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DIRECT PRIVATE OFFERS “Connecting Investors to the World’s fastest growing ventures and best investments.”

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    Connecting Investors to the Worlds fastest growing ventures and best investments.

  • Direct Private Offering

  • Canadian Crowd Funding

  • Direct Public Offering

    A Direct Public Offer circumvents the Investment Banker and puts more cash in the Companys hands because they dont have to pay commissions.

    The successful Direct Private Offerings have sold their stock to large affinity groups that are organic. Moreover, many companies found that they just were not very good at selling stock.

  • Canadian Offering Memorandum

  • Direct Private Offers

  • Marketing Tools

    Website Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing List Building Massive Emails Direct Mail Press Releases Direct Phone Calls US Direct Phone Calls Canada

    Inter-active Voice Response SMS and SMTP Texting Automated Voice Survey Squeeze Pages Pamphlets, Flyers & Tear Sheets Broker Dealers International Broker Dealers United States Exempt Market Dealers Canada

  • Direct Marketing Consulting

    We run a fully automated marketing campaign; and by studying the visitor metrics, we work hand in hand with you to tailor it to your needs.

    We will identify the strengths and weaknesses in your investor communications as well as stock performance.

    Then, we assess the obtain-ability of your goals and the time frame needed to accomplish them.

  • Private Equity

    An asset class consisting of securities invested in operating companies with a view to generating value.

    When money is invested but not publicly traded, it is called private equity.



  • Summary of Advantages of Reg S

    Reg S is not integrated with your Reg D offering.

    Because Reg S is not integrated, you can raise more money than with a 504 offering.

    Reg S may be advertised overseas if permitted in the local jurisdiction.

    Reg S has no restrictions on the advertising, you can use more than a tombstone advertisement if permitted.

    The securities sold are restricted securities and may be sold into the United States using Rule 144.

  • Crowd Funding

    Crowd funding is the process of raising money to fund what is typically a project or business venture through many donors using an online platform.

    Crowd funding is a way of financing your business through donations of money from the public.

  • Comprehensive Innovative Solutions

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