management Solution enables improved resource optimization, more dependable business continuity and enhanced ICT Infrastructure Management IT governance practices.USPs:Maintain a repository of detailedinfrastructure configurations which allowsyou to be aware of the IT resources thatare over- or under-utilized, and those thatare not used at all Superior change management capabilitiesto model and compare the impacts ofvarious What If? scenarios in yourenvironment. Ensure better business continuity bymitigating risks in implementing change Enforce corporate policies, best practices,operating standards and procedures, suchas ITIL Themetic design tools Multi-domain visibility: View ITinfrastructure from different perspectives Map applications to service model,enabling the definition of Service OrientedArchitecture (SOA) Model impact of services on businesslayers Rack heights, containerships and connectivity Application dependency and shared services </p>