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  • 1. Prism for Windows Runtime 2013/7/6 (15:25-16:05) @okazuki

2. Microsoft MVP for ClientAppDev 2011/07-2014/06 Java EE6Windows 8 Twitter: @okazuki Blog@hatena Windows 8 Windows 110 3. TwitterBlog 15 TwitterFacebook 9 4. 5. Windows Prism for Windows Runtime 6. Prism for Windows Runtime Prism for WinRT 7. Prism patterns & practices XAML platform Prism 4.1 WPF 4.0, Silverlight 5 and Windows Phone 7.1 Region , DI, etc MVVM Prism for WinRT Windows Prism MVVMWindows Runtime 8. Prism for WinRT MVVM (View)ViewModel ViewModel ICommandDelegateCommand DelegateCommand Windows Runtime EventAggregator) 9. MVVM VisualStateAwarePageView) Prism for WinRTLayoutAwarePage ViewModelViewModel) NavigationServiceViewModel BindableBaseModel INotifyPropertyChanged ValidatableBindableBaseModel ViewModelLocatorViewViewModel ViewViewModelDataContext 10. WinRT VisualStateAwarePage + NavigationService ViewModel 11. Prism for WinRT MvvmAppBase INavigationService ISessionStateService IFlyoutService OnLaunchApplication 12. Prism for WinRT MVVM + Windows + = Prism for WinRT MVVM ViewModel, DelegateCommand, ViewModelLocator EventAggregator 13. Prism for WinRT 14. AppMvvmAppBase PageVisualStateAwarePage etc... Prism for WinRT Hello world 15. Prism for Windows Runtime Templates 9de-2b5e-45bb-bc65-5c6499b92b34 PrismOK 16. PrismApp Prism PrismApp using Unity ModelViewModelUnity() 17. (1/2) Flyout View (Prism), Flyout View Model (Prism) ViewViewModel Model (Prism) Page View (Prism), View Model (Prism) ViewModelViewModel 18. (2/2) PubSubEvent (Prism) EventAggregator/ Search Contract (Prism) MvvmAppBaseOnSearchApplication UserControl View (Prism) 19. App.xaml MvvmAppBase : OnLaunchApplication MainPage.xaml VisualStateAwarePage MainPageViewModel.cs ViewModel NavigationService ViewModelLocator 20. MvvmAppBaseNavigationService MvvmAppBaseOnLaunchApplication Main ViewsMainPage 21. ViewViewModel ViewModelLocator.IsAutoWiredViewModel=True MainPage ViewModelsMainPageViewModel DataContext 22. MvvmAppBaseType GetPageType(string pageToken) ViewModel ViewModelLocatorSetDefaultViewTypeToViewModelResolver( Func viewTypeToViewModelTypeResolver) ViewModel ViewModelLocator.Register( typeof(MainPage).ToString(), () => new MainViewModel(NavigationService)); 23. Views ViewModelsViewModel Models 24. MvvmAppBaseOnLaunchApplication MvvmAppBaseNavigationService Main -> Views.MainPage MainPage -> ViewModels.MainPageViewModel 25. How to ... 26. MvvmAppBaseNavigationService ViewModel ViewModel HubPage 27. ViewModelOnNavigateFrom/To 28. ViewModelRestoreableStateAttribute 29. SaveState LoadState ViewModelNavigateTo, NavigateFrom Prism for WinRTGridView 30. ValidatableBindableBaseModel System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations Prism for WinRTValidatableBindableBase 31. FlyoutView FlyoutViewModel ViewModel MvvmAppBaseFlyoutService ShowFlyout(string flyoutId) Prism for WinRT 32. ViewModel(1/2) ViewViewModel ViewModelLocator.Register(View, () => ViewModel); UnityContainerDI Prism app using Unity 33. ViewModel(2/2) App View/ViewModelApp 34. 35. Prism for Windows Runtime MVVM + WinRT + ViewModel, VisualStateAwarePage, DelegateCommand, Flyout, etc... / Prism for Windows Runtime Templates 45bb-bc65-5c6499b92b34 Enterprise 36. EventAggregator SearchPane 37. Windows 8.1 Preview API Blog 38. patterns & practices: Prism for the Windows Runtime Developing a Windows Store business app using C#, XAML, and Prism for the Windows Runtime us/library/windows/apps/xx130643.aspx


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