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1121 __________________________________________________________________________________________ CastelBrando Via Brandolini, 29 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA T. +39 0438 9761 F. +39 0438 976000 [email protected] 1 Hotel Restaurants Congress Beauty Center P P R R E E S S S S K K I I T T

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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 1

Hotel – Restaurants – Congress – Beauty Center

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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 2

Hotel – Restaurants – Congress – Beauty Center

A member of

INDEX General Presentation ________________________________________________ pag. 3

Information Sheet __________________________________________________ pag. 5

CastelBrando Offers ________________________________________________ pag. 6

History of the Castle ________________________________________________ pag. 12

People and Events __________________________________________________ pag. 15

The Restoration ____________________________________________________ pag. 18

Archaeological Digs __________________________________________ pag. 18

Figures and Curiosities ________________________________________ pag. 19

Statistics ____________________________________________________ pag. 20

How to get to CastelBrando ___________________________________________ pag. 21

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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 3

Hotel – Restaurants – Congress – Beauty Center

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Set on a promontory overlooking Valmareno with a mild climate typical of Treviso hills,

CastelBrando is a splendid example of the historical and artistic restoration of one of the

largest castles in Europe. The massive manor, immersed in 50 hectares of wooded park, is

part of a medieval hamlet majestically set in the scenic Prosecco hills, surrounded by the

towns of Valdobbiadene, Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto, just 50 minutes from Venice. A

panoramic cable-car takes you up to the heart of the castle, a landmark seen from the valley

with its numerous turrets and battlements. Rich in history and legend, CastelBrando greets its

guests with an austere and noble style. An attentive yet discreet welcome hark back to

medieval times, the rare privilege of living at court.


From the hill on which it rises, CastelBrando dominates the whole Valmareno valley. The

first “castrum” was erected from Roman times as a control structure to defend the important

lines of communication which connected Northern Italy to the countries on the other side of

the Alps, the Castle has undergone various enlargements over the centuries: it was the

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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 4

Hotel – Restaurants – Congress – Beauty Center

A member of

residence of the Da Camino family, who surrounded it entirely with imposing Guelph-style

decorative battlements and built a central tower. The Castle then passed under the command

of the Venetian Republic, which awarded its fiefdom first to Marin Faliero and then to the

mercenary captains Giovanni Brandolino and Erasmo da Narni, better known as the

Gattamelata; after the fall of Venice, it became the property of the Brandolini Counts until

1959, the year in which it was sold to the Salesian fathers, who altered its structure and used it

as a centre for spiritual studies. In the first half of the 16th Century Antonio Maria Brandolini,

engaged engineers of considerable skill and enlarged the central part of the Castle in

Sansovino style, adding elegant lines of Venetian two- and three-mullioned windows.


Thanks to the painstaking restoration work carried out, this wonderful building has been

returned today to its ancient splendour. On its inside, CastelBrando offers a whole world of

opportunities: a refined four star Hotel with 80 elegant rooms, suite and apartments, in three

location each with its own charm, to relive the magic of courtly life; a modern Beauty Center

located in the oldest wing of the Castle, on three historical and archaeological levels, where

guests can recharge their minds and bodies with the aid of the most refined remise en forme

treatment; the Sansovino, a highly recherché Restaurant, housed in the historical 18th

Century halls; La Fucina, an informal Restaurant where one can enjoy an excellent pizza

while listening to good music; three theatres and six breakout rooms make of CastelBrando a

modern, versatile and multi-functional Conference & Events Center, equipped with the latest

technology available, able to welcome up to 1800 people.

The castle welcomes its guests to eight characteristic theme bars, located in the most

atmospheric corners and invites to discover its history through 6 museum areas.

Downhill, by the panoramic cable car station, the Brando Shop completes the offer of the

services with a big shop where you will find lots of souvenirs, gifts, bags and dressing

accessories, local handicrafts, books and several precious things together with an exhibition

of old pieces of furniture and objects.

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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 5

Hotel – Restaurants – Congress – Beauty Center

A member of


ADDRESS CastelBrando

Via B. Brandolini, 29

31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) – Italy

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976020 – @ [email protected]


PROPERTY Quaternario Investimenti S.p.A.

Via B. Brandolini, 29

31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) – Italy

T. +39 0438 976091 – F. +39 0438 976000 – @ [email protected]



Veniceland S.r.l. / Hotel & Congress

Le Chateau S.r.l. / Food & Beverage

Myspa S.r.l. / Spa & Wellness

Via B. Brandolini, 29

31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV)

T. 0438 976091 – F. 0438 976000 – @ [email protected]




Ivana Casagrande

Legal Representative

Antonio Palazzi

Food & Beverage Manager – Executive Chef

Maurizio Donà

Bar & Restaurant Manager

Marzia Sanson

Front Office Coordinator

Silvia Talamini

Congress & Event Coordinator

Simone Finocchi & Elisa Gori

Spa Manager

Eros Buogo

Maintenance Supervisor

AFFILIATIONS Member of “Ville Venete e Castelli”

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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 6

Hotel – Restaurants – Congress – Beauty Center

A member of


HOTEL: CastelBrando Hotel offers 80 elegant rooms, suites and

apartments located in three fascinating places: 50 in the castle,

16 in the Dependance and 14 in Villa Marcello Marinelli. The

Dependance and the Villa are situated downhill, in the

suggestive village of Cison di Valmarino, and they are linked

to the castle through a panoramic cable car.

Painstaking restoration has returned the suites to their original

splendour: refined stuccoes, 18th Century wooden floors and a

Venetian terrace, charming fireplaces and the original balconies

with lead crafting from which one can enjoy spectacular views

over the valley and surrounding hills. The suites have a

dressing room and some of them, on two floors, have a private

living-room, kitchenette and two bathrooms. Adjoining rooms

are also available on request, and a charming mini-apartment

on three floors in the Antica Torre (Ancient Tower), composed

of two double rooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen/living room

graced by an ancient fireplace and delicate frescoes.

Elegant Villa Marcello Marinelli overlooks the main square of

the town and offers 14 rooms, suites and apartments furnished

with the classical style of a countryside relais. All the rooms

have a fascinating view on the square, the courtyard or on the

hills and the castle. The apartments are made up of one, two or

three bedrooms, living-room and cooking area.

The Dependance, a small stone walled cottage, is located in

front of the cable car station and is composed by modern


All the rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, mini-bar,

telephone, internet access, satellite TV and safety-box.

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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 7

Hotel – Restaurants – Congress – Beauty Center

A member of


The Eighteenth century wing of the castle houses Ristorante

Sansovino, where our chef will tempt you with his refined

seasonal cuisine. An elegant place in Venetian style surrounds

you and delights your banquet offering ancient stuccoes,

frescoes and precious furniture. In the evocative sixteenth

century rooms, either for a romantic candlelight dinner, a

private banquet, or an elegant business lunch, the ambience

casts its magical spell.

The taste of genuine products and the informal atmosphere are

the main qualities of La Fucina Art’s Bar Pizza &

Restaurant: a perfect meeting point to taste delicious pizzas,

cooked in wood-burning ovens, and exquisite dishes in a

delightful atmosphere of fun and relax.

BARS: The most suggestive areas of the castle house enchanting bars

and wineries. The fascination of history and the irresistible

temptations of genuine pleasures are mixed together in an

unforgettable atmosphere.

The Donatello Historical Lounge is a characteristic wine &

cocktail bar located in the area under the castle counter forts, in

a spectacular suite of rooms with big cap vaults and powerful

walls made of stones. Famous for its excellent cocktails and its

refined wine selection, it offers entertainments with good music

and funny atmosphere.

In summertime the Orangerie, a marvellous panoramic terrace,

is an ideal meeting point for a light snack or a drink

surrounded by ancient walls beyond which you can enjoy a

splendid view on the valley.

In summer period the ice-cream shop Via Claudia, located in

the castle square, is open and offers creamy temptations of a

homemade ice-cream, a fresh fruit salad or a fanciful snack

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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 8

Hotel – Restaurants – Congress – Beauty Center

A member of

with friends, while listening to a good music.

The open lounge Al Guecello welcomes its guests in the lobby,

at the feet of a superb main stair of the eighteenth century,

among old armours and weapons of the sixteenth century. Ideal

place for a coffee break or a light snack at noon. In summer the

Guecello opens the door of its suggestive pensile garden.

On request, for parties or private events, the castle offers two

fascinating and historical places, the Cantina di Ottone and

the Enoteca del Conte, built inside suggestive archaeological

areas. You will have fun in historical atmosphere, surrounded

by precious Roman and medieval finds, such as an ancient

oven for bread.



In the oldest wing of the castle the refined Principessa Gaia Spa

is the ideal place for all those who want to look after their

wellbeing. The Spa provides swimming-pool, hydro-massage,

Turkish bath built inside a Roman structure, Finnish saunas, at

55°C and 90°C, Kneipp hydro-route, fitness room, relax area

and solarium. The beauty farm offers a large variety of

treatments and massages: a unique way of being everyone

should indulge in; a way of feeling good, demanding the very

best for one’s body.



The castle offers a congress & events centre made up of three

theatres and seven rooms: the historical Teatro Sansovino

(200 sqm.), also known as the “Salone degli Stemmi”, is the

heart of the 16th century wing of the castle; a gem of Venetian

architecture with elegant two-and-three-mullioned windows,

the theatre is adorned with frescoes, weapons and shields and

two great fireplaces which were donated by Caterina Cornaro,

queen of Cyprus. The hall can house conferences, meetings,

exhibitions, celebrations or banquets up to a maximum of 180

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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 9

Hotel – Restaurants – Congress – Beauty Center

A member of

guests. The Teatro Magno (550 sqm.), seating 400 people, is a

modern theatre equipped with the most innovative technical

features and is suitable not only for meetings or banquets, but

also for entertainment spectacles, concerts, cabaret and

theatrical performances. The Teatro Tenda, telescopic

structure with an area of 1000 sqm., is located in the main

square of the castle and is ideal for important celebrations for

companies and associations or for musical meetings and

conferences. The Eighteenth Century Rooms (50/80 sqm.

each), finely decorated, can house sessions of sub commission,

workshops and banquets up to 200 people.

MUSEUMS: CastelBrando is also a guardian of history and offers a cultural

path including six museum areas and a fascinating church.

CastelBrando weapons: an exhibition of weapons and

armours, from Emperor Claudio Augusto to Teodolinda, from

Carlo Magno to Gattamelata, from the Da Caminos to

Brandolini family: to revive the enchanting atmosphere of

courtly life, immersed in history, spirit and culture of the past.

Power and justice: in the old prisons of the castle a feudal trial

between the end of the XVI and the beginning of the XVII

century is described; each of the three ancient cells propose a

particular theme, from administration of justice to trials

celebrated in the county and punishments inflicted on convicts.

Historical carriages: the old porticoes of the castle have come

back to their own use in the past: a shelter for Counts

Brandolini’s and their important guests’ carriages. Nowadays

there is an interesting selection of original coaches.

The costumes of power: in the church sacristy precious

costumes of famous people who lived in the castle are

exhibited: each character will tell the visitor their own history,

going back to old centuries. Nowadays the room houses an

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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 10

Hotel – Restaurants – Congress – Beauty Center

A member of

original collection of historical glasses.

Back to the past sounds: the exhibition is located along the

old Longobard route and is dedicated to the evolution of

musical instruments in medieval times. It offers precious

reproductions of historical instruments supported by an

interactive iconographic equipment which describes them.

Along Via Claudia Augusta: a historical and scientific route

which reconstructs a cross-section of life and commerce along

the old Roman road. Many legions went along this road to

reach the border of the Empire; merchants, armies, pilgrims

kept coming and going from place to place through the Alps.

San Martino Church: the eighteenth-century church dedicated

to San Martino is located where once there was a chapel built

before 1224. With wonderful frescoes painted by Egidio

Dall’Oglio, scholar of great Gianbattista Piazzetta, it is a jewel

of balance and harmony, both artistically and architectonically.

CastelBrando organises guided visits to the Castle and to the

museum areas for visitors, every day of the week.

SHOP: In the Brando Shop you can find all the castle publications,

merchandising and local craftwork, books, accessories and a

thousand other tempting little objects. It is also possible to rent

magnificent medieval and Renaissance costumes, precious and

accurate down to the finest detail and made by the best-known

Italian theatrical tailors, allowing the wearer to fully experience

the enchantment of the past centuries.

EXCURSIONS: Surrounded by the tranquillity of the Prealpi Trevigiane,

CastelBrando, with over 120 acres of wood and park, is an

ideal starting point for pleasant and relaxing walks in nature.

There is a range of paths to choose from around CastelBrando.

The castle is the starting point for a visit to numerous localities

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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 11

Hotel – Restaurants – Congress – Beauty Center

A member of

of great historical, archaeological and naturalistic interest. It

provides a series of itineraries of 30, 60 and 90 minutes amidst

cities of art, places of culture and wine/gastronomic treasures

which have given the area international fame.

The destination “Treviso, the garden of Venice, and the hills” is

visible on the following links:



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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 12

Hotel – Restaurants – Congress – Beauty Center

A member of


Two thousand years of history have passed between the Castle’s ancient walls. In fact the

first castrum dates back to the Roman period: as a control structure and defence of the major

arteries of communication, it was erected in the vicinity of the ancient Via Claudia Augusta,

a Roman road completed by Emperor Claudius Augustus in 46 A.D. and intended to connect

Adriatic ports with the Danube basin and the Germanic world.

Over the centuries, great names and powerful families competed for CastelBrando: from

King Rotari, famous for the Lombard Codes, to Charlemagne, Otto I, the German Emperor,

and the important Da Camino family who lived there for over three hundred years (in the

Divine Comedy [Purgatory XIV, 13], Dante cites “buon Gherardo” (“good Gherardo”) da

Camino, enlightened Lord of Treviso, as an example of good government).

With the death of Rizzardo da Camino without a male heir, the Castle and the fiefdom of

Valmareno were contested by Mastino II della Scala (the brother of Verde, Rizzardo’s wife),

an inferior branch of the da Camino family and the Patriarchate of Friuli. After two years of

varying fortunes, the Bishop of Ceneda, Francesco Ramponi, declared the fiefdom free, in

the absence of heirs. In 1337, he granted its investiture to the Procurators of St. Mark’s,

Giustiniano Giustiniani, Marco Giustiniani and Marco Morosini. The Bishop later awarded

the fiefdom of Valmareno to Gherardo and Rizzardo da Camino, of an inferior branch of the

family. The latter, weighed down with debts, sold the Castle and fiefdom to the Veneto

patrician Marin Falier. Because of his bullying of the local population and his plot to

transform the Venetian Republic into a Seignory, or lordship; but Falier was removed from

his position and then removed from his head by decapitation.

The Castle and Valmareno returned to the hands of the Venetian Republic, for which they

carried out strategic role: thanks to this in 1436 the mercenary captains Erasmo da Narni,

known as the Gattamelata, and Count Brandolino IV da Bagnacavallo received the fiefdom

of Valmareno together with CastelBrando as a reward for the services they had performed on

behalf of the Venetian Republic in the wars.

Three years later Gattamelata, anxious to return to his adventurous life, ceded his part of the

fiefdom to his friend Brandolino: from that time, as a sign of brotherhood, the Brandolino

family coat of arms has been embellished by the three knots, symbol of the Da Narni family.

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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 13

Hotel – Restaurants – Congress – Beauty Center

A member of

Gattamelata subsequently died and his widow, Brandolino’s sister, summoned Donatello to

sculpt the famous equestrian statue opposite the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua; more than

a thousand years had passed since the world’s previous equestrian statue had been sculpted

(the one by Marcus Aurelius in Rome). Since then, the fiefdom remained in the Brandolini

family, a clan of valiant men of arms who exercised almost absolute power for five hundred

years. Together with the land around the Valle Marenis (“Mareno Valley”, hence

Valmareno), CastelBrando was soon to become famous: in 1508, the strongest civil states of

Europe (Germany, Spain, the Savoy family, the Gonzaga family, the Papal State and

Florence) formed a coalition and created the League of Cambrai to stop Venice’s expansion

by land and by sea.

In 1510, all the territory from Bergamo, Brescia, Crema, Cremona, Ghiara d’Adda up to

Pordenone, Gorizia, Trieste and Rijeka was conquered. Feltre, Belluno and Vittorio Veneto

fell under the blows of the German troops of Emperor Maximilian I.

Only CastelBrando, the fortress of the Brandolini family and the twelve communes of the

fiefdom remained free; still in 1510, Gianconte Brandolini, under pressure from the Venetian

government, put together a small army of brave warriors who, joined by the people of the

valley, fought for and freed Vittorio Veneto, then Belluno and finally Feltre. As a warning,

and in line with the violence of the times, Gianconte Brandolini gave orders for the captain of

the German forces in Feltre to have his eyes removed and his hands cut off, before sending

him back, thus mutilated, with two squires of the Emperor stationed in Trent. This

intimidation sent Maximilian I into a rage and he put together an army of over 40,000 before

heading for Feltre; in the ensuing battle, Gianconte Brandolini was forced to make a tactical

withdrawal to the mountains and Feltre was sadly left at the mercy of the German Emperor,

who had it razed to the ground in revenge. Shortly afterwards, however, he was forced to

reduce the garrison in Feltre, as it was called upon to defend Valsugana which, had it been

occupied, would have cut off the German armies’ route back to Trent and Bolzano.

Gianconte Brandolini took advantage of this and, having come back down from the

mountains with his own troops, conquered Feltre and freed the territories from the enemy

almost as far as Trent. The Venetian government was very grateful to him, so much so that

the Brandolini family were often to play a leading role throughout Venice’s history, as

governors of Verona, Brescia, Padua and the island of Candia in Greece. Feltre was

subsequently rebuilt and Venice’s support meant that the city was able to return to its former

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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 14

Hotel – Restaurants – Congress – Beauty Center

A member of

splendour. Even the theatre was rebuilt, with the work being carried out by the same

architect, following the model of the Fenice theatre in Venice, but on a smaller scale.

Gianconte and the following Brandolini generations strengthened the fiefdom and enlarged

Castelbrando fortress with further defensive walls, extending and strengthening the 13th

Century ones built by the Da Camino family. They also turned their attention to courtly life

and to grandeur: at the beginning of the 16th Century, Antonio Maria Brandolini availed

himself of highly-skilled engineers and, in Sansovino style, had the theatre and the

banqueting hall built. His marriage to the niece of Caterina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus, and

the great friendship which tied them to her, allowed them to use the symbol of the royal

crown which can still be admired today above the two great fireplaces of Teatro Sansovino,

the wedding gift of the Queen herself.

In 1700, at the peak of their wealth and power, they hired Count Ottavio Scotti, an illustrious

architect from Treviso, for the final construction work on the southern part. Scotti chose to

create a building which was both palace and castle at the same time, achieving an effect

which was far removed from the Veneto tradition, oriented as it was to rigorous classicism,

and created an enormous royal staircase and richly decorated rooms and halls. Scotti aimed

to create a harmonious relationship between cornices and windows and to find the best layout

for the various clearly-identifiable areas: on different floors he arranged the private

apartments, those of the guests and the servants, the nursery and the stables, the lemon house

and garrison’s quarters, together with shelters for the carriages and storerooms.

Scotti’s work concluded with the creation of the Chiesetta di San Martino (Little Church of

St. Martin), erected to replace an earlier Romanesque church. The chapel was decorated with

valuable frescoes by the painter Egidio Dall’Oglio from Cison (1705-1784), a pupil of


The 19th Century was the heyday of the castle: it became the stage for fashion and political

events and innumerable illustrious figures stayed there, including Queen Margherita, who

was a guest of the Castle in 1876. In 1959, the Brandolini family sold the Castle to the

Salesian Fathers, who transformed it into a centre for culture and spirituality.

In 1997, CastelBrando was purchased by the investment company Quaternario Investimenti

S.p.A. (owned by Colomban family). Thanks to five years of the company’s careful,

committed and meticulous restoration work, all the areas of the magnificent building were

returned to their original splendour.

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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 15

Hotel – Restaurants – Congress – Beauty Center

A member of



Claudio Augusto


King Rotari

Ottone I

Sicardo, Bishop of Ceneda

Counts of Porcia

Counts of Colfosco

Signori da Camino

Counts of Collalto

Ezzelino da Romano

Mastino II della Scala

Marco Morosini, Procurator of St. Mark

Marco Giustiniani, Procurator of St. Mark

Giustiniano Giustiniani, Procurator of St. Mark

Signori da Carrara

Filippo Spano (Filippo Scolari)

Marin Falier

Erasmo da Narni (Gattamelata)

Counts Brandolini

Caterina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus

Ottavio Scotti

Egidio dall’Oglio

Anton Van Dyck

Jacopo Conte (Il Bassano)

Mathias Gremsel

Antonio Canova

Lorenzo da Ponte

Queen Margareth

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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 16

Hotel – Restaurants – Congress – Beauty Center

A member of



Giulio Tremonti

Giulio Andreotti

Gustavo Selva

Altero Matteoli

Gianfranco Fini

Antonio D’Amato

Ferdinando Adornato

Rocco Buttiglione

Tiziano Treu

Ferruccio De Bortoli

Maurizio Sacconi

Ermete Realacci

Jeremy Rifkin

Giancarlo Galan

Fabio Gava

Ermanno Serrajotto

Bruno Vespa

Lucia Annunziata

Enrico Mentana

Tommy Emmanuel

Biagio Antonacci

Dodi Battaglia

Red Canzian

Cheryl Porter

Terron Brooks

Ashley Davis

David Massey

Pierre Cardin

Mary Burns

Sherry William

John Jorgenson

I Solisti Veneti

Take 6

Jeremy Irons

Laurence Fishburne

Dennis Hopper

Gina Torres

Thomas Krens

Michele Placido

Renato Pozzetto

Raul Cremona

Luciana Littizzetto

Enrico Bertolino

Michael & Regina Winans

Antony Scott

Patricia Jackson

Giorgio Panariello

Fabio Testi

Federica Moro

Gigi Sabani

Simona Tagli

Lorella Cuccarini

Elenoire Casalegno

Emanuela Folliero

Anna Falchi

Andrea Pezzi

Luca Pitteri

Clay Regazzoni

Ivan Capelli

Luca Badoer

Enrico Brignano

Franco Battiato

Roberto Formigoni

Roberto Maroni

Enrico Montesano

Little Tony


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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 17

Hotel – Restaurants – Congress – Beauty Center

A member of














Sun Microsystem

Tegola Canadese


Fassa Bortolo





The North Face

Lowe Alpine


Avon Cosmetics

Estee Lauder



Boehringer Ingelheim





Gruppo Doimo




Miele Italia

Ideal Standard



Kraft Foods








Birra Peroni



Telecom Italia





Ciba Vision

UPS – United Parcel Service

University of Harvard


The Global Fund – W.H.O.


G8 of Agricolture

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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 18

Hotel – Restaurants – Congress – Beauty Center

A member of



♣ Tubes from the late-imperial Roman era: these convey water from three pure

springs originating at an altitude of 800 metres and provide all the drinking

water and water for the Beauty Centre and the Castle fountains

♣ 3 passages and secret rooms, probably ancient refuges and escape routes

♣ An oven, probably dating from the Roman era, for baking bread, 3 meters in

diameter, capable of feeding about 200 people inside the castrum; an oven for

the smoking of meat

♣ A forging area used as a foundry for glass and metal

♣ Inside the 3 prisons, a torture chamber (water torture was probably also used), a

fireplace for heating torturing irons and various graffiti by the prisoners on the


♣ Many archaeological finds from various periods, from the Roman period up to

1800. The cleaning of over 20,000 m2 of walls covered in lime and tempera

brought to light many finely decorated rooms and several frescoes from the

13th, 16th and 17th Centuries.

♣ We have inherited a series of tales and ancient legends about the Castle from the

Salesians and local inhabitants: the well of death, bristling with blades, in which those

condemned to a horrible end were thrown; the White Lady and the Black Lady, ethereal

figures who roam in the woods, bearers of good or bad omens; the enormous serpent,

who inhabited the depths of the floor and whose deafening hiss woke the townspeople of

the valley whenever there was a full moon…

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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

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The Castle is located at 400 m above sea level, 200 meters from the cable railway and from

the valley. Erected on the peak of a rocky spur, it is surrounded by over 120 acres of wood

and park with trails making it possible to reach the ancient walls of Castelforte at an altitude

of 600 mt at the “passo del Cristo” (“Christ’s Pass”) and 800 mt above sea level near


♣ The external walls are 3 km long, for a total of 30,000 sqm. + 26,000 sqm. (of

the walls of the Castle), making a total of 56,000 sqm. of reclaimed and hewed


♣ 26,000 sqm. of rock were excavated without damaging the environment to make

room for the three garages (one under the Castle, two lower down), for the

theatre tent and attached facilities, and for the two stations of the cable railway

and its equipment.

♣ The panoramic cable railway, 200 meters long, transports 500 people every hour

along a 75° slope.

♣ There are alternative routes by bus (cars for the hotel guests) and various paths

both to the East and West of the Castle, through the woods.

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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 20

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The castle has got 8 boilers for marsh gas heating (power about 2.000 kw/h equal to

1.700.000 calories), 6 coolers groups (power about 650 kw/h equal to 560.000 frigories),

distributed in 2 technological stations, 21 stations for air treatment to check air conditioning

and humidity of rooms and museums which are placed in the garrets.

AIR DUCT: 37.000 Kg (370 quintals)

PIPING SYSTEM made of black iron and galvanized: 40.000 Kg (400 quintals)


PIPING SYSTEM for the distribution of sanitary, raw and fire water: 12.000 metres (12 km.)

PIPING SYSTEM for the distribution of marsh gas: 1.300 metres

ELECTRIC CABLES: 458.000 metres (458 km.)

ELECTRIC PIPES: 64.000 metres (64 km.)


OPTICAL FIBRE: 8.000 metres – 1 Giga transmission speed

ELECTRIC BOARDS: 72 boards for primary distribution

65 boards of secondary distribution (bedrooms and other rooms)

BULBS: 4.500


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Via Brandolini, 29 – 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) ITALIA

T. +39 0438 9761 – F. +39 0438 976000 – [email protected] – 21

Hotel – Restaurants – Congress – Beauty Center

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By car

From A27 Venezia-Belluno highway, exit at Vittorio Veneto Nord and follow directions to

Follina and Valdobbiadene. After 12 km. you will get to Cison di Valmarino where

CastelBrando stands.

By plane

Marco Polo International Airport in Venice (70 km. – 50 minutes).

Antonio Canova Airport in Treviso (50 km. – 40 minutes).

By train

From Venezia Mestre railway station, linked to the main Italian centres, go on till the railway

station in Conegliano Veneto, where taxi service is available (23 km. – 20 minutes).