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  • 2. Visiting relatives are interesting.

    1. Visiting relatives is interesting.

  • PARTICIPLEPresent/Active V-ing me-, ber-Past/Passive V -ed di-, ter-Adjective menerangkan NAdverb menerangkan selain N Fungsi Participle

  • E. g.Adjective:

    - a dancing girl a sleeping child the coming month a kicked ball an invited guestan educated personan unwanted baby

  • 2. The man killed by the lion is John.

    1. The man killing the lion is John.

  • Adverb:

    Swimming in Parangtritis sea, you must be careful.

    Studying at Yogyakarta State University, they will get a job easily.

    Accepted at Yogyakarta State University, the students feel happy.

    Interviewed by a beautiful actress, he felt nervous.

  • Having + V3 setelah me-, ber-Having + been + V3 setelah di-, ter-V-ing (Karena/Ketika) me-, ber-

  • Look! That ___ girl is my wife to be.a. walksb. to walkc. walkingd. is walkinge. is walked

  • 2. The man ___ the thief is Mr. Smith.a. capturingb. capturedc. capturesd. to capturede. is capturing

  • 3. I saw the boy ___ by his teacher yesterday morning.a. punishingb. to punishc. punishesd. punishede. be punished

  • 4. Having been typed, _______________ .a. he switched the computer offb. the computer was switched offc. the printer ran out of inkd. his friend camee. the letter was printed out