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    make an impression pitch to clients communication skills

    secure mobile devices safeguard food supply know your trade market

    The ABC of entrepreneurship

    - The makings of an entrepreneur- How to develop a business idea

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    News10 UPDATESWe bring you a snapshot of the latest events and happenings in Qatar that will have an impact on SMEs and large enterprises.

    Entrepreneurs24 I THINK, THEREFORE I AMAre entrepreneurs born or bred? Ian White, Director, Qatar Skills Academy discusses what really makes an entrepreneur.

    22 ProductsWe take a look at new products and software launched to make your work life easier. Its not like you need an excuse!

    Shelf Life

    Report14 ECONOMIC INSIGHTWe take a look at some of the monetary indicators in Qatar based on reports provided by QNB.

    26 WHATS ON YOUR MINDEvery successful business or product starts with an idea. Bedaya Center talks about the importance of developing a sound idea and how to go about it.

    Business Setup

    28 RULES OF THE GAMEEmma Higham, Senior Associate, Clyde & Co, gives us an overview of the rules and regulations that foreign investors should be familiar with as they prepare to do business in Qatar.


    Expert Opinon16 SPRING OF HOPEHedi Larbi, Director, International Development Institution gives us his viewpoint on what will be the economic impact of the Arab Spring on the region in 2012.

    Business Guru36 RECRUIT YOUR WAY TO SUCCESSWe talk to Rabea Ataya, CEO,, to know about the Internet-based recruitment companys best practices.

    Spring of Hope


    contentsIssue 1 February 2012

    34 KNOW YOUR DESTINATION Before you get ready to export to a particular market, Tasdeer advises on how to ensure if there is a right fit between your product and the market it is meant for.


    Dr. Ashraf Mahate, international trade and business expert, talks to us about how to deal with food supply shortage, which is becoming a serious concern in the Gulf region.

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    Technology52 PROTECTING YOUR MOBILE DEVICESAndy Cordial, Managing Director, Origin Storage, explains why mobile computing users need to raise their security game if they are to avoid a series of SmartPhone and tablet computer-driven data breaches hitting the headlines.

    48 PLAYING TWO STEPS AHEAD With the advent of digital media, the rules for advertising have completely changed. Therefore, businesses must adapt so that they can continue to provide value and remain relevant, says Abbas Alidina, Founder and Director of


    Sales40 THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLYIn this competitive world, organisations are busy trying to secure deals. But in doing so, some are committing cardinal sales sins, says Jennifer Baxavanis, Managing Partner, BAX Consulting.

    Corporate Lifestyle54 SEAL THE DEALYou have just a few seconds to make that first impression and you get only one shot at it. This month, Guillaume Mariole from Ignite Fitness & Wellness shows that, with a little thought and preparation, you can make some smart choices.

    Management44 THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING FLEXIBLEStephan Melchior, Managing Partner, Wilson Learning Middle East, shares some pointers on the ability to see different perspectives and adapt.

  • As a New Year ushers in, it brings with it hope, optimism and an eagerness for new things to come. From the lone young man in Tunisia to the occupy Wall Street movement, 2011 was a year of turmoil and change. But now with a new year, we look forward to a new beginning and positive tidings of good things to come.

    The Middle East has been through a tumultuous time, and therefore it becomes all the more important to focus on the positives. As the region continues to simmer with some signs of change, it is

    countries like Qatar, with their robust economic growth and long-term strategy of making the country a safe place to work, live and flourish that become our beacon of hope. From winning the Summer Olympics 2020 to 2022 FIFA World Cup, combined with its aggressive investment to make the country the largest producer of gas in the world, the Al Thani family has made sure a strong foundation has been set to achieve their vision. Qatar today stands as the main player in the region, able to influence the GCC and beyond.

    With foreign investment on the rise, the presence of multinationals in all sectors of the economy and a growing student population, we could not find a better time to bring in Private Sector Qatar in English, to ensure that all these developments and success stories do not go unnoticed. With this first issue, we find ourselves in unchartered territory. A platform to educate, inform and make aware not only the existing private sector enterprise but also the flood of investors looking for their next big break. With so much going on, Qatar is definitely the place for entrepreneurs and businesses that are up for exploring opportunities.

    And we want to be there, when you make that journey. We want the magazine to be an inclusive forum and for you to talk to us, share your ideas, guide us. We are in the midst of lining up professionals who will contribute regularly on various issues right from setting up a company to upcoming trends, entrepreneurs who will share their experiences and international experts, who will give their take with a global perspective. And we want the world to know what is happening in Qatar.

    The first issue of the magazine provides insight into an interesting mix of topics, ranging from the impact of the Arab Spring on the region, to how to build a concrete business idea, defining an entrepreneur and an overview of doing business in Qatar. You can find all this and a lot more on our Website and Facebook page. And to interact with us, follow us on our various social media channels.

    As we begin this journey in 2012 to make Private Sector Qatar a must-read platform for every business and to provide support to SMEs, we are motivated to make a difference. We hope you will be a part of this journey and guide and encourage us along the way.


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    Dr. Hessa Al Jaber

    Dr. Jaber is the Secretary General of ictQATAR. Prior to this, she was a member of the Strategic ICT Committee, responsible for shaping Qatar's national ICT strategy. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Engineering) from Kuwait University and Master's Degree and PhD in Computer Science from George Washington

    University, Washington, DC.

    Mr. Abdulaziz N. Al-Khalifa

    Mr. Al-Khalifa is the Executive Director, Strategic Planning and Control at Qatar Development Ba