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2. To some people's mind the real love springs from the very first sight, an instant, an unexpected look and your soul turns inside out, your behaviour changes, you don't recognize yourself any longer.
Is there love at first sight?
To some peoples mind even if appears feeling at first sight however it isn't love at all, it is only sympathy.
3. To some peoples mind even if appears feeling at first sight however it isn't love at all, it is only sympathy.
Especially women take that feeling for lovesickness. They think that love is more like a game, and any game supposes participants who look for new impressions and new adventures.
They think that love must grow, develop and only the result of knowing each other can be real love.
4. Nevertheless love born at first sight is the mightiest power. It can be crucial in the man's life. It is interesting that love born at first sight is never forgotten and has always its snug place in peoples memories. And probably who has fallen in love at first sight will never forget the day and the place of that meeting and the weather of that day.

5. -the old thinkers said. It isn't essential whether you have fallen in love at first or second sight. The point is that, this love should be steady and eternal, and momentary memories of your beloved man should turn your soul inside out every time.
6. Alexander Macedonian
There are still numerous unknown pages in history which are covered by mystery veil. However the scholars try to reveal those riddles. One ofthem is the sudden death of Alexander Macedonian.
7. There are numerous versions according to them he was taken to the after world by spotted fever, some mention malaria. A new version is that Alexander Macedonian has been poisoned and the poisoned was his own wife- Roxanna. The reason was jealousy for the emperors lover- Hepestin. By the way he died in the same conditions as Alexander.
8. The version of this murder, certainly, does not lack any opponents as they are sure that the reason was malaria which had progressed very quickly because of the large amount of alcohol and wounds got at the wars. It is obvious that the poison could be the best means for the wife full of jealousies. Maybe that is the reason that many people think the poison is really typical womanish weapon.
9. To be self-assured
Out of all the opinions the most important one is your own opinion of yourself, says an American psychologist Nathaniel Prenton. He explains that To trust means to believe as first of all, we must believe ourselves in order to be able to be self-assured. According to the author self-assurance is some experience, that is to say, to trust the ability of thinking, choosing, deciding, and coping with changes.
The human being can trust himself only when he is able to face and admit realities of his character and life. Nathaniel Prenton introduces six keys to a self -assurance.
10. 1. To lead conscious life.
2. To admit yourself, to have a courage to admit our thoughts, deeds and feelings without trying to escape from them.
3. To be responsible to yourself. To admit that we are responsible for our good and bad deeds, to ask What must I do? instead of Who is to blame?
4. To assure oneself
5. We must check necessary steps leading to the realization of our goals.
6. To be complete, to create a harmony between our way of thinking. To speak the truth, to respect our promises.
Prenton agrees with psychologist Harry Tarkart's conclusion that: The sufferings of this world come such people who constantly getting into the search of good opinions about themselves.
11. The Trojan War
Who are the Trojans? According to the historians Trojans ethnic membership of Trojan was various. It was populated by different tribes of Miner Asia. Its also supposed that before the war the greater part of Trojan population consisted of Greeks who had appeared in Minor Asia 500 years earlier than their compatriots.
12. To some historians opinion the Trajan war really happened but it wasnt so terrifying and immense as Homer presented.
Even in original legend, which witnesses the Trojan, war, different epochs are mingled. Its difficult to say which century the description of Achilles shield belongs to.