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National Workshop SME Cluster Development and Export Consortia Formation. Presented by - Daw Mu Mu Aye Assistant Director - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Presented by - Daw Mu Mu Aye Assistant Director SMEs Service CentreDate- 28 ~ 30 November, 2012, MI,Khon Kanen ,Thailand

    National Workshop SME Cluster Development and Export Consortia Formation

  • Out Lines Background historyAimObjectivesMethodologiesActivitiesOutcomesChallengesLesson learnedRecommendationWay ForwardConclusion

  • Background History MI conducted two-week Regional Training Programme of SME Cluster Development and Export Consortia on 14th 25th May, 2012 at its Residential Training Center in Khon Kaen, Thailand. Part of the three-year project on Capacity Building for the Integration of CLMV Economies into ASEAN Economic Community from 2012-2014 Six participants from Myanmar attended Divided into two groups CD & CC As a fulfillment of CD Action Plan about the Regional training of SME Cluster Development and Export Consortia held by Mekong Institute

  • Aim- This national workshop aims to introduce Myanmar SME exporters to necessary steps and tools to form clusters and their integration into regional and global market through export consortia.

  • Objectives To increase understanding of SME and their significance in the context of AEC 2015; To facilitate formation of SME clusters and export consortia across the country; To promote SME cluster linkages and support their integration to regional and global value chains; To promote SME cluster linkages to reinforce long- term business cooperation and networking locally and globally

  • *Using Guide by MI ( power point presentation)

  • There are 2 main activities had been included as it follows:Preparation Implementation

  • ActivitiesPreparationPlanning Meeting ( RUMFCCI, MIA , MWEA and CD group)Translate documents into local languagePrint outSurveyChoosing the best product Contact with the associationSetup the training agendaInviting the potential members

  • ActivitiesPreparationConducting a quick survey on SME cluster and Export Consortia across the countryCollecting forms and information from concerned Ministry on the registration process of export consortiaDeveloping the tentative schedule and the detailed budget for the workshopContacting resource persons (Invite technical staff from relevant agencies/organizations to talk about export consortia registration process and obtaining an export certificate/license).Submitting the proposal (including the tentative schedule, detailed budget, list of participants and resource persons) to Mekong Institute for approvalArranging logistics (send invitations, book accommodation and workshop room, arrange lunch and coffee break, print hand-outs; prepare evaluation tools including mood meters, pre & post assessment sheets)

  • Activities2. ImplementationOpening (Introduction speech by Director and Ms Sweety from MI)Lecture presentation and discussion .- Action plan discussion - Closing ( speech by Deputy Director and one of the participants)

  • Government: - Ministry of Industry Ministry of Commerce Ministry of National Planning NGOs: - Republic of Union of Myanmar Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RUMFCCI) - MFTB bank - Mekong Institute (MI)Association : Myanmar Industrial Association (MIA) Myanmar Women Entrepreneur Association (MWEA)Partners

    Supporting Organization

  • * Holding workshop Date 15th to 16th August 2012Place SMEs service Centre No.35B/15 ,New University Avenue ,Bahan Township, Yangon Financial support New Zealand Aid Programme (NZAID)Technical support Mekong Insitute (giving guide line)

  • *Participants - Fifteen participants ( business owners and members of MFFVPEA (Myanmar Fruit, Flower & Vegetable Producer & Exporter Association ) Seven participants (MFFVPEA) Eight participants (Business Owners)

  • *List of participants

    NAMEPOSITIONCONTACT DETAILSMs Lai Lai OoVice PresidentMarlar Myaing Co.,Ltd., YangonPh: 95 1 513017, 501352E-mail: marlarmyaing@gmail.comMs Than Than Swe(*)Managing DirectorThazin Nwe Family Co.,Ltd., MandalayPh: 09 50 33124, 09 59 2003283E-mail: Phothar23@gmail.comThanswetzn@ gmail.comMr Khin Maung Htay(*)Managing DirectorSumme Co.,Ltd., MandalayPh: 95 9 2002607E-mail: kyawkyarsumme@gmail.comMr Soe Htun Zaw (Larshio)(*)Dragon Fruit & Orchid GrowerC/O U Thaung HanPh: 09 5260346, 082 30600Ms May Hnin YiMember of MFFVPEAMyanmar Fruit, Flower & VegetableProducer & Exporter Association (MFFVPEA)Ph: 95 1 218367E-mail:

  • *List of participants

    NAMEPOSITIONCONTACT DETAILS Ms Mya Mya MawMember of MFFVPEAMyanmar Fruit, Flower & VegetableProducer & Exporter Association (MFFVPEA)Ph: 094 450044073E-mail: mapan380@gmail.comDr.Thet Thet Mar(Ms)Consultant of MFFVPEAMyanmar Fruit, Flower & VegetableProducer & Exporter Association (MFFVPEA)Ph: 09 421030913E-mail: MrThaw Zin NyainOwner San Foodstaff No.48, Mya Khwar Nyo Street No.(3), Thar Kay Ta Industrial ZonePh: 09 5013128E-mail: Thawzin81@gmail.comMs Wa WaMacadamia Nuts Green Triangle GroupPh: 09 73136662Ms Nway OoDirectorAsia One JuicePh: 01-376594

  • *List of participants

    NAMEPOSITIONCONTACT DETAILSMr Maung Maung TinManagin Director Asia Gold Industrial Co.,LtdPh: 01-394593, 385070, 399382Mr Nyan LinShan Maw Myae Co.,LtdPh; 09 5501282Email:nyanlin49@gmail.comMr Aung Myint Ph: 421015471Ms Yin Yin ThanShan Maw Myae Co.,LtdPh: 095501363Email:yinyinpl@gmail.comMr Ko Thein Naing OoMacadamia Nuts Green Triangle GroupPh: 098627050

  • *Resources Persons Mrs Tin Tin Htwe Director (Retired)Directorate of Investment & Company AdminstrationMinistry of National planning and Economic Development Module 1:AEC blueprint and AEC Challenges

    Dr Than Than Sein (Ms)Consultant ,Myanmar Fruit ,Flower and Vegetable producer and Exporter Association, UMFCCI, Yangon Module 1. Organic farming and Certificat

  • *Resources Persons Mrs. Aye Aye WinDeputy DirectorCentral Department of SMEs Development Module 1: AEC Challenges on SME development

    Ms Mu Mu Aye Assistant DirectorCentral Department of SMEs DevelopmentModule 1: Developing SME Clusters

  • *Resources Persons Mr Tin Maung Htay Director (Planning) Myanmar Belle Company Ltd. Module 2: Principle of Export Consortia Creating an Export Consortia

    Mrs San NweDirectorDirectorate of Investment & Company AdminstrationMinistry of National planning and Economic DevelopmentModule 2: Creating an Export Consortia How to register public and private company & how to obtain an export certificate / licence

  • *Resources Persons Mr Naing AungDeputy DirectorMinistry of CommerceModule 2: Creating an Export Consortia How to register an export consortia & how to obtain an export certificate / licence

    Mr. Winn MaungDeputy DirectorCentral Department of SMEs Development- Coaching to develop action plan

  • *ContentsModule 1: SMEs and Cluster Development Session 1 .AEC Challenges on SME Development Session 2. Developing SME ClusterModule 2: Export Consortia Formation Session 1. Principles of Export Consortia Session 2. Creating an Export Consortium Module 3: The Coaching plan to form teams for export consortia

  • *Workshop Activities

  • *Workshop Activities

  • *Outcomes The participants were divided into two group for prepare the action plans and formation of Export consortia group provide coaching on value chain for the business members in the relevant business sector and register formally as export consortium.Each group to identify and choose one key product 1 st group selected Chilli (still need a company who can deal with Export and not export company registration yet) 2nd group selected - Mango group - Macamidia group (they are also looking for Exporter since they are also producers and suppliers to domestic market.)

  • *Outcomes Although the output of the National workshop is 2 teams for export consortia which will be coached to form and register as Export Consortia within two months.

  • *Outcomes The output of the National workshop is Mango group export consortia from Mandalay region )

  • *


    Come from participants- Most of SME are t understand the meaning of SMEs cluster very well (to build HRD) - Need to company set up registration and export license - Cant supply market demand for export (Although they have Export market ) market )- lack of Finance - lack of Technology (Need to upgrade the products to meet international standard)

  • *


    -Problems that might arise due to the organization or management of the consortium Lack of trust Members may be reluctant to engage whole heartedly Conflicts arise for financial contribution Since all firms have their own agenda, many of the decisions taken within the consortium will involve the degree of compromise between the members Memb