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Some problems that are faced by the Researcher


<ul><li> 1. Various PROBLEMS Faced By ARESEARCHER</li></ul> <p> 2. Ankit Jain Ankit GoelAnkur Sharma 3. What is a Research Problem? A research problem is an issue orconcern that an investigator presents andjustifies in a research study. A problemthat someone would like to research 4. Problems Faced by RESEARCHER Time and Money :- Time and Money is one of thebiggest problem that a researcher faced during theresearch. We know that Time is Moneyif we loose our time than weare loosing the money. Duringa Research Researchers haveto waste their time for collectingthe information from the varioussources.Research Problems..By-Ankit Jain, Ankit Goel &amp; Ankur Sharma 5. Contd. Lack of Computerization :- There is a problemrelated to Computerization which researchersgenerally face. A researchercant find the data for theresearch because of lack ofcomputerization. Peoplegenerally used to record thedata in the various books. So this is also one of theproblem that is faced byresearcher. Research Problems..By-Ankit Jain, Ankit Goel &amp; Ankur Sharma 6. Contd. Confidence :- Most of the business units in ourcountry do not have theconfidence that the materialsupplied by them toresearchers will not bemisused and as suchthey are often reluctantin supplying the neededinformation to researchers. Research Problems..By-Ankit Jain, Ankit Goel &amp; Ankur Sharma 7. Contd. Library Management :- Library management andfunctioning is not satisfactory at many places and muchof the time and energyof researchers are spentin tracing out the books,journals, reports, etc.,rather than in tracing outrelevant material from them. Research Problems..By-Ankit Jain, Ankit Goel &amp; Ankur Sharma 8. Contd Distance :- There is insufficient interaction betweenthe university researchdepartments on one sideand business establishments,government departments andresearch institutions on theother side. A great deal ofprimary data of non-confidentialnature remain untouched oruntreated by the researchersfor want of proper contacts.Research Problems..By-Ankit Jain, Ankit Goel &amp; Ankur Sharma 9. Other Problems Faced by Researcher 1. The lack of a scientific training in themethodology of research. 2. This causes unnecessary delays in thecompletion of research studies. 3. All possible efforts be made in thisdirection so that efficient secretarialassistance is made available toresearchers and that too well in time. Research Problems..By-Ankit Jain, Ankit Goel &amp; Ankur Sharma 10. Contd.4. There is also the difficulty of timelyavailability of published data fromvarious government and other agenciesdoing this job in our country.5. There is also the problem that many ofour libraries are not able to get copies ofold and new Acts/Rules, reports andother government publications in time. Research Problems..By-Ankit Jain, Ankit Goel &amp; Ankur Sharma</p>