Presenting: Launch Pad An interactive, content rich platform driving attention to your Product Launch.

Download Presenting: Launch Pad An interactive, content rich platform driving attention to your Product Launch.

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Presenting: Launch Pad

An interactive, content rich platform driving attention to your Product Launch1Presenting: Launch PadUBM Electronics is proud to present Launch Pad an editorially hosted, multi-sponsored site that allows you to showcase and distribute your new product information, technical content / resources, and marketing initiatives.

Visibility on UBMe contextually relevant siteCentralized locationEasy to implementSocial media integrationDrives traffic to clients site

An innovative way to showcase your new products and initiatives2

UBM had deployed over 18 editions of the Launch Pad, including one special edition Women of the Channel and over 4 Single Sponsored editions (averaging 5 months each) over the past year and a half.Over 50% of the sponsors in the multi-sponsored edition go on to participate for more months.On average sponsors have more than 100 unique visitors to their page as well as over 30 asset views/downloads per month

Launch Pad SuccessBased on UBM Proven Results


Sponsor Information Landing Page



Sponsor Information Secondary Page


5How It WorksEducate and enable customers and prospects on new launches.

A new Launch Pad is deployed each month with a maximum of 5 customers.The Launch Pad includes a welcome video introducing the launches for that month and providing additional relevant perspective on the product launches for the audience.

The Launch Pads landing page features your companys logo and a short description (rotating positions)The viewer can click on your logo to see all relevant content on your Launch.You can refresh your content monthly, for as long as you are a part of the program.


How It WorksPut the tools your customers and prospects need in their handsReinforce your messaging with a link to your website and up to five supporting assets, each with a short description.Includes: White papers, case studies, product specifications, product demonstrations, links, videos, documents, webcasts, and more.

Social sharing tools make it easy to expand the audience via the ability to send to colleagues or post to popular networking sites.


Have It Your Way

Easy to get started. Easy to grow and adapt to your needs.Turnkey solution;Project ManagementSite Development & hostingPromotion: Minimum 250k impression (ROS banners / newsletters / fixed promotional visibility on branded sites)Reporting: Site activity: page views, unique visitors, time spentAsset activity: client page views, asset clicks Client Deliverables:LogoUp to 5 Assets: (link or file)Completed Content FormAll content updatable monthlyTimeline:Ad close: 3 weeks out (hold list on google doc)Materials close: 2 weeks out


The Launch Pad is offered as a multi-sponsored and sole sponsored program. You can also add on integrated marketing components to extend the value of your participation.

Multi-sponsor Launch Pad: $3500 per month net (1 month minimum)Single-sponsor Launch Pad: $12,500 per month net, $28,500 for 3 months net

Multi-sponsor Launch specials:3 month Launch Pad *: $2,500 per month net / $7,500 total3 month Launch Pad/NPN Package *: $10,000 total (includes 1 NPN spotlight / 2 NPN listings over 3 months)* All content can be refreshed monthly

A La Carte option:Fixed first position: $4,000 per month

PricingA cost-effective solution starting at $3,500 per month 9