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Firth computer repair

Firth computer repair

Technic Theme1

Company OverviewComputer repair service located in Cortland, NYWe will keep your computer running smooth and efficient We offer a wide variety of services, including hardware and software installation

Used Title and content layout to describe overview of the company. Used animations for the picture from clip art and the bullet points. 2

Hardware Repairs and InstallationsRAM (memory)We can upgrade or install new memory in your computerIf your memory is not working correctly, we will seek new hardware and install it for youHard Drive (MHD or SSD)Can upgrade or install a new hard drive Mechanical and solid state drives both serve different purposes Different price points for each type

Describing the different hardware upgrades and repairs. Used the float animations for each block of text. 3

Cracked ScreensIf your screen is cracked, we will repair the screen for $75 + the cost of the new screen. Your computer screen will be good as new!


Describing the cracked screen repair service. Used a picture of a cracked screen to demonstrate what it looks like and used animations for the picture and text. 4

Software InstallationWe offer four different packages of software:Basic Microsoft office and email programAdvanced Basic + music and video programsWord processor just Microsoft WordFull Service Advanced + computer optimization software

Describing the software installation programs. Used animations for the bulleted text.5

Pricing ChartHardwareSoftwareCracked ScreenRAM Installation - $20/slot + cost of RAMBasic Package - $20Installation - $75Hard Drive Installation - $30 + cost of hard drive (SSD more expensive)Advanced Package - $40Price of screen - VariesWord Processor - $10Full Service - $60

Inserted a table to display the prices for each of the hardware and software installations that are offered. 6