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President Barrack Obama LEGACIES

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President Barrack Obama LEGACIES

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President Barrack Obama

Barrack Hussien Obama has been elected as the 44th President of the United States of America

He has defeated Hillary R. Clinton… A well know Senator From the State of New York and a former First Lady in the Primary

And in the general election, Obama has defeated John Mc Cain: a long term Senator from the state of Arizona and a Vietnam War Hero

And the people in the United States have elected a first Black American to lead the country

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A new Fresh start

America, at that time suffered a great deal of depression and anxiety resulted from the 2 ongoing wars and the economic problems

President Obama came to the office with the slogan “ HOPE and CHANGE” that infuse the new optimism and spirit to the country

His persona and charm have comforted the country… his good nature and wisdom have guided the country out of trouble water

And a new chapter in the United States history has begun

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Obama problems/challenges

President Obama come to the office with tremendous challenges both within the country and oversea

Domestically, the country suffered the worst recession since the depression

Unemployed rate was 9.7% with more home disclosure, the banks problems and the financial situation collapsing

We also have to deal with two ongoing wars in Iraq and Afganistant as well

In addition he has to deal with the political opposition Mc Mitchell once said “ I want to be sure that Obama will be the President in one term”

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President Obama reelected

Not only President Obama did not serve one term, he has been elected as the second term with the landslide election result

He has been a good leader with strong conviction and clear vision He has served the country with dedication and compassion And has been the inspiration and admiration for millions of Americans

specially for the Black communities and the Black Youths He left the office with 60+% positive image about him and his services

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President Obama Negative Legacies

Double National Debt from 10 to 20 trillions dollars 14 millions more Americans get out of the labor market that bring the

total number of Americans who are not working to 97 millions Americans

The highest levels of poverty and people on food stamp Widen gap between rich and poor, personal income and housing

affordability is going down… while the health insurance premium is up The new born of ISIS

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In this project, we will focus on the positive achievements that President Obama has accomplished that will cement his legacy in history

At the present time, all Obama supporters and his staff and the media and all academic institutions have not been able to come up with a real good list of Obama legacy

It is our pleasure to present to American people, his supporters and the world the OBAMA positive legacy which will imprint his legacy in the US history forever

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1/ He has broken the glass ceiling to be elected as the first BLACK President of the United States

2/ By doing so, Obama has become the inspiration and admiration to a great number of Americans; especially among the Blacks and Minorities

3/ His Life story…From community organizer to US President 4/ President Obama is credited to guide the country in the trouble time

as the worst recession since the depression 5/ He has saved the Automobile industry from the verse of being

collapse to the stage of survival and properity

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6/ President Obama has put the end of two ongoing wars with the complete troop withdraw

7/ His world view and global vision has earned him the Nobel Prize for Peace before he becomes the US President

8/ His wife Michelle Obama is the smartest First Lady in the White House

9/ President Obama presides over the country mostly in the Peaceful time, he did not start any new wars… crimes and violence is down

10/ Finally there were NOT any scandals in Obama administration

Page 10: President Barrack Obama LEGACIES


Barrack Obama has broken any conventional wisdom in American political arena to become the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT

He earned 90+% of Black voters But more White Americans voted for him than any candidates In fact his election victory must be compared to NELSON MANDELA in

South Africa And therefore, no matter Whatever happened, Barrack Obama has

made history in any shapes and forms

Page 11: President Barrack Obama LEGACIES

The Inspiration and admiration

Never before in the US history, that the president can become the inspiration to lift the country in spirit, and the admiration to be the beacon to offer the CHANGE and provide the HOPE for the country

By being elected as the President of the United States, Obama has set the new standard of Hope for anyone, in any races that with Grace and will and determination… AnyTHANGS can happen

His presence, not only has the impact in USA, but throughout the world and his success, creates a new global reality that shocks the world in the meaningful and concrete manner

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President Obama took office at the time when the country suffered the worst recession Since the Depression

Hundred thousand people filed the unemployment each month The financial situation is in the verse of collapsing Business nationwide is closing everywhere People get depress and the mood of the country is down But by his policies and his leadership, President Obama has guided the

country out of the trouble water to the stable calm sea

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The Automobile industry has been saved

When President Obama took office the automobile was in deep boo boo A massive workers to be laid off GM, Ford and Chryler were in the process to file bankruptcy The problems, not only have the profound impact on the automobile

industry and its workers, but the suppliers and dealership as well With the infusion of cash and extremely unpopular policies, President

Obama has saved the auto industry from death to being alive and doing well

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President Obama and his military advice and teams to be credited for the mission that eliminate Bin Laden in the face of the earth

To ease the pain of Sept 11 And to show the world that American Military Force is STILL NUMBER

ONE, not only in terms of its military power, but also, in this case, its intelligent capability and skill as well

This military mission success has been considered as the most impressive military mission in the human history

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President Obama to be credited to end 2 on going wars Not only that US has ended the wars from the military standpoint But it has succeed the completed troops withdraw With the complete agreement with the involved country With totally HONOR and Support And therefore American boys will be away from the Harm Way And the country was at PEACE

Page 16: President Barrack Obama LEGACIES

The Man for PEACE

Barrack Obama has always been the man for PEACE His vision about Humanity His Global Peaceful Concept His notion to serve world Peace Because of all above, Barrack Obama has been rewarded the NOBEL

PRIZE for PEACE before he entered the OVAL OFFICE ……………

Page 17: President Barrack Obama LEGACIES

The Country in the Peaceful time

During 8 years of Obama Presidency, America did not engage to any new wars… But we face the Terrorist warfare problems

And the country has adopted well with the new reality There was no terrorist attack in USA, except a few terror acts happened Except Chicago, the crime rates have falling down… and the number of

police force is going up Indeed, the country enjoy the relative peaceful time

Page 18: President Barrack Obama LEGACIES


During 8 years of Obama Administration, there are no Major scandals In fact, there is NO scandals at all In this instance, Obama administration has set a new standard of

governing, that the federal government must be the example for the country in terms of conducting itself in the ethic matter… and must be accountable for its actions

In this instance, we must credit the entire Obama administration for its actions and behavior in public services

Page 19: President Barrack Obama LEGACIES

Thank You Michelle Obama

Behind any great men, there are great women Michelle Obama has served as the First Lady in the White House

position and served it well She is the smartest first lady in the US history with the degrees from

Princeton and Harvard Her charm can soft any cold heart, but her toughness will defeat any

challengers in her way and her cause For that we want to say THANK YOU

Page 20: President Barrack Obama LEGACIES

OBAMA LEGACY-Final thought

History will judge Obama kindly by the commitment he has served as the United States President… He has made history by breaking the ceiling glass but more importantly, he has response to the calling of serving his country and humanity…and served with dedication and compassion

He has served … and served it well