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PRIVATE EQUITY & VENTURE CAPITAL A practitioner’s guide to state-of-the-art strategies and techniques London Dates: 8-9 December 2016 & 22-23 June 2017 COURSE LEADER: Professor Dr Roger W. Mills Attend this incisive and highly practical two-day course and learn: The core principles and major applications of Private Equity (PE) Valuation techniques that can be applied in PE IPEV guidelines in valuing PE opportunities How PE funds are structured How to originate transactions The essential features of leveraged buyouts and how are they structured The critical importance of due diligence in private equity deals and how to structure/manage the process Tel: +44 (0)20 7017 7190 / Email: [email protected] We can deliver this course in-house: Your company, your location, your needs Contact Jeff Hearn: +44 (0)207 017 7190 [email protected]

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    A practitioners guide to state-of-the-artstrategies and techniques

    London Dates: 8-9 December 2016 & 22-23 June 2017

    COURSE LEADER: Professor Dr Roger W. Mills

    Attend this incisive and highly practical two-day courseand learn: The core principles and major applications of Private Equity (PE) Valuation techniques that can be applied in PE IPEV guidelines in valuing PE opportunities How PE funds are structured How to originate transactions The essential features of leveraged buyouts and how are they

    structured The critical importance of due diligence in private equity deals

    and how to structure/manage the process

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    We can deliver this course in-house:Your company, your location, your needs

    Contact Jeff Hearn: +44 (0)207 017 [email protected]


    Course Leader: Professor Dr Roger W. Mills Professor Dr Roger W. MillsPhD, MSc, BTech (Hons), Cert Ed, MColl, FCMA, FCIS, FCT

    Roger Mills is Emeritus Professor of Finance and Accounting at Henley Business School, University of Readingand he has a unique blend of academic and business experience. He has a PhD in Finance, a Masters in Management Studies (MBA) and a first degree in Psychology, Sociologyand Economics. During the professional part of his career he qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant,Company Secretary and Corporate Treasurer. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of ManagementAccountants, the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and the Association of CorporateTreasurers. Currently, he is the CEO of his own group of companies and an advisor to a number of

    organisations at board level, including a Middle East bank. He has consulted to numerous companies and organisations in manycountries around the World. He has worked extensively with banks and financial institutions, primarily in France, UK and Scandinavia,in corporate and investment banking (including private equity). As a private equity investor Roger was a founding member of a group that secured a successful AIM listing on the London StockExchange for a dotcom company in the late 1990s. This listed company went on to acquire a number of businesses to refocus itsactivities before being acquired by a private equity player.Roger has written numerous articles and both authored and co-authored many books, the most recent co-written with Dr Peter Clark,Masterminding the Deal (August 2013).

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    Take advantage of the opportunities lost by othersIt is fair to say that we have never seen such a period of rapid and dramatic change in the fortunes of private equity. After the credit crunch,buyout activity stalled and falling markets caused many to question the underlying valuations propping up fund returns. At the same time,greatly lengthening holding periods and many disappointing returns cast a shadow over the future of venture capital.

    Industry commentators have spoken of a massive shake-up in the industry, with anything up to 40% of firms going out of business. Will thesepredictions come true? Some say yes, others think that the industry may indeed undergo some dramatic changes, but will continue to operateas a major driver of potential out-performance in the portfolios of institutional investors. Training is vital in these uncertain times. This coursecan play a crucial role in making sure your company doesnt become a mere statistic, enabling you to take advantage of the opportunities lostby others.

    The need for a more disciplined approach in the future can only be met by a thorough understanding of all the theoretical and practical issuessurrounding private equity investment. Whether you are a fund investor, a GP, a lawyer, an accountant, a consultant or a fund administrator,this course represents the essential knowledge to arm you properly to succeed in the new environment.

    This course has been carefully designed drawing from private equity expert Roger Mills experience. Featuring many practical examples, thistwo-day workshop consistently is the private equity course of choice for many organisations globally.


    Track Record we have over 20 years experience of providing training to the banking, finance and energy sectors Relevance training courses are designed for small delegate groups which ensures you maximise the time and contact with your course director Innovation our courses are continually reviewed so you can be sure they are focusing on the most current issues Knowledge all of our trainers are highly experienced and are world leading subject matter experts in the field they teach so you can be confident you are

    learning from the very best Small class sizes to aid knowledge acquisition and increase your personal interaction with the trainer Value our philosophy has always been to provide a practical training experience with skills that can be used to gain a tangible return on your investment Accreditation we are accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC)

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  • Your comprehensive course agenda

    Private Equity The Context and ValueCreation Introduction History What is private equity? The pros and cons of being private Credit crisis: impact and consequences on private equity Private equity investment strategies How are PE funds structured? Transaction origination

    Venture Capital The venture capital industry and other sources of fundsfor financing new ventures (including angel investors,banks and other institutions)

    Venture fundraising and characteristics of venture capitalfirms:

    limited partnerships corporate venture capital Characteristics of entrepreneurial ventures at differentstages of development:

    seed start-up expansion mezzanine buyout turnaround privately owned firms newly listed firms The structure of financial contracts: staging, syndication Forms of finance: ~ debt ~ convertible debt ~ preferred equity ~ convertible preferred equity ~ common equity ~ warrants and combinations of these instruments board representation restrictive covenants and confidentiality agreements legal and institutional barriers to efficient venture

    capital financial contracting Exiting investments Venture capital and private equity investments in aninternational context

    Private Equity Valuation and Buy-OutStructures The private equity approach to valuation: comparison of public equity and private equity

    valuation importance of the exit driven perspective relation between active private equity management

    and valuation guidelines on private equity valuations - International

    Private Equity and Venture Capital Valuation (IPEV)guidelines

    Value creation in private equity and how do private equityfirms create value?

    minimise purchase price maximise leverage minimise liabilities purchased manage transaction costs improve business operations maximise tax efficiency optimise exit Leveraged buyouts (LBOs): what is an LBO? typical LBO structure sources of financing review of types of buyouts: ~ management buyouts ~ management buy-ins ~ leveraged buyouts evaluating a buyout candidate financing a buyout candidate key practical issues

    Evaluating a buyout

    Sources of funds: equity debt: ~ bank debt: >revolving credit facilities >term loans >bridge financing ~ high yield bond debt mezzanine financing instruments The valuation impact of different investment structures Review

    Private Equity & Venture Capital

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    8-9 December 2016 (FLF3823)

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    22-23 June 2017 (FLF3966)