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Preterite -ER / -IR Verbs. Page 95 Avancemos 2. Preterite Verbs. Preterite means past tense Preterite verbs deal with completed past action. -AR Preterite Endings. Do you remember your -AR preterite endings? They are:. aste . amos asteis aron. -AR Preterite Endings. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Preterite -ER / -IR VerbsPage 95Avancemos 2Preterite VerbsPreterite means past tensePreterite verbs deal with completed past action-AR Preterite EndingsDo you remember your -AR preterite endings?They are:-AR Preterite Endingsasteamosasteisaron-AR Preterite EndingsLets do a regular-AR verb.TIRAR--to throwYotir</p> <p>TtirastelElla tirUd.</p> <p>Nos.tiramos</p> <p>Vos. tirasteisEllos EllastiraronUds.HABLAR--to talkYohabl</p> <p>T hablastelEllahablUd.Nos. hablamos</p> <p>Vos. hablasteisEllos Ellas hablaronUds.7-ER / -IR EndingsNow lets look at -ER / -IR verb endings.-ER/-IR Preterite Endingsisteiimosisteisieron-ER/-IR Preterite EndingsLets do a regular-ER/-IR verb.APRENDER--to learnYo aprend</p> <p>T aprendistelElla aprendiUd.Nos. aprendimos</p> <p>Vos. aprendisteisEllos Ellas aprendieronUds.BEBER--to drinkYo beb</p> <p>T bebistelElla bebiUd.Nos. bebimos</p> <p>Vos. bebisteisEllos Ellas bebieronUds.SACUDIR--to dustYo sacud</p> <p>T sacudistelElla sacudiUd.Nos. sacudimos</p> <p>Vos. sacudisteisEllos Ellas sacudieronUds.ESCRIBIR--to writeYo escrib</p> <p>T escribistelElla escribiUd.Nos. escribimos</p> <p>Vos. escribisteisEllos Ellas escribieronUds.Preterite of VERUnlike -AR verbs, forms of VER have no accents. This is an irregular verb and its forms must be memorized.TO SEE (past)Isaw</p> <p>You sawHeShe sawitWesaw</p> <p>TheysawVER (preterite)Yo vi</p> <p>T vistelElla vioUd.Nos. vimos</p> <p>Vos. visteisEllosEllasvieronUds.</p>