Presentation to the Human Settlement Portfolio Committee Cape Town, 12 th June 2009

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Presentation to the Human Settlement Portfolio Committee Cape Town, 12 th June 2009. MANDATE. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Presentation to the Human Settlement Portfolio Committee Cape Town, 12th June 2009

  • The Housing Development Agency (HDA) has been established to facilitate and expedite the development of large scale integrated, sustainable human settlements with all required socio-economic physical infrastructure.


  • The HDA will achieve its mandate by: Ensuring the Availability of Land

    Effectively Structuring Projects

    Ensuring Appropriate Government Funding Flows

    Promoting an appropriate policy and regulatory framework


  • LANDHDA will ensure the availability of land for developments through:

    The establishment of an intergovernmental land inventory and information management system for human settlement planning and development

    Acquiring, and/or facilitating the acquisition and release of strategically situated land and buildings for development

    Supervising and monitoring the development of land

  • HDA will facilitate the effective structuring of projects and oversee their implementation through:

    Facilitation of the required capacity, technical skills and expertise at provincial and local government spheres in order to plan and implement such projects/programmes

    Coordination of land release, planning and funding for acceleration of the development of large scale human settlement developments and/or programmes

    Facilitation of the planning process to ensure proclamation of land for integrated human settlement


  • HDA will attempt to ensure appropriate government funding flows and subsidies for:

    Land and building acquisitionPlanning and proclamation processBulk and internal infrastructure developmentSocial infrastructure developmentTop structures


  • HDA will promote an appropriate policy and regulatory framework which will encourage and enable the planning and implementation of large scale, sustainable human settlement developments through cooperative inter-governmental arrangements and the active participation of the private sector.POLICY AND REGULATION

  • September 2008: Act promulgatedSeptember 2008: Project team to drive establishment appointed with both departmental and external membersMarch 2009: Official LaunchFour pilot projects announced covering a potential 100,00 Units with a total investment of approximately R7 billionCEO appointed and commences part time employmentIntergovernmental Protocols negotiated with KZN/ Ethekwini; Northern Cape Province; Limpopo Province and Lephalale Local Authority; Gauteng and City of JohannesburgAgreement to transfer land and buildings from Servcon to HDA. Four buildings will be transferred to Johannesburg Housing Company


  • March 2009:Treasury approves HDA as a section 3A public entityApril 2009:10 member Board gazetted CFO commences full time employment; bank accounts opened;NDoHS transfers first tranche of operational funding; R972 million Capital Funding for pilot projects approved to provinces; Land Sale Agreement concluded with Western Cape Department of Public Works and Land Availability Agreement concluded with Western Cape Department of Local Government and HousingMay 2009:CEO commences full time employmentJune 2009:General Managers for Intergovernmental Relations and for Projects and Programmes commence full time employment; Discussions commence on arrangements for take over of the N2 Gateway and Zanemvula Projects from Thubelisha Homes as of 1st August 2009.


  • HDA currently has rights to 161 parcels of land totalling approximately 5000 hectares. The land is subject to an audit, valuation and feasibility study.LAND ACQUISITION


    DescriptionMarch 2010RMarch 2011RMarch 2010R

    Revenue57 500 000.0081 593 999.00104 100 000.00Grants: National Government49 650 000.0069 300 000.0089 100 000.00Interest Income7 850 000.0012 293 999.0015 000 000.00

    Expenditure57 500 000.0081 593 999.00104 100 000.00

    Planning & Liaison9 121 200.0013 708 336.0014 474 155.00Project Management16 780 000.0024 969 000.0044 411 007.00Office Costs11 978 800.0013 418 333.0014387 589.00Salaries & Emoluments19 620 000.0029 498 330.0030 827 249.00

    NET (SURPLUS)/DEFICIT0.000.000.00

  • Acquisition of State Owned Land Market Value vs Historic Cost

    Coordination with other state departments, especially around bulk servicing

    Funding Flows

    Creation of Priority Development AreasISSUES

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