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  • 1. Christina Venema

2. Art that is created bytransfer of and imageonto a new surface. 3. It all started withwoodcuts. Europeans made printsas early as the 5thcentury. Earliest dated printfrom 1446 was found inGermany. 4. Wood-cut Using knives to cut away areas that you dont want ink. Linoleum- cutAreas that you want color are leftare left and others are cut away. 5. scratching metal(copper)with an image to be inkedand printed. Styles Dry point Engraving Etching Aquatint Mezzotint 6. Drawn on stone with aoil based material thatresists water and sticksto ink. 7. Blocking out areas of a screen so that ink will only pass through the screen onto paper through open spaces. 8. Self portrait, Linoleum cutPrintmaking artist inspiredMake 10 sketchesPull 4 editionsCritique 9. Cut linoleum Cut awayTransfer sketchblock to size andlinoleum into linoleum.square corners.negative space. Roll ink ontolinoleum square Roll out ink Mix & prep ink Center paper Press paper onto Peel and Dry! over linoleumlinoleum 10. Make Corners Square 11. Trace or Draw sketch onto linoleum 12. Cut away areas that do not have line to create the negative space. 13. Mix colors & make more workable 14. Roll ink into uniform layer to cover brayer. 15. Roll ink with brayer onto linoleum.Repeat a few times to get good coverage. 16. Place linoleum in the center of paper with ink down gently. 17. Using uniform pressure role a pin over linoleum 18. Flip paper and linoleum over.Slowly peel back paper Place in flat drying area. 19. Finished self portrait Andy Warhol Inspired. 20. All images un-cited are photos taken by Christina Venema.