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Princess Pingyang. By: Hillary Lee and Sha’Cole Watkins. She is also known as Princess Zhao of Pingyang. Her father was the Emperor Gaozu of Tang (Li Yuan Duke of Tang). Her father was the emperor who founded the Tang Dynasty. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Princess PingyangBy: Hillary Lee and ShaCole Watkins

  • Background InformationShe is also known as Princess Zhao of Pingyang. Her father was the Emperor Gaozu of Tang (Li Yuan Duke of Tang). Her father was the emperor who founded the Tang Dynasty.

    Princess Pingyang was the 3rd of her fathers nineteen daughters. At a young age she was given away in marriage to Chai Shao (The son of Chai Shen Duke of Julu).

  • Background Information (continued)When Li Yuan rebelled against the Emperor Yang of Sui the Princess sent her husband with her brother while she went to her family's estate in Huxian province.When she arrived there she then gained loyal followers of several hundred men and persuaded the rebel leaders to join her as well.

  • Background Information (continued)As she lead the joined forces she attacked as well as captured the capital of Huxian county. The Sui government did not take her army seriously because it was lead by a woman but that all changed when she got up to a total of 70,000 men. When they finally took her seriously she defeated them and marched with 10,000 of the best troops.

  • Important FactsIn late 617 Li Yuan crossed the Yellow river into the Changan region and sent Princess Pingyangs husband to stay with her.They then helped command one wing of Li Yuans army. The Princess and her husband set up separate headquarters as commanding generals.Her army was known as Army of the Lady.

  • Important Facts (continued)In 618 Li Yuan made Emperor Yangs grandson Emperor Gong of Sui yield the throne to him. Making himself Emperor Gaozu and founded the Tang Dynasty.

  • Why we remember her mostPrincess Pingyang was made marshal by her father authorizing a staff to serve at her every command.Li Yuan honored Pingyang over all his other eighteen daughters with out a doubt.

  • Her DeathBefore her death Princess Pingyang was involved in another battle after her father captured Changan. She died shortly after her father assumed the throne at the age of twenty three.

  • After her DeathIn 623 Emperor Gaozu ordered that grand military funeral fit for a high-ranking general was to be given to her. During the Peak of the Tang Dynasty women where granted freedoms they had never had before.In the middle of the Tang Dynasty there were ninety-eight royal princesses.

  • After Death (continued)Sixty-one of these princesses married and twenty four married twice or even four times.Also seven of Emperor Gaozus daughters married men from other nationalities which was no normal for the time. Tang women were also allowed to get an education.Princess Pingyangs strength give more women the chance to have more freedom as well.

  • Our final thoughts???Princess Pingyang was hard to find information on and there were limited sources that we were able to use.With the small portions of information we had we found her to be a very strong and outstanding woman for her time period.As we all know women have not always had the rights we have now and for her to be such a leader for this time is amazing.

  • Our final thoughts (Continued)Princess Pingyang made a slight difference after death when more women were able to get an education and do thing men had doing for years.Overall we found her to be a great person to do our project on and we wish there was way more information on her, as well as pictures.

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