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Winning in today’s dynamic markets requires enterprises to be more agile, which comes from having fluid business processes that can rapidly execute an enterprise’s business goals. We have managed large and complex processes for more than 150 clients – across global locations and industries. Most of them have been with us for many years and this multi-year view of engagements has given valuable insight on how transforming processes is key to transforming the business. So we created a holistic framework to address the complete cycle of objectives of the three stages of progression of a business process – Operate, Optimize and Transform.


  • 1. Process Progression Model
  • 2. Why Process Progression Model (PPM)? 2
  • 3. 3 Business Value Delivery through PPM
  • 4. 4 The A D E Change framework drives the process progression LEVERS Business Value Articulation framework ERP optimization Domain capability Benchmarks Best practices repository Operating models Harmonization Analytics Business Platforms and Point Solutions Mobility, Cloud, Social Media Organization Change Management Automation and robotics Transition Methodology Six Sigma and Lean Program Management
  • 5. 5 Outcomes at each stage of PPM
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