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We all are told to relax, but never told how to do it. Just to complicate matters, when someone says relax, we tense up even more. Here is a very simple exercise to help you calm down and release your muscles. It'll help you get rid of your back pain and all the tension even if you have no pains, at least not yet.


  • 1. Pro-Active SiestaPresented by:
  • 2. 1. Siesta refers to short nap taken in earlyafternoon, often after mid-day meal2. This exercise isnt sleeping in its true sense.It intends doing what sleep is meant to do. Allof us sleep, but very few of us use it torecover. Its meant to unwind, release tensionthroughout the body and refresh the back3. It can be done anytime of the day
  • 3. Part 1Take off your shoes and lie down on a firmsurface, not one that would make you sink inlike a very cushioned mattress.A yoga mat on the ground works well.
  • 4. Lie on your back, with knees bent at a comfortable angle,with your feet flat on the ground.Have your feet shoulder width apart.
  • 5. Hands are placed on your abdomen as shown, with elbowscompletely relaxed.
  • 6. Use a firm pillow or a few books to support your head.Height of pillow or books should be such that you feelcomfortable with the thought of elongating the spine andalso doesnt tense your neck, shoulders or upper back.
  • 7. If possible, have your neck supported as well. If you haveaccess to a pillow and towel, put a rolled up towel in theneck end of the pillow. This is meant to support the curvein the neck area.
  • 8. Focus on elongating and releasing your spine, not so muchstraightening your spine. This is to be done by not forcing,but letting go. No physical pressure is applied. Think of yourskull and tail bone to be going away from each other.
  • 9. Relax your neck, its easier said then done. Think of looseningyour neck and let go off the tension as your skull and tailbone go their separate ways.
  • 10. Remind yourself to let your shoulders relax and let go fromrest of the torso.
  • 11. Let your elbows go in opposite directions to that of theshoulders, in effect lengthening your upper arms.
  • 12. Now think of letting your forearms lengthen as well byelbows going in opposite direction to that of the wrists.Relax your wrists.
  • 13. Now think of letting the front and back of your thighs relax,and also the calves.
  • 14. Imagine moving your knees up towards the sky.But at all times, keep your feet on the ground.
  • 15. Let your feet expand by letting your toes and heel move inopposite directions. Let your feet widen as well.
  • 16. 15. Get up slowly by rolling to your side.16. Start this exercise with 1-2 minutes, but youcan build it up to 20-30 minutes.17. Soon this will become second nature.18. But keep going back to check the basics. Ifyo keep doing it incorrectly, newer faults willkeep creeping in.
  • 17. is a Centre of Excellence forSports-Exercise Medicine&Musculo-Skeletal / 011-46560339