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Idea three How horror and action films influence modern society.

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Idea 3


  • 1. Why we havechosen this title:We decided to choose this topic to do our documentary onfor a few reasons. The main reason being that filmsespecially action and horror are prominent in todays societyand easily accessed through different forms of the media(streaming, T.V, cinema etc.) regardless of age.This topic was also chosen because there are a range ofideas to explore on whether or not they do influence societysuch as making people more violent, increasing knowledgeon certain aspects of life, or that they are purely forentertainment.

2. Target Audience:The target audience we have chosen to focus on with ourproject are late teens/early adults aged between seventeenyears old and twenty years old.This age has been chose due to use being students andstudents are the most readily available vox pop, but alsobecause cinema appears to be dominated by the youth.However those older will be targeted as well especially ifthey are interested with film and the affects it ay have onpeople, such as media, film and psychologyteachers/workers. 3. Broadcasting:The main channel this documentary would fit well on would beBBC3, this being linked to the content of some of the informativeshows they show already, which fit with the film idea. Such showslike fresh and movie mistakes. This helped us since these showsare relatively popular we know there is an audience ready to watcha show on films within that channel.We choose a BBC channel also because of their reputation forbeing unbiased in most everything they do and with ourdocumentary we are hoping to provide and equal argument withthe points raised so it is itself unbiased and leave any answers upto the audience. 4. Narrative Structure:Regarding the narrative we have chosen to go for a typicalbeginning, middle and end, so that we can take the audiencethrough an easy to follow documentary with points raised andanswered sequentially, so they can keep up and understand thedocumentary easier, due to the nature of it as it could becomequite confusing and detailed.We have also decided that we will have an open ending on thedocumentary, so that we can leave the viewers with a question,which they will be able to answer themselves, rather than give abiased answer to the audience themselves.