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  • Apa Canal:1070 employeesAbout 1.411.400/month37.000 connectionsShareholders: local municipalities (Galati)

    Hunze en AasWhat does Hunze and Aa's Water?Hunze and Aa are working daily with water in East Groningen and Drenthe Northeast. They provide clean and sufficient water. For strong levees that protect from flooding. And for good navigable waterways. They take into account the various interests of nature, agriculture and recreation. So that everyone in the area is pleasant and safe living.

    Waterbedrijf Groningen (WbGr):225 employeesAbout 2.5 million-result 2010273.000 connectionsShareholders: local municipalities (mainly Groningen)

  • Water &Energy



    Drinking water

    North Water


    0,5% of the companys annual turnover

    Transferring knowledge Srebrenica & Romenia: WoP India: Basic Water Needs Africa: Training centres

    WbGr likes to be involved in projects which are at the intersection of idealism (reverend) and business (merchant)

    Water Operators Partnership (WOP) is a structural cooperation between two or more Water Operators with professional support offered by "capacity building(training programs) based on not-for-profit actions and with a performance obligation

    History:Activity started by Hunze en Aas in TecuciIdentification Missions: April&June 2011Signing MoU Mission: September 2011

    Working Methods:Exchanging information by email; forum; phone; Working trips in Romania and The Netherlands with the goal of exchanging information per subject

  • WbGr Budget 3 Years Project

    25.000 / Year

    Next Mission:November 28th-December 3rd Experts working together on draft exchange program per subject