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  1. 1. Welcome at Export Consultancy Kort
  2. 2. More about ECK: ECK is an independent export sales consultancy company providing specialist expertise and assistance for developing and increasing your export activities, providing product and/or market research, identification of new markets, agents, distributors and customers
  3. 3. More about ECK: Founded in 2010 Owned by George Kort Based in the Netherlands Proven track record for international customers more than 20 years Accredited by RVO (Dutch government) as an SIB Consultant for SIB (Starters International Business) as consultancy firm for training and support of Dutch companies in export related fields
  4. 4. More about George Kort: >22 years experience in export related management positions Worldwide network Multi linguistic, fluent in: - English (Worked for multinationals like Honeywell and GE) - Spanish (lived in Spain & South America) - German (Worked for German companies) - French (Actually working with many French companies) - Dutch (Native language) Pioneer, sales orientated, entrepreneur, relation builder, flexible, communicator Travelled & visited >60 countries
  5. 5. Strengths: Strong track record A large international network Strong in building commercial relations Capability in organizing seminars, customer events, product presentations etc. Strong communicator, pioneer, organizer and management skills Sales orientated, entrepreneur, relation builder, flexible, Representation on executive level
  6. 6. Services: Independent Export Consultancy Interim export manager tasks Expert knowledge of international markets Market visits & research Sourcing agents & distributors Tradeshow organization Organization of road shows, customer visits, newsletters, seminars, sales promotions and customer trainings
  7. 7. Services: Interim export manager tasks Tolk and/or translation services (Spanish and/or French) Worldwide support and/or representation Setting up business in international markets Sourcing and/or contracting new agents, distributors, or new prospects
  8. 8. More about SIB: SIB = Starters International Business ECK is accredited by the RVO (Rijksdienst Ondernemend Nederland Government) as official consultant for carrying out this subsidiary trajectory ECK offers advice and support to achieve internationalization strategies through SIB SIB is sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs Only for Dutch companies!
  9. 9. Exporting is much more than "selling abroad"... Strategic export decisions reflect on the whole company and have an impact on the entire organization.
  10. 10. Exporting is much more than "selling abroad"... As an experienced export manager with over 20 years experience, I have in-depth knowledge of the best and fastest way to generate new business in many different areas
  11. 11. References.
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