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    Press Release: 2016-03-102


    For the technical press

    Light + Building 2016

    13 to 18 March 2016

    PM number: 2016-03-102

    Keyword: Solutions for the lighting technology For download of this Press Release, please refer to our website:

    Solutions for the lighting technology Wieland Electric offers a comprehensive portfolio of products for intelligent and efficient lighting solutions From system plug connectors to lighting connection systems and RST® MINI for external applications, Wieland Electric offers a variety of pluggable installation options for indoor and outdoor requirements. The portfolio is supplemented by the flexible bus bar gesis® NRG and the room automation system gesis® FLEX. gesis®, the pluggable electrical installation system for buildings is convincing with time savings of 70% and cost savings of 30%. The certified plug connectors of the GST18® systems are suitable for the installation of lighting systems and thanks to mechanical coding,

  • Press Release

    Press Release: 2016-03-102


    prevent incorrect mating. The gesis® MINI was specifically designed for limited space and is thus ideal for lighting solutions in retail space and exhibition booth construction. Hard to reach places, for example, lights in glass cabinets and shelves can be reached with the miniature plug connectors in gesis® MICRO. The lighting connection systems gesis® TOP enables the plug-in connection of individual lamps and lamp groups. The 3 or 5 pole RST® MINI is ideal for lighting solutions outdoors. It is the smallest installation plug connector with the highest IP protection on the market. In addition, Wieland offers the award-winning systems gesis® NRG for energy supply and lighting control and gesis® FLEX, the modular and pluggable system for room and building automation. The seamless connectivity of all gesis® components enables fast, secure and flexible installation. (1,605 incl. spaces)

  • Press Release

    Press Release: 2016-03-102



    Wieland Electric was founded in Bamberg in 1910 and is the inventor of the secure electrical connection technology. Its range of products includes well above 20,000 components for industrial automation, building installation and building automation. For over 30 years, with the gesis® system, Wieland has been one of the world’s frontrunners in the field of pluggable electrical installation for buildings. Its power bus system podis® lends itself for automation solutions. This modular system permits especially efficient local installation of logistics and transport systems. The family-owned company is a global player and has subsidiaries and sales organizations in Argentina, Belgium, China, Denmark, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Canada, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the USA and is represented in over 70 countries. The Wieland Group includes, in addition to the Wieland Electric GmbH, the STOCKO Contact GmbH & Co. KG (since 1998). Wieland Electric has been certified according to the Quality and Environmental Management Systems EN ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 14001 and the EC Environmental Management and Audit Scheme EMAS.

    Contact Wieland Electric GmbH Marketing Communication Brennerstrasse 10 – 14 D-96052 Bamberg email: Internet: In the event of publication, we would be grateful for a specimen copy. Thank you!

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