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Lublin province

Lublin province

KurwHello, My name is Magda Sekita. I attend Ignacy Potocki High School in Kurw, Poland . I would like to present the place where I live, learn and relax.

In Kurw there is a church , a department of a commune and a culture centre. The inhabitants of Kurw have many opportunities to relax and spend their free time in The Culture Centre. There is a library and a cinema. Many local festivities and meetings are organized there. Students from my school participate in some of them presenting our programmes.


Puawy is the nearest town where some main offices and important industrial and cultural centres are located. There are many places you should visit. The Czartoryski Park Complex is a picturesque area with old buildings in beautiful surroundings. Puawy has also important research laboratories such as The Veterinary Institute.

Fully developed townPuawy , a town by the Vistula River, is full of shops, hotels, factories,blocks of flats and houses. You can spend your spare time going to cinemas, cafes, gyms or other sports and cultural centres.

LublinThis is the capital of our province. Its rather a quiet place to live. There is a few famous universities , theatres, cinemas, a historical castle and a well-known old part of Lublin called Starwka with lovely old buildings.

NaczwA place where you can relax, charge your batteries and first of all have some medical or recovery treatments, because Naczw is famous for its health resorts and spas.

This is a place where people come to calm down, meet friends and first of all to be close with nature, sitting by the pond in the beautiful park and looking at ducks and swans. Kazimierz Dolny A beautiful old town nearby Puawy and Naczw. Its a place with charm and special atmosphere. Many festivals are organized there, for instance the Film Festival or the Festival of Folk Music. Kazimierz is famous for its old square in the centre of this town, surrounded by old tenement houses. My family and me in Kazimierz

Religious places in Kazimierz

Easter Monday

In Poland we have some traditions connected with Easter celebrations. It is called Lany Poniedziaek because it is on the second day of Easter, Monday and its a pagan tradition of pouring young girls by young boys with water, especially in villages. Nowadays this tradition is a little bit changed and in villages and in towns as well, people in all ages go to their families and friends and pour water or perfums on each other. This is our Polish tradition!Winter holidays We dont have mountains in our region, but there are some hills where we can go skiing , for example in Rblw-a nice place to spend time in winter.

Handmade ornaments in our area

Such ornaments make our homes prettier and more friendlyIt is very common in my region to make some decorations and ornaments with elements of plants,especially in the country. Here I present some of them made by my neighbour.

Summer holidaysIn the east of our region we have a beautiful place where you can relax with family or friends visiting the complex of beautiful lakes Krasne and Biaka.

KoskowolaThis is a place nearby Kurw. The Festival of Roses is held every year. Local gardeners come here with a variety of species of flowers .

RosesMy neighborhood To sum up, it was my intention to present the place where I live and encourage others to visit the region in the south east of Poland.