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VIDITURE Introducing Viditure

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  • 1. VIDITURE Introducing Viditure

2. VIDITURE What is Vidituring? Vidituring is a legally acceptable way of agreeing to the terms and conditions of a document over video. 3. VIDITURE Why Viditure? Expedites business transactions Converts paper agreements into E-agreements Accelerates global transactions Reduces fraud 3 methods of identification Easy to use and portable mobile device or computer. IOS, Android, all browser using WEBRTC/flash . Legally acceptable due to E-signature act passed in 2000 Similar laws passed in Europe, Japan, and other countries Patent pending= 14168371 video signature system and methods! 4. VIDITURE Why Now? Electronic transactions are commonplace The world is increasingly mobile. 2014: 87 % of enterprise software is on mobile applications Cameras are common on every computing and mobile devise Signature fraud is on the rise. The need to significantly improve identity verification is now! Vidituring is much easier and secure on-the-go than digitally or conventionally signing documents. 5. VIDITURE 1. Traceability of unique code attached to every document: Video > signee > client 2. Identifying video of signer for every document. 3. Putting face behind signature 4. Traditional screening password 5. Additional Levels of Security Image processing Photo id if required 4+ Levels of Security 6. VIDITURE Differentiation Traceability of unique code to Video to signee to client with every document Identifying video of signer for every document. Unique code for each document Password Protect Same for all documents Basic Password Unique Code Video Identity 7. VIDITURE Competitive Advantage Patents Pending: 14168371 video signature system and methods Trademarks: Secured on July 12 /2014 Viditure, Vidituring Experienced team with over 70 years collective experience at Apple, Google, Ethical ball, National Semiconductor, Sipex, Analogictech, Union Bank, Sonny, Ariba , Cisco, model N 8. VIDITURE Large Market Opportunity 9. VIDITURE Fraud Stats 10. VIDITURE Credit Card Fraud Stats Viditure helps merchants reduce fraud on large scale online transactions. 11. VIDITURE GOV benefit fraud TAX Viditure can help reduce governmental fraud. TAX online preparation= 940,000 tax returns with $6.5 billion in associated fraudulent tax refunds Medicare fraud= 17 to 54 billion a year 12. VIDITURE Pricing Subscription Pricing/ Individual $12.99 Business $24.99/ Per user Enterprise/ verticals Contact sales 13. VIDITURE Market Opportunity (som) Credit Card Loss Medicare Fraud Prevention Social Security Fraud Education Contracts & Agreements Credit Card Loss $100M Medicare Fraud $250M Bank $200M Real Estate $100M Legal $50M Corporate $100M Total: $800M 14. VIDITURE Market Penetration Initial Focus is legal Market Segmentation: Business, Estate, IP, Divorce and family, Employee rights, Healthcare, Immigration, Money Matters, Real Estate Use marketing consultants, legal partners, and advisors to establish contacts with larger firms Initial entry is individual and small company accounts. Use model is standard tool using Viditure server support and semi-customization of User Interface Initial target contacts are CEO and partners Medium and large company penetration starts when application interface is completed for customization Will require support in customer infrastructure and customization of tool. Target contacts are business development group, partners, and IT 15. VIDITURE Sales Plan Alpha/Beta launch: Individual/single company targets Initial sales thru internal sales force Validate and refine launch material Validate pricing model Product Launch: Sales force deployment Part time sales focused on expanding Individual/single company accounts. Full Time experienced sales focused on corporate accounts. Start development of web enabled e-sales for individual/single company accounts. 16. VIDITURE Team and Investment to Date Kebron Dejene: CEO/ founder, Ethical Ball, Hotmeda, and Viditure Inc. Edward Lam: VP of BD and Marketing, 30 years experience public and private companies as a executive, engineer, marketing, and business development Manoj Kumar: Software Development Manager, over 20 years software development experience Ewa Ding: Product Manager, 10 years experience in product design and UX Consultanting Advisors Lisa Oshima: Founder Socialize Mobilize. 15 years experience in mobile and social media industry. Brad Rotter: Venture Investor in Companies That Impact The Security of the Homeland. Mark Reinstra: Partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati Investor Niki Gastinel: Global Business Intelligence at Apple,Inc. 17. VIDITURE Fundraising Targeting $2M in funding Enables: Completion of the product/ full time employees Enables Sales/Marketing Drive sales to profitability Engagement with individual to large vertical potential Finalized our patent globally 18. VIDITURE Critical Path 19. VIDITURE Projected P&L 2015 2016 2017 2018 Total Revenue $ 171.5 $ 2,100.7 $ 4,115.4 $ 5,757.2 $ 12,144.8 Operations $ 12.0 $ 48.0 $ 102.0 $ 177.0 $ 339.0 Margin $ $ 159.5 $ 2,052.7 $ 4,013.4 $ 5,580.2 $ 11,805.8 Margin % 93.0% 97.7% 97.5% 96.9% 97.2% Development $ 207.0 $ 380.0 $ 720.0 $ 720.0 $ 2,010.0 Sales $ 188.1 $ 417.1 $ 515.6 $ 841.8 $ 1,962.6 Admin $ 173.4 $ 499.6 $ 1,244.8 $ 1,250.8 $ 3,168.6 Expense $ 568.5 $ 1,296.7 $ 2,812.6 $ 2,812.6 $ 7,158.2 PBT $ ($408.9) $ 756.0 $ 1,533.0 $ 2,767.6 $ 4,647.6 PBT % (238.4%) 36.0% 37.3% 48.1% 38.3% 20. VIDITURE Thank you Team Viditure Contact Founder and CEO Kebron Dejene 816 824 0631 [email protected] Lets start vidituring