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<p>Press Materials</p> <p>IQ Sport Advisory GroupLodz, December 2014Contents3Foreword</p> <p>4Information about eFAN24</p> <p>7Interview with Rafal Dylewski the author of eFAN24</p> <p>9New type of participants of mass events</p> <p>11What are Beacons?</p> <p>12Testing the engagement of participants of mass events</p> <p>15Test on PGE Arena</p> <p>16About IQ Sport AG</p> <p>Foreword</p> <p>Dear Sirs,</p> <p>We would like to create your interest in the new platform eFAN designed by IQ Sport Advisory Group company in cooperation with the companies and Senfino. The platform was created for the benefits of participants, organizers and sponsors of mass events. Its aim is to improve the quality and effectiveness of communication between the main beneficiaries (participants, organizers, sponsors, business partners) of sports and entertainment events.</p> <p>eFAN is based on the growing technology of iBeacons which offers multiple possibilities of use in communication with consumers. The main idea behind the creation of the platform was to build one, complete space where the communication around the event takes a new form connecting the on-line world and social media with the off-line reality staying inseparable with a place of an event (arena, stadium, hall, etc.) and experiencing an event in real time. It is in fact the platform that concentrates emotions around the event in one place in real time and enables people to build communication which would give better experience to participants and new techniques of monetization and realization of business aims to organizers and partners of an event. </p> <p>Detailed information about the platform and its authors is gathered on the following pages of the press material. I recommend a lecture of these articles. Should there be any additional questions, please feel free to contact the press office of IQ Sport Advisory Group.</p> <p>Best regards</p> <p>Team of IQ Sport Advisory Group </p> <p>_ _ _Press office of the projectRafal Dylewskibiuro@iqsport.coInformation about eFAN24</p> <p>eFAN24, the new platform for participants and organizers of mass events</p> <p>_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _</p> <p>Unique messages about special promotions and services at the place of an event, segregated information in media about an event and its progress, strengthening the impression from an event by connecting the offline with the online world, informational services supporting a participant in the place of an event, these are just some of the aims of the new platform eFAN24.</p> <p>Based on Beacon technology the eFAN24 platform supports participants in mass events to even better receive an event both in terms of absorption of social contents as well as generation of better experience in the place of an event. The platform, straight onto the interface of mobile devices, directs to unique services, products, key places and information connected with a given event. On the other hand, it gives organizers of events a tool for a better communication with participants and more efficient monetization of emotions which they create. </p> <p>The author and creator of the idea is Polish company, IQ Sport Advisory Group. </p> <p>Nowadays the generation of the most active consumers and at the same time participants of mass events and sports events is placed within the age of 15-34 which is a so called generation Y. The millennium generation has completely different expectations from an offer and experience they expect after participating in sports and entertaining events. The new generation of fans requires generating experience based on new mobile technologies fully open to intense communication in social media in real time, during an event. In times of social media and among others such servers as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat as well as smartphones and other mobile devices the real world connects to the one in the web. Participants of events want to be constantly connected, updated and continually searching for contents which create positive impression. That is why they expect not only experiencing mass events live but also online via their smartphones when they participate in mass events. Additionally, they want to consume an event and its content as dynamically as the event itself. Now fans are multitasking, of multiplatform and are able to use many screens simultaneously consuming contents (a common phenomenon of second screen). </p> <p>They want to be closer, know more and get more so as not to lose anything important and special during a course of an event. </p> <p>- In our research on the consumption of sports events by fans we noted some problems that participants of mass events have. The first of them is too time-consuming and distracting from an event access to social contents and resources of an event (services on location, products, etc.). What is more, a great number of different contents connected with an event makes users confused about the real important information concerning the event in which they participate. Because participants of mass events want the experience full of social interactions and consumption of resources at events. That is why we created eFAN24 application which is to be the best place for fans to consume contents of an event in real time says Rafal Dylewski, the manager of the project eFAN24, IQ Sport Advisory Group.</p> <p>eFAN24 connects offline with online</p> <p>- Development of mobile technology, in which telephones stopped being used solely for classic conversation and they enable to undertake a lot of actions and interactions, opened a new field for marketing activities and development of further technological solutions such as Beacons on which we based our application eFAN24 explains Rafal Dylewski from IQ Sport Advisory Group.</p> <p>eFAN24 is a tool thanks to which organizers of events can easily, even intuitively, manage the communication directed towards participants of events while they go on. It is not only about generating unique social contents connected with an event in progress and provided for in a comfortable and understandable manner. The mobile application eFAN24 facilitates in providing contents generating better experience of an event (useful, luxurious, personalized, adding value) depending on a fan's current location at an event and based on his interests and historical behaviour. Thus its task is not only to communicate commercially but also to provide information that makes it easier to stay at an event. To complete these tasks it uses iBeacons technology provided by a strategic partner, a company Considering a phenomenon of 'second screen' and greatly overloaded social space in generic web such as FB or Twitter, eFAN24 thanks to mechanisms of filtration, classification and grouping of contents gives fans the most selected suitable entries done by other participants of an event in real time both from the place of an event and outside of it. </p> <p>eFAN24 is also a good tool in the hands of partners and sponsors of an event. Sponsors look for new more efficient methods to activate sponsorship, especially on electronic channels.</p> <p>- eFAN24 enables to create new values added for sponsors and business partners of an event by offering carriers and functionality making it easier to get access to fans and successfully activate sponsorship. What is most important is that the content generated by sponsors should be useful and relevant from the point of view of an audience at an event. Reacting directly and fast to a given accident and emotions among the attendees of an event gives a chance to achieve very big conversion ratio adds Dylewski.</p> <p>Forces united</p> <p>The eFAN24 platform was created and designed by Lodz company IQ Sport Advisory Group based on iBeacons technology supplied by a beacon producer from Cracow</p> <p>- The platform eFAN24 by making use of the real world context transfers the experience of participants to a completely new level. On the one hand, it enables participants to fully engage themselves and interact during an event and, on the other hand, it gives a possibility of perfect planning and management to organizers and sponsors comments Karolina Pura from</p> <p>Programing support was provided by Warsaw software house SENFINO. </p> <p>- The mobile application eFAN24 is a new way of accumulating and strengthening positive emotions connected with sports and entertaining events. We believe that it will be the best place to build a community of all the fans. We are proud that as Senfino we can be a technological partner of eFAN24 and we keep our fingers crossed for its further success Marcin Zareba, the member of the management board of Senfino Software House.</p> <p>Link to a film presenting the eFAN24 platform: with Rafal Dylewski the author of eFAN24</p> <p>eFAN24 benefits for fans and organizers</p> <p>_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _</p> <p>1. eFAN24 is a new tool on the market which is dedicated to participants and organizers of mass events. Where does this idea come from?</p> <p>Rafal Dylewski, IQ Sport Advisory Group: - The team of IQ Sport Advisory Group, the author and chief organizer of the project, comes from sports business. We are thus familiar with the character of big mass events which are very dynamic and full of both positive and negative emotions. Throughout the years we supported different kinds of entities with organization and marketing of mass events. We noticed that both participants and organizers and sponsors themselves expect from such an event something more than just an emotional show. In times of social media participants experience events on the stadium and in the Internet simultaneously. That is why we decided to make it easier for them exactly by creating a better place to consume contents of social media in real time, during events in which they participate or watch them live. On the other hand, from the perspective of organizers or partners of an event it is crucial to effectively communicate with participants based on their current emotions. Taking into consideration a context of place, participants' emotions, behaviour and preferences enables to create a content which from the perspective of a fan adds value and at the same time converts well. </p> <p>2. Are fans confused about the messages of social media concerning a given event?</p> <p>Rafal Dylewski, IQ Sport Advisory Group: - The research we carried out proves that fans have problems with consumption of a content in real time in social media. First of all because there are many contents on social media channels and their relativity is low. Most of the posts concerning a given event and its course do not add much to a fan's experience of an event. And, as it turns out, it is really important cause more than 60% of participants of mass events use different social media channels while they are at an event and 80% watch it from outside. When asked about the experience connected with contents of social media fans noted that finding interesting information connected with an event is too time-consuming and, additionally, these key contents are very often overlooked by them and lost somewhere in overloaded generic feeds. Another issue is the restricted services around events which considerably influence a general reception of an event. This second element is very important from the perspective of organizers of events. Experience and reception of an event are immediately calculated in the number of participants. The more happens around a given event, the more ready fans are to go out and enter an event. Even now we observe a situation where fans prefer to experience an event sitting on a coach an watching TV at home. We must than create better experience on location. Technology and the eFAN24 platform can help with it. </p> <p>3. How can eFAN24 help with it?</p> <p>Rafal Dylewski, IQ Sport Advisory Group: - So as not to make people discouraged from participation 'live' on the stadium at events they need platforms and mobile technologies which support and enhance Fan Experience and make participation in an event more engaging. If a fan gets more experience during an event itself, except for the main event, he will participate in it with pleasure since he will not have it sitting at home in front of a TV set. </p> <p>This way Fan Experience is one of the ways to fulfil the stands and thus to increase the income from an event. The functions of eFAN within the area of consumption of social contents in connection with advanced, contextual communication based on iBeacons technology and functionalities facilitating the stay and movement on location of an event create a certain unity which help to maximize Fan Experience. </p> <p>4. How can eFAN24 platform help to increase income from events?</p> <p>Rafal Dylewski, IQ Sport Advisory Group: - Monetization of emotions is the key task for organizers of events. Organizers must better' monetize' fans based on what they actually create that is emotions. eFAN concentrates exactly on emotions, transforming a conversation generated by participants to a level of specific situations at an event which they observe and which create in them intense emotions. What is more, iBeacons technology used in eFAN gives new possibilities of contextual and well fitted communication at the place of an event. </p> <p>5. Why did you choose iBeacons technology as the base of the application?</p> <p>Rafal Dylewski, IQ Sport Advisory Group: - iBeacons technology is a novelty which is fast winning the market. More and more companies and entities are noticing its pluses and application possibilities. I think it wins thanks to its simplicity. One can say that this technology is a sort of digital cookies for the physical world which enable to communicate straight with a chosen group of recipients. What is more, Beacons are a perfect match for special objects and sports and entertaining events. The concept itself based on beacons is simple and at the same time it gives a lot of possibilities. Beacons run independently on their own batteries and emit radio signal in a band that corresponds with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). The signal can be received by devices having this standard such as smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices with an appropriate version of operating system (android, iOS and others). Beacons create de facto a system of micro-positioning working both inside as well as outside of buildings. If a fan turns up next to such a beacon with bluetooth on and with the installed application of eFAN24 than he will have generated in his telephone information about a nearby special service or a spot. So it will additionally attract a fan to a given product. </p> <p>6. Where is the platform already accessible?</p> <p>Rafal Dylewski, IQ Sport Advisory Group: - Presently we introduced it to PGE Arena on one of the matches by Lechia Gdansk. We also found a German partner a company Steilpass which became interested in our solution during the inte...</p>