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  • About TETAVision, Mission and StrategyTETA Strategic Framework and GoalsSkills Planning Outputs/Activities/BudgetsResearchFET/HET/Youth/Rural Development/ SupportETQAQCTO ActivitiesProvider activities and supportInstitutes of Sectoral or Occupational ExcellenceRecognition of Prior LearningMonitoring and EvaluationFinancial AdministrationGrant Regulations Impact on Budget and APPCosted APP and DG Allocations SummaryFlagships

    Presentation Outline

  • Vision and MissionVisionThe Heart of Skills Innovation

    MissionWe provide an innovative Quality Assurance and Skills Development Framework by our motivated and competent people, in a cost effective manner to exceed stakeholder/government SLA and requirements

    Driving ForceTogether with Enthusiasm and Trust we Accelerate and advance skills development

    ValuesTrust, Respect, Responsibility, Accountability, Positive Attitude, Commitment, Innovation

    Strategic IntentTo create a credible and competent Institution in order to facilitate skills development in the transport sector

  • Strategic Goals 2013/16Strategic Goal 1: Establish a credible institutional mechanism for skills planning, build and sustain Research capacity on labour markets within TETA

    Strategic Goal 2: Increase access to occupationally directed programmes

    Strategic Goal 3: Strengthening the quality assurance system Strategic Goal 4:Encourage better use of workplace based skills development Strategic Goal 5: Building career and vocational guidance

    Strategic Goal 6: Develop and sustain good corporate governance, leadership and operational effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Strategic Goal 1 - Research R 21,525,273.27

  • Strategic Goal 2 Middle level skillsProgrammes Communicated to stakeholdersProjects, partnerships and MOU

    Increase learner access to FET/HET institutions Multi-year funding to full qualification up to 4 years Intervention LearnersLearnerships (18.1) 1 500 Skills Programmes (18.1)4 000Bursaries 400Artisan1 300Roadshows/Workshops Rural focus 18 (2 per province)HIV/Aids Awareness CampaignsCapacity Building

    R 381,806,378.38

  • Strategic Goal 3 - ETQA Current Status

    Development Quality Partner (DQP) with 17 Occupational QualificationsApplied to become Assessment Quality PartnerTrained 17 Learner Quality Development Facilitator


    Align sector needs with QCTO landscape requirementsDevelop 5 occupational qualifications Encourage providers to include Green Economy in training material through provincial road showsAccredit providers, register assessors, moderators, Trade Test Officers

  • ETQA and QCTO Contd2013/14 Contd

    Capacity building and training provided to:200 Accredited / Prospective providers200 Assessors100 Moderators200 Learning Material DevelopersA reliable provider database, linked directly to the TETA Seta Management System, is available on the TETA websiteExternal Moderation of provider and support

  • Institute of Sectoral and Occupational ExcellenceTETA approached the following organisations to become ISOE

    South Africa Airways in collaboration with Department of Public Enterprises (DPE)

    DENEL in collaboration with DPE

    TRANSNET School of Rail in collaboration with DPE

    SAA Express in collaboration with DPE

    South African National Taxi Council and National Taxi Alliance

    PRASA in collaboration with DOT

  • Institute of Sectoral and Occupational ExcellenceEight FET Colleges supported in collaboration with DOT to provide National Certificate Vocational and become ISOE

  • Recognition of Prior Learning

    RPL Model is researchedRPL model is designedRPL model is work shoppedMinimum of 200 Assessors, Moderators & SDFs are trained per annum200 learners RPLd per annum50 providers capacitated per annum

    R 14,684,623.78

  • Strategic Goal 4 - Creating EmploymentEncourage Youth and increase access to workplace learning Multi-year funding to full qualification up to 4 years Intervention LearnersLearnerships (18.2) 2 500 Skills Programmes (18.2)1 000International Leadership Development Programme middle managers All ChambersStrategic Projects through industry/stakeholder collaborationSmall Business Development formal qualificationsLay-off scheme for distressed companies

    R 210 305 513.50

  • Strategic Goal 5 Career Guidance Increase student access to the transport related fields

    Career Guide Booklets10 000Career Guide Exhibitions1 per province (minimum)Train Career guide experts12Workplace Integrated Learning1 000 learnersSchool support on Maths and Science 1 per provinceTeacher Development projects1 per provincePartnership establishment Direct learner support School Camps

    R 71,951,513.51

  • Strategic Goal 6 - Organisational DevelopmentOrganisational development and performance strategy Staff Skills AuditEmployee wellnessStaff DevelopmentTeam BuildingCustomer SurveyMarketing and Communication

    Other imperativesBuilding repairs and renovationsIntegrated IT systemR 29,131,000.00

  • FET Support

  • FET Support

  • Rural Development

    Geographical LocationProject NameNumber of BeneficiariesBudget ProvinceDistrictFree StateMaluti-a- phufungABET1030,000.00Eastern CapeAmatholeDriver Skills Programme10R17,000.00Free StateMaluti-a- phufungBursary: Diploma Road Trans Mgt2R60,000.00LimpopoTzaneenLearnership: Transport operations 6R239,760.00Eastern CapeAmatholeLearneship: Professional Driving12464,880.00Eastern CapeAmatholeBursary: HRM1R22,000.00LimpopoEllisrusLearneship: Professional Driving20R630,800.00

  • Rural Development

    Kwazulu NatalSisonkeOperate a heavy rigid vehicle10R117 379.20Kwa zulu NatalSisonkeOperate a heavy rigid vehicle10R 78 769.50Kwa zulu NatalSisonkeNational certificate: professional driving10R 464 076.00Kwazulu NatalSisonkeNew venture creation15R 327 250.00Kwazulu NatalSisonkeAet50R 200 000.00LimpopoVhembeNC: Professional Driving19R 419900.00Eastern CapeOR Tambo DistrictWorkplace Experience & Graduate Placements9R45000.00Eastern CapeOR Tambo DistrictWorkplace Experience & Professional Driving20R 300.000.00Eastern CapeAmathole DistrictProfessional Driving Learnership10R387.400.00

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

    TETA adopted the Monitoring & Evaluation framework.Government Wide M&E policy frameworkTreasury regulations,

    Evaluation of performance and service delivery at TETAM&E of the process of SSP developmentStrategic M&E of mandatory grant processMG Process auditStrategic M&E of TETAs discretionary spendStrategic M&E of TETAs stakeholder relationsMonitor chamber / unit performance objectives and ensure effective capacity to deliver exists

  • Impact on 2013/14 Budget

    Previous grant legislation New grant legislationIncomeLevies received518 581 096518 581 096Admin(10%/10.5%)64 822 637 68 063 768Discretionary (20%/49.5%)129 645 274320 872 053Mandatory( 50%/20%)324 113 185129 645 274Interest received 37 060 800 37 060 888Total income555 641 985555 641 985Admin expenditure(63 782 000)( 60 541 000)QCTO( Quality assurance)0( 3 241 132)Mandatory expenditure(324 113 185)(116 680 747)Discretionary Expenditure(167 746 800)(375 179 104)Total expenditure(555 641 985)(555 641 985)Surplus00

  • Costed APP Summary

  • DescriptionAmountFunds available as at 31/03/2013 800 000 000 Reallocation of funds to SARS ( PAYE paid to SETAs) (36 000 000)Accounts payables(100 000 000)Committed but not contracted(25 223 000)Contracts( before 31/03/2013) (327 116 000.00)Interest revenue 37 060 888 Funds Allocation to DG and projects ( 2013/14 Budgets) 375 179 104 NSFAS MOU(30 000 000.00)APP (2013/14) Capping693 900 992

  • DG allocations summary

  • Flagship ProjectsStakeholder engagement/CollaborationsSouth African Graduates Development Agency1000 unemployed graduates to be placedCareer managementInternational Leadership Development ProjectSupply Chain and LogisticsNew Venture Creation for Taxi IndustryAdopt A School/Rural Development 3 per provinceDirect BursariesTop AchieversLearner with financial needsProject for the Disabled FreestateNational Student Financial Aid Scheme R 30 m




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