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<p>Effective teaching method as a preparation to produce the virtuous citizen based on the LEADERSHIP model and its challenges. </p> <p>Effective Teaching Method to Produce Virtuous Citizens Following the LEADERSHIP Model and its ChallengesINTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY MALAYSIAPresenter: Siti Naquiah Binti Mohd HanapiStudent ID: G1224090Course: EDC5392, Principles of TeachingInstructor: Dr Mohamad Johdi Salleh</p> <p>The Characteristics of Pre-Islamic Arabia</p> <p>2</p> <p>The Objectives of Education in Islam</p> <p>Teacher as a Transformational Leader in IslamMen as khalifatullah: the vicegerents of Allah who hold the authority to govern the universe. They must possess the characteristics of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad SAW like truthful, honest, sincere, generous, brave, and willing to sacrifice their lives for Allahs cause (jihad fisabilillah) in all aspects of their lives.A teacher must focus on the development of ones intellect, physical, emotion, spirit, soul, social, and environment.Based on the characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, a teacher must have the integrity and credibility to preach and influence students: siddiq (true), tabligh (deliver), amanah (trust), fatanah (intelligent).</p> <p>The Characteristics of an Effective Teacher</p> <p>The Concept of Murabbi in Teaching</p> <p>LEADERSHIP Model</p> <p>The Challenges in Implementing the LEADERSHIP ModelA good teacher or murabbi must be:Adaptable to allow continuous changes happening in the worldFlexible to accept new ideas and adjust teaching method accordingly to make it relevant in the classroom and well connected with real world challengesAble to integrate all areas of theoretical or mechanistic knowledge with Islamic principles or the concept of divinity as revealed by the QuranTake lessons from history in the past especially during the Islamic Golden Age in order for the ummah to rise and shine backEducation should always be issues oriented, where it aim at solving issues and problems happening around us</p> <p>Video PresentationExample of an initiative taken by a group of educational institution in making the world of education more mobile, portable, and easily accessible to all participating groups as a response to continuous changes happening across the globe everyday in our lives.</p> <p></p> <p>ConclusionTeachers must be a murabbi and a transformational leader to produce great quality of khalifatullah or virtuous citizens.</p> <p>Teachers must use effective methods to achieve objectives of education in Islam.</p> <p>Prophet Muhammad SAW possesses the characteristics of a highly effective teacher throughout the history of mankind.</p> <p>LEADERSHIP Model may serve as a good guideline to solve the issues in Islamic movements solidarity especially education. However it does contain significant challenges.</p>