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Agile Product Management | UX Design | Information Architecture Portfolio


  • 1. Product Management Portfolio for Stephan Orme Product Management | UX Design | Information Design 510-847-8537 Document Version 0.46 Detail Screen previous, next and back Tartine Bakery goes to next contact in list. Back goes back to List page 600 Guerrero Street (Search or Contacts) San Francisco, Ca 94110 Tap to call. If there are multiple phone nujmbers, display Distance: 0.3 Miles (415) 487-2600 the 1st. Address info (same info we have in Yelp Google Places My Contacts list view). Tap goes to Map Loads page data. Initially only show Yelp. Later have Delete Contact dialog multiple tabs for multiple data sources Delete This Contact? Insert Yelp or Google places page OR existing View Contact screen in Cancel Ok Android Dialer Show in this area: Yelp, etc. HTML pages and Existing Android View Contact page Scrolls in this box Bad Info dialog Add to Contacts confirm with Toast: "Added to Contacts" Thanks for Letting us Know! Can you tell us why? Bad Phone Number Add to Favorites, confirm with Toast "Added to Favorites" - if NOT in contacts add to contacts also (no toast) Use standard Android share functionality. This pops up dialog: "Share via email or Bluetooth" - Both send VCF Delete formatted files (contact interchange file) comments + + Need Estimate: Add Send Text Message option to Add to Add to ! existing. SMS content: NOTE FORMAT incl: commas, spaces and colons Contacts Favorites Share Bad Info Edit Cancel Submit , Bad Contact / Delete : Show Bad Info when the contact is one of ours : Menu Options: Show Delete when the contact is in their contact list Phone Number Doesnt Work - Brought to you by PhoneTell: Address Wrong or Business Moved Bad Info Behavior Business Closed Clicking Bad Info pops up a comment field. Other If NOT in their Contact list, create new contact then go to The Contact Id info along with the comment is sent to a bad_data Standard Android Edit Page table Later well figure out how to use this info If already in their contact list,just go to edit page Delete Behavior Dialog: "Delete this contact?" With Ok / Cancel (ok to reuse Android standard)Portfolio 4.0 Page 1 of 14March 12, 2011 Stephan Orme 510-847-8537
  • 2. Product Management PortfolioI have experience with all stages of the product processincluding managing development teams, implementing Agile Stephan has a great understanding ofsystems, de ning the product roadmap and UX designs. the so ware development process and itAs Director of Product for PhoneTell, I prepared product was a pleasure to work with him.roadmaps for their suite of mobile applications, led product - Sergey Slepchenko, Project Manager,strategy discussions with senior management, managed a 15- Interlinkperson development team and designed applications forAndroid, Blackberry and Skype.As CEO of Worklogistics, I led the creation of the Crew Tracker mobile application for Android, along with asophisticated web application. This involved the complete product life-cycle, from product vision, customerdevelopment, technology stack speci cation, UX design, data modeling, hiring and managing a developmentteam and eld testing.As lead developer for the project I wrote all front and back end code (SQL, JSP and Perl),optimized the site for SEO (which resulted in top 10 ranking for many pesticides), set up co-located unix serversand performance tuned MySQL.I believe in small, eective teams, customer development, minimum viable product design and agiledevelopment.Product Roadmap and Mobile UX speci cations for PhoneTell Product Roadmap Not for release - private distribution only Draft document version 0.35 Table of Contents Services Core Technologies Partners and Technology Platforms and Technologies Technology Trends October 5, 2010 Private and Con dential PhoneTell, Inc PhoneTell Product Roadmap Portfolio 4.0 Page 2 of 14 March 12, 2011 Stephan Orme 510-847-8537
  • 3. Product Management, Customer Support and StangProduct management is embedded in larger business processes and has to consider a range of business issuesincluding customer support and stang. The top gure is a hiring plan which shows how the product roadmap,marketing launch and hiring evolve from pre-launch through launch. The bottom gure shows how customersupport and user feedback is integrated into development.Development Stang/Activity Plan Activities by Phase For Crew Tracker LaunchShown at right is a nine-month stang/ A Pre-Launch B Soft Launch C Marketing Launch Hire Lead Web Developer Hire QA & Dev Assistant Hire Lead QA Expand QA Process Hire VP Engineering Development


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