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<p>PRICE LIST</p> <p>GUNUNG TEDANG JOHOR NATIONAL PARK</p> <p>Officecontact :06-9631030/019-7772057</p> <p>No Facebook BlogFax</p> <p>06-9631031 : gunung ledang:</p> <p>AddressEmail</p> <p>Address</p> <p>TAMAN HUTAN LAGENDA p.O Box 7l,Batu 26, Jln Segamat, 84020 Sagil, Ledang Johor. ;;</p> <p>:</p> <p>http://tamanhutanlagenda.blosspot.comRATES</p> <p>NO</p> <p>PARTICULARS</p> <p>MATAYSIAN ADULT STUDENT</p> <p>NON.MATAYSIAN ADUTT RM 20STUDENT</p> <p>f(5</p> <p>*1 *2 *3 45</p> <p>Conservation Permlt (per head) Hiking Permit (per head) lnsurancePark Certiflcate (per head)</p> <p>RM5</p> <p>RM3RM5</p> <p>RM 10 RM 10</p> <p>RM10 /</p> <p>RM2 /</p> <p>RM 15</p> <p>RM 10 RM 15RM 20 RM 270.00 per unit</p> <p>RM1 RM5RM 10 RM 10 per night</p> <p>RM2RM 10 RM 15RM 30</p> <p>RM1 RM5RM 10 RM 20</p> <p>Cllmbers Certificate (per head)</p> <p>57</p> <p>Domitory (earycity 700 pox; per nightJDeluxe Chalet (1 unit)</p> <p>89</p> <p>Standard Chalet (8 units) Hut (24 units)</p> <p>/ RM 220,00 per unit / per nlght RM 60.00 per unit / per nightRM5 zRM 40.00 per unit</p> <p>10 11 12 13</p> <p>Gmpsite (per nlght &amp; per head)Filming Permit4 person Tent</p> <p>RM3</p> <p>RM 10</p> <p>RM 10</p> <p>RM 1000 per day RM 2fl).fi) per</p> <p>Alr-conditloned Hall (capoclty 80 persons)Open Hall (cupaclty 750 persons)Gas Stove</p> <p>day/ /</p> <p>+</p> <p>Lcd &amp; p.A System of gas)Kolam Gajah (Cp4) Twins Fall</p> <p>7415 16</p> <p>RM 1{X},00 per dayRM 40.00 per unit</p> <p>per day (lnclusive per day</p> <p>Portable Gas Stove + 2 Gas Canister Guide (1 Guide : 10 Climbers)- Must Take Local Guide- Compulsory</p> <p>RM 30.00 per unit</p> <p>RM 1@.00 : per guide RM 120.00:</p> <p>I/</p> <p>day day</p> <p>trip to</p> <p>per guide</p> <p>*t7</p> <p>Any request for other trails will be subjectEvery guide payment</p> <p>to</p> <p>RM 220.00 : per guide</p> <p>trip to / day trip to</p> <p>puncak Mahligai (Cp8)</p> <p>that has been made will not</p> <p>RM 250.00:2D1N at Kolam Gajah</p> <p>+ puncak Mahligai ,/</p> <p>be refundabk: eventhough the climbers did not reach the sunlmit.High rope Activity</p> <p>+ RM 70.00: for any extra day camping at Kolam Gajah+ RM 30.00 : SunsetRM 20,00,per person:</p> <p>/</p> <p>Sunrise (Overnight at Kolam Gaiah (Cp4DContact for informatlon: Col. Daud - 017-6099340:1OO</p> <p>Stuiier*</p> <p>18</p> <p>(Flyingfox &amp; l\bseiling)</p> <p>-</p> <p>RM 25.00 per person: Adult</p> <p>must be booked 1 week in advance</p> <p>NightJungle Trekkirrg 19</p> <p>Walk</p> <p>Minimum :50 persons I Maximum: RM 8.00</p> <p>pe-ons</p> <p>(perimeter: around Taman i{utan tagenda)</p> <p>:+</p> <p>Nature lnterpretation : RM 10.00 tight Trap Actlvity : RM 5.00 Nature RM</p> <p>Educational Program</p> <p>Explorace-</p> <p>:</p> <p>RM</p> <p>1.5.(X) I</p> <p>Minimum :30 personsPaintball: 20+ inclusive of face mask, + learning</p> <p>70.00100.00</p> <p>Maximum : 100 personsContact for information:</p> <p>tso palletsMoi Adv, - 019-6162268 |0IT-2607557</p> <p>marker, and marshall</p> <p>RM RM</p> <p>workshop + mlnimum participants: 10 personsCanopy (RentaU - without table Stage (Rental)</p> <p>-2S0 pallets</p> <p>150,00</p> <p>-500 paltets</p> <p>2t22</p> <p>/</p> <p>chair</p> <p>RM 50.00 Der dav oer unlt RM 50.00 (16ft x RM 15,00 RM 30.00</p> <p>29</p> <p>Transportation charges _Taman Hutan lagenda (THLI - private vehicle (one way tripl (4WD/Car : 3 persons only)</p> <p>16ft) - must b bookedl *l;;t-in;.-* - trom Gunung Ledang Resort to THL (Carl4wOi-rromtHL Io )egamat</p> <p>-from THt to Tangkak (Carl{carl</p> <p>(Van*24 25</p> <p>nrvr ruu.uu</p> <p>:Tpersonsonly)</p> <p>RM 200.00-TH</p> <p>Rubbish Deposit far c!imbers - refundable after tagging out and if there is</p> <p>RM 50.fl) per person; if group below 10 pax</p> <p>no item(s) missing Locker / t 60 years old &amp; OKU = student price RM 3/ RM 5 (*) Compulsory payment for hiking activities. (**) Refundable if there is no missing key/facilities/chalets is in good condition when checking out. Researchers subiect to changes imposed by Johor,s park corporation.</p> <p>children</p> <p>':r: @4 ' r^*) "*LP</p>