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  • 1. Special Education Teacher
    By: Anna Parrish
  • 2. Introduction
    Children who have special needs dont learn as fast as average children. So to give them extra attention and care there are special education teachers.
    I chose this career because I have a little brother who is eleven years old. I have gone to many special Olympics and a few of my brothers classes. I enjoy helping my brother learn new things so I think a special education teacher would be a good job for me.
  • 3. Nature of work
    These teachers teach students who are mentally and/or physically impaired and need extra care while being instructed.
  • 4. Working Conditions
    Typically normal school hours are worked (6-8), but some may work extra hours to help students. Most work in public schools, homes , or some may work in institutions.
  • 5. Training, Qualifications and Advancement
    To become a special education teacher you need to have at least a bachelors degree, but it is better to have a masters degree. Like all teachers they must go through a teaching program, and be a student teacher for a certain amount of time. Also have to have gone through post-secondary special education program
    Explaining, Presenting, Listening, Observing people, Teaching and training, Caring for people, Handling people tactfully, Using number skills in counting, measuring, and arithmetic, Advanced reading, Planning, Organizing people and physical resources, and Supervising
  • 6. Job Outlook/Employment
    By 2018 it is estimated to rise from 13-20%
    Job outlook will very between states for special education teachers
    It is said to be increasing faster than the average job
  • 7. Earnings
    Special Education teachers make from the lowest of $34,000 to a high of $84,000.
  • 8. Technology Use
    Smartboards-A new type of technology which replaces the old chalkboards and whiteboards. These new devices allow teachers to show students on the spot what to do and also allows them to edit.
    Specialized Computers (larger screen and keys)- Many special education children have a tough time relaying what their trying to say to people. So some teachers used to use picture boards, but now many use specialized computers.
    Laptops- Some special education have begun to use laptops instead of textbooks. These laptops help to make the students more motivated.
  • 9. Summary
    After everything I have learned this job is still appealing to me. Its still appealing to me because I like to help people and I like to help people who are like my brother. My personality was the guardian, and I was under the category of the protector. One of the suggested jobs for protectors was education. Also protectors are known to deal with disability and neediness better than others. They are very serious about their jobs as well and will work hard.
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