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    Prezechowka Gemeinde Households in the Vicinity of Schwetz, 1715 and 1719

    Compiled by John D. Richert (

    August 2019

    For those who are conducting genealogical research of the Groningen Old Flemish Mennonites in the vicinity of Schewtz, Prussia, the Hendrik Berents Hulshoff (H. B. Hulshoff or

    Hulshoff) diary written in 1719 is an invaluable resource. The Hulshoff diary was translated by Glenn H. Penner and can be found here: Glenn Penner has also compiled a spreadsheet which analyzes the Alle Derks Membership List which was created about

    1715 and was annotated by Hulshoff during his trip to the environs of Schwetz in 1719, see: Penner’s

    analysis compares the Derks list with the Przechowka Church Records (PCR) and places GRanDMA Numbers next to each name for whom identification was possible. In a few

    instances Penner’s assignment of GM numbers differs from ours, but in most cases we are in agreement.

    H. B. Hulshoff also created his own list which contains considerably more names than the Derks list, in large part due to the fact he baptized 31 people on Sunday, 16 July 1719

    [New Calendar]. It has been suggested that the Hulshoff list was perhaps created in 1733 when Hulshoff returned on a second trip. A careful review of the Hulshoff list confirms it

    must have been compiled in 1719 and not 1733. An example in support of this conclusion involves Peter Wedel (P-207) and Maricke Richerts (P-743). Neither Peter nor Maricke

    appear on the 1715 Derks list because they were too young to yet have been baptized. They both appear on the 1719 Hulshoff list and in each case they were living in their father’s

    home. The PCR shows they married on 3 May 1720, less than a year after Hulshoff’s visit to Przechowka. The 1719 list was checked in 1733 and marked to indicate which of the

    named individuals had died by then. The number of individuals named in the two lists totals 177.

    With H. B. Hulshoff’s list firmly dated to 1719 we can analyze it in greater detail; it is presented below. A few comments are appropriate here: (1) Each family spans just two

    generations (there is only one example of perhaps three) with the oldest born about 1660 and the youngest born about 1704. (2) The names listed were only those who were Old

    Flemish Mennonites while any Lutherans who were living among them or even married to members were excluded. (3) The PCR which was composed 65 years later does not

    contain full detail on most of these individuals, thus the 1719 list provides considerable additional detail which is otherwise unavailable. (4) The list is particularly useful because it

    gives the maiden name of all married women (including some widows) and provides the names of many women and men who are not mentioned in the PCR. (5) The names were

    grouped by housing unit which provides strong clues about family relationships.

    The villages visited by H. B. Hulshoff included Przechowka, Konopat, Posterwolt, Schoensee, Jamerau and Horst. It appears likely that Posterwolt actually was Dorposch since

    nearly all of the names recorded for Posterwolt are listed in the PCR as having resided in Dorposch.

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    In the list we have listed residences by house number for each village. The house numbers are simply our contrivance using the sequence listed in H. B. Hulshoff’s diary and have

    no other significance. The individual’s names are spelled in a manner consistent with their names as entered (or might have been entered) in the PCR. P# entries coincide with their

    entries in the PCR. GM # entries are consistent with the GRanDMA Online database as of this date. For P# or GM# entries which seemed less than certain we added a question

    mark following the number.

    Additional comments outside the print margins and on the “Lineages” worksheet were used in this research for linking family connections and might not be supported with distinct

    sources in every case. The column labeled “Status in 1733” is only useful in identifying those who died between July 1719 and January 1733. The place of residence for those who

    were living in 1733 is uncertain and shown with a question mark. The Name Index contains 177 entries that were on the 1715 list, the 1719, list or mentioned in H. B. Hulshoff’s


    Printing Note: This document is formatted for 8½ x 14 inch paper.

    House Surname Maiden Name Given


    P # GM # 1715 1719 Status in


    Comment Father


    Additional Comments


    1 Wedel Simon 203? 106647? Przech Przech Przech? Ziemer? 195? Was he Ziemer Wedel?

    Richerts Maricke ? ? Przech Przech Przech? 738? Who was she? Can't be 743; is she

    possibly an undocumented daughter of


    2 Wedel Andres 198 43077 Przech Przech Przech? 194 Married in1718 according to

    GRanDMA? Must have been before abt


    Richerts Trincke 741 43078 Przech Przech Przech? 737 (abt 1695- ) Her 1st marriage of 2.

    Frey Hermann 7 35794 Przech had died - Progenitor - (abt 1660?-abt 1717) Progenitor. His

    1st son, 460, was named Harm.

    Wedels Sarcke ? 35795 Przech Przech Przech? Note 3 ? No marriage record

    3 Wedel Ohm



    206? 106649? Note 1 Przech Przech? 196? 206 seems problematic and maybe is

    too young to be a widower. Was there

    an undocumented Jacob in his father's


    Koppers Ancke,


    - ? Note 1 Przech had died -

    Unrau Heinrich, 941 106812 Przech had died - 939 (-1719) He died 19 Apr 1719.


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    House Surname Maiden Name Given


    P # GM # 1715 1719 Status in


    Comment Father


    Additional Comments


    4 Wedel Benjamin 196 78067 Przech Przech had died 193 Hosted H.B. Hulshoff in 1719. Was he

    definitely an Aeltester?

    Ratzlaffen Sarcke -




    Przech Przech Przech? Note 3

    2nd wife?

    23 (1695- ) Her marriage is not noted in

    Przechowka church book or


    Wedels Trincke ? ? Note 1 Przech had died 196? Was she an undocumented dau of 196?

    Wedel Peter 207 47671 Note 1 Przech Przech? 196 (1699-1757) He married 743 in 1720.

    Schellenberg Aaltien's


    - - Przech Przech had died -

    Ratzlaff Andreas'


    - - Przech - Note 7 - Who was Andreas Ratzlaff?

    Ratzlaff Adam 30 36111 Note 1 Przech Przech? Note 8 23 (1700-1758) He married 837, Efcke

    Schmiten before 1725.

    5 Unrau Abraham 947 87005 Przech Przech Przech? 940? Was ordained as a minister in 1719 by

    H.B. Hulshoff. The PCR does not give

    his 1st name.

    Isaacs Elscke ? 480932 Przech Przech had died Note 3 542 Probably one of the 4 unnamed

    daughters of 542.

    Richert Abraham 740 48244 Przech had died - 737 Married abt 1713.

    Beckers Elscke 296 32054 Przech Przech had died Note 4 2 (1693-1728) She was widowed then

    married Hans Ratzlaff, 35, all between


    Voht Hans,


    1045? 95023? Przech - Note 7 * ? Had he died, moved or what by 1719?

    Ratzlaff Berent 32 33029 Note 1 Przech Przech? 24 (abt 1690-1753) Married abt 1710,

    lived in Beckersitz.

    Funcken Liscke 481 33032 Note 1 Przech Przech? 475 (abt 1690- ) Her 1st of 2 marriages.

    Jantzen Elske 513


    39693 Note 1 Przech Przech? 512

    6 Richert Gross


    737 48242 Przech Przech had died 15 (abt 1672- ) He and his wife were in

    House 5 in 1715.

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    House Surname Maiden Name Given


    P # GM # 1715 1719 Status in


    Comment Father


    Additional Comments

    Jantzen Trincke 5XII 48243


    Przech Przech had died Note 3 512 Her marriage is not noted in

    Przechowka church book or


    Richert Dirk - - Note 1 Przech had died Son of


    737? Probably an otherwise undocumented

    son of 737.

    Richerts Maricke 743 47672 Note 1 Przech Przech? Dau of 737 737 (1703-1780) She married 207 in 1720

    Wedels Liske 214? 106651? Note 1 Przech Przech? 198? Never married? Lived in Beckersitz.

    Perhaps she was sister of 198, not


    7 Buller Jeorgen 339 32675 Note 2 had died - Progenitor 3 Progenitor. His given name is not listed

    in the PCR.

    Thomsen Dina 930B 32678 Note 2 Note 2 Note 2? 930

    Voht Heinrich MXLV? 106854? Przech had died - Note 5 * ? An early Voht whose name was not

    recorded in the PCR.

    Swegelers Maricke - - Przech Note 2 Note 2? Note 5 -

    8 Ratzlaff Hans 35 32907 Przech Przech Przech? Note 4 25 (1687- ) He was listed as a widower in




    Elske 296? - - - had died Note 4 2? It's lik