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George H.W. Bush

George H.W. Bush

BiographyBorn in MA Raised in CTPilot for Navy from 1942 to 1945Married Barbara in 1945Enrolled at YalePlayed 1st baseGraduated in 1948 w/ degree in economics

BiographyMoved to West TexasEntered oil businessMillionaire by age 40Got involved in politics in 1964Elected to House of Reps in 1966Ran for Senate in 70 but lost

Ambassador to UN from 71 to 73Chairman of Republican Natl Committee from 73 to 74Unofficial ambassador to China from 74 to 75Director of CIA from 76 to 77Ran against Reagan in 80 before becoming his running mate

BiographyVP from 81-89Low keyAvoided criticizing Reagan in any way

One of the most negative campaign cycles of all timeDukakis was attacked for being radically liberal (Massachusetts Liberal), soft on crime, and unpatrioticWillie HortonFurlough program in MATried to quiet critics w/ tank photo-op The Snoopy IncidentBush used video of Dukakis in tank to show that he would NOT be a good commander-in-chiefThe Dukakis team tried to connect Bush to troubles w/ Reagan administration, esp. the Iran-Contra AffairElection of 1988

BushLets Keep America MovingLets Keep the Progress GoingRead my lips, no new taxesDukakisThe Best is Yet to Come

PresidencyDomestic PolicyHad to tackle growing deficit left by ReganHit $220 billion in 1990, triple what it was in 1980Forced to by Democratic-controlled Congress to raise taxesBroke campaign promiseAt same time, U.S. was experiencing a brief recessionDecrease in popularityIn 1992, 7.8% unemployment & 14.2% lived in poverty

PresidencyDomestic PolicySigned the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990Prohibits discrimination based on disabilityIntense battle over appointment of Clarence Thomas to the SCAccusation of sexual harassmentAnita HillConfirmed by Senate, 52-48Replaced Thurgood Marshall

PresidencyForeign PolicyPanamaOperation Just Cause27K troopsremoved Noriega from powerAmerican-backed govt installedPanama was a drug pipeline to U.S.Soviet UnionSTART I & START IIUSSR dissolved in 1991Drastic reduction in nuclear warheadsNAFTAeliminated majority of tariffs on products traded between U.S., Canada & Mexico

PresidencyForeign PolicyPersian Gulf War, 1990-1991Saddam Hussein, Iraqi leader, invaded oil-rich neighbor KuwaitFear that Saudi Arabia might be nextUN forces led by General Norman Schwarzkopf

Airstrikes from mid-January through February of 1991Operation Desert StormResultsIraqi troops leave Kuwait, but Hussein left in power190 UN deaths100K Iraqi deathsHeavily televisedVideo game war

Persian Gulf War

VP Quayle misspells potatoBush vomits & faints at banquet held by PM of JapanTime Man of the Year in 1990Left office with 56% job approval ratingEtc.

Election of 1992Some thought Bush ended the Persian Gulf War prematurelySaddam????Bush had done little to help the economyRoss Perot, TX billionaire, IndependentMost votes for 3rd party candidate since 1912Ross for Boss

Bill Clinton, Governor of Arkansas, DemocratCalled Bush out of touch w/ common manIts the economy stupidClinton & Gore, both from South, Bubba planClinton, 43%, 370 EC votesBush, 38%, 168 EC votesPerot, 19%, 0 EC votes

President Bush TodayCelebrated 90th b-day by skydivingRecently celebrated 70th anniversary


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