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  • 1.2010 BLUE RIBBON PANEL ON CLINICALPREPARATION AND PARTNERSHIPS FOR IMPROVED STUDENT LEARNINGNCATE (National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education)Teacher education needs to be "turned upside down!" Clinical practice needs to be at the center of teacher preparation.Three challenges: Student Attrition Teacher Attrition Partnerships

2. SO HOW DO WE PREPARE TEACHERS FOR THE CHALLENGE OFFUTURE SCHOOLS AND STUDENTS ANDTRANSFORM THE SYSTEM? 3. Soin the TO line of your text message, type 37607In the MESSAGE section, type 220142 and thenyour answerThen, hit SEND 4. NING 5. 2020 INSTRUCTORWWW.GOQR.ME 6. 2020 INTERNSHIPWWW.GOQR.ME 7. Ed Tech & GamingWWW.GOQR.ME 8. Destination Avatar:Teaching the FutureWWW.GOQR.ME 9. Augmented Reality and Pop-Up 10. iGOOGLE 11. VoiceThreads 12. MOODLE 13. FACEBOOK 14. OOVOO 15. SKYPE 16. DELICIOUS 17. Interactive Assignment Wall wallwisher 18. TWITTERtammyfry wevegotclass 2020alert 19. WORDPRESS 20. Atlanta 2011Baltimore 2012 21. PresentationsBaker University Practitioners ConferenceFEA International ConferenceConsortium for School Networking (oovoo)Greenbush Education Center Teacher Technology ConferenceFour States Regional Technology ConferenceCAPS 22. GUEST SPEAKERS 23. Future Teacher Academy Emporia State University 24. College Credit & Collaboration 25. College Teacher Education ProgramVisits 26. Hands-On Classroom Practice 27. Clinical Practicein reviewing student projects 28. Projects 29. PREZI & Ed Tech and Gaming 30. Cross-Strand Projects 31. EntrepreneurialProjects 32. Experiments in3D Curriculum 33. Middle SchoolSummer Camp 34. ePortfolios WIX 35. IMPORTANCE AS A COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY 36.