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  • Integrated solutions for asset management

    A Turn Toward Greater Effi ciency

    process The Magazine for the Process Industry

    Volume 13, Number 3, 2008


  • C o n t e n t s

    p Cover

    Asset Management 4 Proof of Performance

    Infracor, Germany

    7 Pump Monitoring KSB, Germany

    8 Optimized Operation RWE, Germany

    12 Right on Track RFID

    p Technology

    Process Control 14 Reach Far, Know More


    16 APC Made Easy Advanced Process Control

    p Industry

    Water 18 Steady Flow

    Veolia/SIDEM, Bahrain

    Chemicals 20 Full Circle

    Evonik Industries, Belgium

    Si em

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    Si em

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    The new pump test bench at Infracor in Marl, Germany, improves pump maintenance services and supports new approaches in training and qualifi cation

    Page 4

    Simatic PCS 7 TeleControl enables the fl exible integration of distant substations into a uniform and seamlessly integrated automation solution

    Page 14

    The HMI level of two existing process control systems at CSL Behring was migrated to Simatic PCS 7 in a mere six weeks

    Page 24

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    2 process news | 3-2008

    Food & Beverage 22 Fresh with Technology

    Granarolo, Italy

    Pharma 24 Qualifi ed Upgrade

    CSL Behring GmbH, Germany

    26 Less Is More Energy Effi ciency

    Solar 28 Sunny Side Up Conergy AG, Germany

    Water 30 Fresh Water Technology

    Aguas de la Cuenca del Segura S.A., Spain

    Infrastructure 32 Sinamics Steams It Up

    Valorec Services, Switzerland

    34 In Brief

    35 Dialogue

  • process news | 3-2008 3

    E d i t o r i a l

    Dear Readers:

    Every production facility has countless assets: simple ones such as vessels, tools, and valves, but also complex units such as entire reactors and machines, and each has its own specifi c requirements for maintenance and repair. This issue of process news focuses on the topic of asset management because integrated solutions for asset management are indispensable for cost-effective and reliable production. We have extended the asset management functions so that all the important components for the plant are integrated into the monitoring and control process. This is a signifi cant step that helps increase our customers’ competitiveness by signifi cantly reducing lifecycle costs. Mechanical assets such as pumps play a central role in the process industry. We have developed special asset management modules for pumps, which can be smoothly integrated into our Simatic PCS 7 process control system. These modules allow the user to ascertain the current condition of a pump – an important prerequisite for preventive maintenance. The application at Infracor, which is described on page 4, is one example of how plant operators benefi t from this functionality. But asset management also plays an important role in the operation of distributed systems. RWE, for example, benefi ts from a gas store being integrated into the master control system at the company headquarters via the asset management functionality of PCS 7. See page 8 for more about this application. We hope that these and the other articles in this issue of process news will provide interesting ideas and valuable suggestions.

    Miguel Fernandez

    Competence Center Chemicals Siemens Industry

  • 4 process news | 3-2008

    Ph ot

    o s:

    S ie

    m en

    s A


    Erosion damage on a pump impeller: personnel can be trained to avoid such problems on the new pump test bench

    C o v e r A s s e t M a n a g e m e n t

  • process news | 3-2008 5

    A s s e t m a n a g e m e n t w i t h P a r t i a l S t r o k e T e s t

    The Partial Stroke Test (PST) is used mainly in the course of checking plant safety to verify and maintain the function of safety valves. But the PST is also suitable for automatic and systematic testing of normal valves without disturbing plant operation. The results of the PST with the intelligent Sipart PS2 positioner, or with an add-on product for the Simatic S7-

    400FH safety system, allow an estimation of the current valve condition and can be integrated into PCS 7 asset management so that the valves are included in the consideration of overall plant availability and the planning of maintenance measures.

    as to reduce maintenance costs and redundancies. On the basis of this strategy, Infracor decided to install a new pump test bench that was developed and imple- mented in close collaboration with Siemens. The pump test bench is automated with the Simatic PCS 7 Box compact process control system, including the latest asset management functionality for pumps.

    Infracor, Germany p

    Proof of Performance

    Marl Chemical Park is the third-largest inte-grated chemical production site in Ger-many. Thirty companies cover an area of approximately two and a half square miles, including such well-known names as Evonik, Sasol, Vestolit, Ineos, and Lanxess. Marl Chemical Park is operated by Infracor GmbH. Infracor provides infrastructure and a full array of other services for chemical and related companies operating at the chemical park, ranging from custom-tailored services to support for com- plete production processes to the operation of com- plex chemical production facilities. The comprehen- sive infrastructure and services are grouped into four divisions: Supply and Disposal, Technology, Logistics, and Site Management.

    Services for greater performance

    The extensive range of services that Infracor offers its customers at Marl Chemical Park also includes mea- sures for maintenance, plant revision, and plant sup- port. Infracor continuously improves its services to be able to offer its customers optimum support at all times. The company is responsible for the mainte- nance of about 20,000 pumps at Marl, of which about 6,000 are repaired annually by the pump service. The next step of development is the new fully automatic pump test bench.

    More service for pumps

    Infracor analyzed the challenges and trends in the market based on customer requirements. The aim was to use innovative solutions to continuously in- crease the availability of the production plants as well

    With a new pump test bench that makes use of the asset management functions of Simatic PCS 7, Infracor optimizes and extends its range of services for pumps at Marl Chemical Park.

  • 6 process news | 3-2008

    A n o v e r v i e w o f t h e t e s t b e n c h

    For all pumps up to a hydraulic performance of 100 m 3 3/h Adjustable in height for pumps of different sizes 3 Different fi ttings to enable the correct mechanical connection 3 of the pump to the hydraulic circuit Simatic PCS 7 Box with Simatic PDM (for parameterization and 3 diagnosis of the process instruments) Demonstration of the versatility of the control technology for 3 training purposes based on three connection variants for the process level:

    uProfi bus uProfi bus PA (connected to Profi bus line with DP/PA link) uEx-safe connections with ET 200iSP (via Profi bus)

    Pump drive with 500V/63A (45 kW) Siemens Loher motor, 3 control with Simovert Micromaster 440 Sitrans P for measuring the input and output pressure before 3 and after the pump Hydraulic fl owmetering at the output of the pump with Sitrans 3 F MAG 6000 and MAG 5100 W measuring sensor Sipart PS 2 positioner for controlling the valves for maintaining 3 the operating points Siwarex load cell weighing technology and Siwarex U measuring 3 transducer module on the water tank

    info contact

    Si em

    en s

    A G

    C o v e r A s s e t M a n a g e m e n t

    Asset management for pumps with PCS 7

    The heart of the process automation in the pump test bench is the asset management via the PumpMon and AssetMon function modules that are integrated into Simatic PCS 7. The PumpMon module enables exist- ing process data that characterize the operating sta- tus of a pump to be prepared in such a way that they provide information about the current status, condi- tion, and hydraulic performance of the pump. With the AssetMon module, the information relevant for asset management can be interpreted and passed on from process data and calculated data.

    This allows additional quality certifi cations to be carried out on fl ow machines, in addition to the pre- vious pump tests in which only the classic mechanical parameters are determined. The PumpMon module can measure and document the hydraulic perfor- mance and therefore the current condition of a pump in detail. “And that is precisely the advantage of the project for our technology. The quality certifi cations on fl ow machines are another component in our range of integrated services,” says Infracor’s managing di- rector, Andreas Bonhoff.

    For example, the new test bench enables the confor- mity testing of new pump types with the manufactur- er’s data before they are installed in a production plant for the fi rst time. In addition, the exact perfor- mance of a pump can be documented after a repair, ensuring that the repair was successful and the pump is performing again as desired.

    Advantages for qualifi cation and training

    The employees also benefi t from the new pump test bench in


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