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Every four years the NFIB Research Foundation studies the top problems and priorities identified by small business owners. This research study might be very useful for small business owners. This infographic fact sheet outlines the effect of recession, unemployment and the increase in prices on small businesses.


<ul><li><p>Fact Sheet 1 | Small Business Problems &amp; PrioritiesAug2012</p><p>The four years between the last edition published in 2008 and the current edition saw a near collapse of the financial system and housing market </p><p>unprecedented government bailouts of the banking and automotive industries, </p><p>and the enactment of massive economic stimulus programs.</p><p>The immense magnitude and duration of the recession significantly altered the small-business landscape along with the problems owners now face in operating </p><p>their businesses. </p><p>The 2012 Issue of Problems and Priorities is published on the heels of the worst U.S. recession since the 1930s.</p><p>Unemployment is still over 8% as small-business hiring remains stagnant and housing foreclosures remain at historically high levels.</p><p>Consumer confidence continues to lag pre-recession levels and businesses are still reluctant to hire or invest even as sales start to improve.</p><p>And with the added pressure of high gas prices, similar to price increases last seen in 2008, the likelihood of rapid economic improvements is remote.</p><p>While the economy is over 2 years into its recovery, progress is painfully slow as economic headwinds and uncertainty remain.</p><p>+8%</p><p>To View Complete Report Go To: More Small Business Information Visit:</p><p>$</p><p>$</p><p>$</p></li></ul>