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  • 1. LOGOIntelligence

2. LOGOMembersNguyn Ngc nhTrn Th HipBi Th Ly NaHong Th PhngTrn Th Minh SaNguyn Th SngTheme: Intelligence 3. LOGOContent1. What is intelligence? How many types of intelligence? What are factorsthat can increase your intelligence?2. What is it that makes people intelligence? Are differences in intelligencedue to heredity (nature) or to environmental influences (nurture)?4. Do you think that intelligence is the best important factor in your success?What are some positive and negative points of intelligence?3. What are cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence?What is more important? 4. LOGOWhat is intelligence? How many types ofintelligence? Definition: Intelligence is the ability to learn, understand and think in a logicalway about things; the ability to do this well. (Oxford Advanced LearnersDictionary) There are 8 types of intelligence:- Linguistic intelligence: The capacity to think in words and to use language to express, appreciatecomplex meanings.- Logical mathematical intelligence : The ability to use numbers effectively, to calculate, to quantify, considerpropositions, carry out complex mathematical operations.Presenter: Ly Na 5. LOGOHow many types of intelligence?- Spatial intelligence:The ability to perceive the world accurately, performtransformations upon ones perception.- Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence:Consists of expertise in using ones whole body to express ideasand feelings facility in using ones hands to produce or transformthings.- Musical intelligence:The ability to use, perceive and understand music.Presenter: Ly Na 6. LOGOHow many types of intelligence?- Interpersonal intelligence:The capacity to understand other people and make distinction in relatewell to them.- Intrapersonal intelligence:The ability to construct an accurate perception of oneself, to use suchknowledge in planning and directing ones life.- Naturalist intelligence:The ability to understand natural and human-made systems.Presenter: Ly Na 7. LOGOWhat are factors that can increase yourintelligence?Some ways to enhance ones intelligence such asproblem-solving heuristics, creativity techniques anddecision-making tools. Deep thinking: think carefully to limit the consequences ofour actions, to minimize the possibilities of errors and regret.It helps you reach your goals and work effectively. Good reasoning: make suitable decision and especially it isin the proper order: + have an objective + determine your decision based on your sensing + make alternative plans + select the best response + observe result + store experiencesPresenter: Minh Sa 8. LOGOWhat are factors that can increase yourintelligence? Learning from the past experience: apply that to your ownlife, learning from the past experience either bad or good is verybeneficial and can save you a lot of time and efforts. Practicing: apply the theory to the fact. You cannot learn to thinkwithout practicing. A good way to start is with cognitive tools such asbrain exercises: mnemonics, problem-solving heuristics, creativitytechniques, brainstorming, puzzle, brain testing games,.Presenter: Minh Sa 9. LOGO2. What is it that makes peopleintelligence?Two main factors make people intelligence:Nature: is already dominant genes in brain from the previous generations.Nurture: influences of environment impact to humans brain and force themadvance. Below is three small elements of nurture:Study: many people are not inherited intelligent genes from their parents.However, in studying process, to have good result as classmates forceneurons of brain developed rapidly than people do not go to school.Society: people in community live by reason but is not feelings now.Intelligence is one of the essential factors to achieve success in life.Nutrition: the excitative intelligence matters: DHA, choline, zinc,... arecontained in products like milk, fruit, food,...Presenter: Phng 10. LOGOAre differences in intelligence due to heredity(nature) or to environmental influences (nurture)?Nature Easy to know andunderstand a problemin many fields. Neurons develop andcombine with others.Presenter: PhngNurture Understand lower and needto find out carefully thatproblem. Neurons is separation, lesscombine 11. LOGO3. What are cognitive intelligence and emotionalintelligence? What is more important?ConceptTextTextTextTextTextCognitive intelligence: Intellectual abilities such aslogic, reason, reading, writing and analyzing. In other words, you have greatcontrol over your own emotions in order to resolve many problems.Emotional intelligence(EI): Understanding your own emotions and those ofothers, and being able to use this information to bring about the best outcomefor all concerned. Knowing what emotions mean and what information theyare providing. Being able to work well with others, combine cognitiveknowledge with emotional knowledge.Presenter: Sng 12. LOGOWhat is more important?Presenter: SngEmotional intelligence is more important than cognitive intelligenceMaking a decision You can use to make a decision about what you say or do now Enable to think and action more rationally at any time Being in control of your emotions has a huge positive impact on yourperformance, effectiveness, confidence and motivation. Relationships Emotional intelligence will have a positive impact on your relationships withothers as well Maintain relationships with other as well as keep our action under control HealthTo be cope with stressHave optimism ideas. 13. LOGO4. Do you think that intelligence is the bestimportant factor in your success?I think it is not the best important factor:- It is only one of many important factors that make ussuccessful.- Another important factor such asdiligence, deliberation, self-discipline- It is only important for us to carefully manageourselves and predict an individuals success in life- It depends on the differences between individualsPresenter: Ngc nh 14. LOGOWhat are some positive and negativepoints of intelligence?Positive:- Help you choose and make good decision in life, avoid misfortune- Have an effective plan to work not under pressure and stress- Drive people towards achieving their goals quickly- Help people around in different ways when they have difficult problems- It can also lead to better relationships, a happier life and job opportunities Negative:- It can hurt people around you greatly if you are not wise with yourintelligence- It can make you be arrogant, people do not respect you- Sometimes they complicate matters and make comprehensive.Presenter: Ngc nh 15. LOGOExtra: Do you agree with the following quote:Genius is 2 percent inspiration and 98 percentperspiration ?I agree with the statement: Talent is not enough, it is a small part which affects your success. Few people WERE born genius. It depends on a lot offactors, especially, perspiration. Perspiration can improve your talents, abilities and intelligences. If you have talent and intelligence, you should use effectively by practicingfor along time. if talent is not practiSed, it will not become genius. Thepossibility of human is a lot, however, they do not know how todevelop it. Practicing is a good way to raise the skill and ability.Presenter: Hip 16. LOGORelated to myself.- Using intelligence in studying process to have the best results: + find the fastest methods to study effectively + select the best materials + manage my time properly- Training my brain by brainstorming such as cube games,flexible games- Take part in many activities to show my ability:competitions, exchanges, discussions, meetingsPresenter: Hip 17. LOGO