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Prodigy was created for one reason:Establish a Love of Math

To help ALL students to LOVE learning math

Prodigy Math GameSelf-paced math game for grade 1-8

Curriculum-aligned (Ontario, Common Core, MAFS, TEKS)


Adaptive LearningInitial diagnostic assessment

Prodigy adapts to keep students in their Zone of Proximal Development, while children feel like theyre just playing a video game

In-game Student SupportsText-to-speech: All questions can be read aloud

Virtual manipulatives (pencils, counters, base blocks, strip diagrams, coins)

Hint feature

Real-Time ReportingTrack domains, expectations, and skills for each one of your students

Assess, differentiate and close gaps in real-time

Teacher Tools: Planner/AssignmentsControl exactly what math content your students see in-game, without them knowing

Use the planner tool to align your entire class with the topic you will be covering in class

Use the assignment tool to assign specific students content based on their needs

Real World ProblemsEach day Diegos mother drives to her office in Baltimore. The driving distance from home to Baltimore, Maryland is 77km. On her way home, she runs some errands at the mall so her driving distance is 89km. What is her daily driving distance?

Write an equation for this situation and then calculate the answer

How many km does her mother drive going to work and coming home for 5 days?

Write an equation for this situation and then calculate the answer.Equation 1:77to work89to home=km

# of daysdaily totals=km

Real World ProblemsJosephine is out shopping and finds a $426.00 scooter that is marked down by 10%

How much will be taken off of the price in dollars?

What is the new cost of the item?


Results: Phenomenal EngagementFor every 1 minute a child uses Prodigy at school, the average child spends an additional

1.5 minutes at home, voluntarily!

Results: Change in AttitudesAfter 6 weeks on Prodigy, classes surveyed observed a:

23% increase in students stating they like or love math

19% increase in students indicating math did not make them feel nervous

Results: Proficiency Improvements

* Improvement measured as change in % of students meeting standardsIn a district of 21,000:

Schools using Prodigy improved by 3.0%Schools with high usage improved by 11.6%

Using Prodigy for Best ResultsWe recommend 30-60 minutes of in-school play per week (one lab period) for best results.On average, this results in an additional 45-90 minutes of voluntary play at home for free!


FreeUnlimited game-play in class & at homeFree training for trainers & teachersEngagingStudents LOVE playing ProdigyPlay in class => play at homeDifferentiatingUseful data supports RTI Assignments allow for differentiated practice & assessment

Adoption/ManagementEarly adopters create grassroots supportAssign content or let students play at their own pace